It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Austin L. Ray: Writer & Fundraiser

I don’t think about the end very often. Too much time spent thinking about the now and the near future for that. But I guess I probably don’t see myself retiring in any traditional sense. The nice thing about writing is that I can do it from anywhere and most people can do it even when they’re quite old. So in an ideal situation, I’ll probably one day be puttering around a yard that’s filled with flowers and vegetables and fruits and herbs, spending as much time as possible relaxing and enjoying the world while writing only when I truly want to. Read more>>

Joshua Williams: All-Around Artist

I want people to feel something when they hear my music. Read more>>

Keith Phelps: Artist & Producer

Ultimately, I would love to end up where, as an executive, I’m able to facilitate an organization of elite talent and content creators. I mean this in the most obvious manner similar to that of the Motown days where the majority of the roster was intrinsically legendary with or without millions of dollars worth of marketing. The general output for the current generation, especially within the black community, has become rather predictable, mundane, apathetic, and extremely monolithic. We need a cultural challenge within entertainment that incentivizes the creation of content and far exceeds the immediacy of a trend. Restoring a corner of the industry where people who are far less occupied with the amenities surrounding success within entertainment and well compensated for their artistic contributions would be an achievement of a lifetime. Read more>>

Aranthza Fenimore: Tea Expert & Consultant

I started Tea Leaf Consulting Co. aka Tea Planet as a business for the communities that surround me and others. All of my actions will lead me to be able to help people come together as one. Tea is more than a beverage, it is a way of life known as Cha Dao. I have dedicated my life to using tea as a tool to help all communities at the end of the day, whether it be by using my platform to elevate voices, advocate for organizations that make change happen, and promoting a positive lifestyle that will cause change with personal actions. Professionally my goals are to guide businesses and individuals in the world of tea. This will help grow the tea community and I believe more positive interactions between people. I feel like we have forgotten that we are all human and incorporating tea in your everyday life helps with meditation, self-awareness, mindfulness, and kindness. My business will allow me to have the power to create action for those in need in all aspects. Read more>>

Ian Rowland: Musician

At the end of my career, I aspire to leave a legacy where my musical work inspires others to share their own unique stories without fear of being judged. For me to not write, record, and perform my emotional experiences is to sacrifice an opportunity to empower others in the way that so many artists have inspired me to keep sharing my creativity, I understand when some people consider their art to be personal, but if there is one person who feels less alone because an artist shares theirs work, which can take much courage, it could be life saving. The human collective conscience seems to have become more clear as more artists share their experiences and make us realize that embracing what makes us different makes us stronger and more united when it comes to ensuring that the future of the world is bright and worth living. Read more>>

Jasmine Mota AKA (Jaibella): CEO

Professionally I plan on franchising my salon brand, ultimately owning successful salon locations in many different states. I plan to open a financially free cosmetology school for aspiring entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. I will own several Hand Car wash facilities; I will have several real estate properties and will launch more hair care products. Professionally the sky is the limit with my continued support system, strategies and constant goals. The ultimate goal is to prepare for retirement and to make sure that my businesses provide residual income to ensure that I won’t have to work hard my entire life. I work hard now to ensure that my future will be relaxing and full of enjoyment. I plan to create generational wealth to leave to my offspring and to their offspring. Read more>>

Sasha Fierro: Floral Designer & Entrepreneur

My end goal is show kids of color that you can make a name for yourself and break generational cycles of being “working class” you just need to believe in yourself and keep going even though there will be many bumps in the road! I want to leave an empire for my daughter and for the community. Read more>>

Shelby Paige Rowe: Professional Photographer

I would like to be able to travel internationally, full-time photographing the hidden treasures this world has to offer. With my photography, I want to make people feel like they are on top of the world when I photograph them and I want to make places look as beautiful as they are to the eye. Essentially, to travel the world and take photos full-time is a dream of mine I am currently working towards. Read more>>

Corey Lightner: Creative Producer & Film Maker

It’s loud, busy, and everyone is ready for the show. When suddenly the name, Corey Lightner, echos throughout the room and appears on screen. All at once, the noise instantly settles as the crowd becomes attentive, excited, and ready to be entertained. By the end of my career I aspire for my name to hold such weight. The answer to the how will I get there, is simple but not easy. A media and production company, built on bringing the stories of others to life. This company will produce films, television shows and multiple other forms of content that immerse its viewers into new worlds. This central hub, of innovative works and energy, will be a place for content that resonates with people on a deeper level; existing as a home to characters that people will grow to love for generations to come. For me, the end goal isn’t to be rich in finances but to be wealthy in the immense joy and art of story telling; allowing others to be heard and form stories that make audiences tear with laughter, connect with relatability, and ponder with curiosity. I’m going to change the way people see the world through the lens of film. Read more>>

Jaelyn Grier: Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist

I started Branding by Jae for small businesses and entrepreneurs like myself. Being an entrepreneur means being the brains behind the scenes, being the graphic designer, being the social media manager, being the marketer, fulfilling orders, handling customer service issues, keeping it all together, and still having a life of your own. When I started my businesses, I wish I had a resource to help me get started, avoid the avoidable, and operate in my lane. I had to do everything on my own and I made a lot of mistakes. My end goal is to help as many businesses and brands as I can reach their full potential. There is so much fulfillment in being your own boss, and I love that I get to create bosses for a living. Branding by Jae offers graphic design services, business resources, classes, business coaching and so much more. Last year, I created 5 six-figure business owners, and helped 10 new entrepreneurs quit their day job, we serviced hundreds of businesses for their business and graphic design needs, and I made my first six figures myself. Read more>>