We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Wakkirea LeVatte | Multitalented Artists, Painter Photographer and Entrepreneur

I knew I wanted to be a painter at a very young age, since Pre-School I always been passionate about art I see myself doing art for the rest of my life. After I graduated high school i started my business in 2015 doing photography and selling art. after I had my daughter in 2019 I birth a new business Kirealae Fashion Closet. Over the years I have become a Entrepreneur painter, sculptor, guitarists, makeup artist, hairstyles, photographer and model. Read more>>

West Byrd | Musical Director & Entertainment Consultant

Well I started out in the creative arts at the age of 5 as a classical pianist. My interest in music didn’t peak until my late teens when I discovered jazz. During college I was approached by a television show to produce music and travel as musical director. That was the period of my life when I discovered that expressing my creative side brought me more joy than anything else. Ultimately that was the inspiration for choosing to pursue the creative arts as a career. Read more>>

Jada Zellner | Culinarian, Barista & Creative Consultant

I just want to start off by saying that it’s super important to have something that sustains you financially. Especially in this time and climate, my goodness. But what makes the money more fulfilling is if it comes from something that you really love to do. I really believe in the “proverb”, make that money, don’t let it make you. And that is a big reason for why I go so hard after what I want. Read more>>

J Heems | Singer

I pursued a career as a creative because making music has made it easy for me to express myself and to connect with others. I wasn’t always the type of person who could open up to people. Once I realized I had a voice that people wanted to listen to, I took it and ran with it. Read more>>

Tosh Fomby | Visual Artist

I have always been a creator in some capacity. It’s been a good fit for me. Whether I’m writing or painting, I’m at home with the creative process. The possibilities of delving into a new project is exciting. I remember making sock dolls and using shoe boxes for cars in elementary school. The imagination is a powerful thing and I tapped into that very early. Read more>>

 Dee Brown | Music Artist/Producer and Photographer/Videographer

I decided to pursue my career in music because I had a hard time in college from my personal life and academically. I started filming vlogs with my friends which led to my filming and photography business as well. So now I can succeed in any skill in music and movies/shows from in front of the camera and behind it. Read more>>

Hollywood Bob | Actor/Comedian & Entrepreneur

I always knew I had to become successful some way some how. As most black young kids growing up in New Jersey; my first “dream” was to play professional basketball for the NBA. Although I had a pretty well known game I actually managed to get cut from the varsity team all 4 years of high school. So as my basketball career quickly came to an end; I was forced to utilize other God given gifts to try & give this life thing my best swing. Read more>>

Kebren Campbell | Actor & Choreographer

I became a CREATOR because of how it made me and others feel. It was a great way to showcase all of my talents and express myself and inspire people to have fun being their self ! It was something I have always dreamed of doing and will continue to peruse! Read more>>

Antonio Thompson | 2D Animator & Digital Artist

I knew at a young age that I always wanted to pursue a creative career but I did not know which way I specifically wanted to go. I pursued a creative career because I wanted to be able to inspire others the same way I was as a child. I remember waking up super early before school to catch the morning cartoons before I had to catch the bus. Read more>>

Raven Frazier | Brand Strategist and Designer

I did not pursue an artistic career. At least not initially. I always enjoyed artistic hobbies and personal projects. But I did not have enough confidence in my work to provide services to others. Instead, I worked regular jobs to make ends meet and hated every second of it. This was a valuable lesson in my journey however because it was a push for me to change my mindset. Read more>>

Chris Bostic | Singer | Songwriter | Producer

I made the choice to pursue a artistic and and creative career because it always been who I am to be honest. I always feel myself come alive whenever I get the chance to be creative or artistic. It’s during those moments that I feel I’m my best me. Read more>>

Khari Jones Jr | Creative

I pursued an artistic career because I’ve always wanted to express myself freely, and unapologetically. Throughout my life, I had people that were intimidated by my intelligence so they’ll try to silence me. And I’ve seen it happen to others. Art is my driving force to help me inspire others and speak my truth. Nobody can control your creative expression. Read more>>

Trinity Smith | Business owner, Film maker, animator, and Model

I realized I loved drawing and painting in 8th grade. In highschool I took art and continued making art outside of school. During this time I started watching anime and developed a love for animation and storytelling. This lead me to writing and becoming interested in film making. I even combined my paintings with fashion and started my clothing line Kawaii By Trinity. Read more>>

Christen Ball | Music Artist

I believe that many times, our dreams as a child or as a teenager have a lot to do with what we are supposed to pursue as an adult. For me, high school was what I like to consider my purest creative state. I was sitting in my room, writing songs, and then performing them—and I was simply making art that was real to me. Read more>>

Aleacea Dais | Photographer

Choosing to pursue an artistic & creative career was not ever a second thought for me. I’ve always been a creator of something whether it was music , DIY projects , and now pictures and creating memories. I’ve always loved anything I could be hands on and creative with because there’s constant ideas flowing through my head throughout the day/night. Read more>>

Lydia Teta | Vintage shop owner & Entrepreneur

The artistic and creative path has always been what makes the most sense for the both of throughout our lives. No matter the fields we were previously in, we always found a way to dabble into our respective creative sides. So combining our passion was ultimately an organic choice for us Read more>>

Adrianna Blackburn | Songwriter, Worship Leader, BGV, & Graphic Designer

Honestly, in many ways it feels like artistry and creativity chose me. I grew up in a house with musical parents. My mom sings and plays piano. My father played the drums and sings as well. While I’d like to think I was a pretty well-rounded child, loving both my academic and artistic pursuits, I felt most alive, most at home and most like myself when I was actively involved in more creative avenues and expression, like singing or dancing. Read more>>

Ricquélle Badger | Artist & Model

I decided to pursue an artistic/creative career initially as an outlet. I’ve always enjoyed the creative and performing arts i.e. writing, dance, singing, acting, culinary etc. I developed a passion for music at an early age. Life can often bring about distractions and disappointments. From the many social injustices we see involving unarmed people of color and police brutality, to school shootings. Read more>>

Jasma Starks | Writing & Publishing Coach

Creativity is the air I breathe! Why do I say this? Because I serve a God who created the universe. He is a creative God. He is the God who creates, and because He creates. He created me to create. I have the power to create anything. The imagination takes away from any idea being impossible to manifest. My creative DNA allows me to be the authentic me. Read more>>

FunnyLady Sonya D | Comedian/Actress/Write

Honestly, I don’t think people pursue artistic or creative careers. We’re BORN with the talent and there will come a time when you just KNOW it’s time to explore and expand your God given talents. I was BORN a Comedian. All my life I made people laugh. From Childbirth through high-school. It wasn’t until 1996 I realized making the world laugh was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Read more>>

Derrick De-Mond | Actor

I’ve only been acting for a little over 4 years now. I landed my first role in 2018, which happened to be a leading role I’ve starred in about 6 movies since then. I’ve truly been blessed to not only work but work with talented and encouraging people. Read more>>

Brittni Kirkpatrick | Writer

So many factors went into me wanting to pursue writing as a career. I’ve been writing since I was six years old, and it is the one thing that comes most naturally to me. I’ve tried many different career paths, and each attempt at anything else would lead me right back to writing. It’s like second nature to me. Read more>>