We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Mrs Baby Cakes | Owner of Authentic Baby Co.- Cakes & Sweet Treats

The one thing about this industry that outsiders are probably unaware is bakers do unite. The amount of support we have for each other is phenomenal and growing stronger everyday. When we first started baking, we probably had only 2 friends I could get feedback or help from. We also relied heavily on YouTube. However, YouTube wasn’t preparing us for real life and time management. Someone from the outside looking in might love watching Food Network Baking Competitions, and they may assume that it’s ok if they order a 2 tier party cake, with 5 different colors and 2 different flavors on Friday and need it the next day! Realistically, custom designs take longer than a few hours to execute! Personally, we prefer 2 weeks in advance for custom cakes so we can order any supplies needed, practice and research. Thankfully, 10 plus years later, we have thousands of support groups, if we have a question on how long a specify design should take to execute, or where to find specific tools, the baking community will unite. Read more>>

Ron Jones | Artist, Entreprenuer, and Game Developer

There are plenty of misconceptions about the game industry today. The biggest one still being games are just entertainment for kids. Not taking into account the generation that grew up, and are now showing their kids their favorite games. In 2016, the average male player was 33 as the average female player was 44. Like with other creative industries, we can see how video games have been maturing into more than just a subculture. This medium has evolved creating multiple genres, communities, monetization practices, business models, celebrities, and countless hours of content. Like with music and film, games are a form of art. We have pretty pictures, we have moving pictures, and we have immersive audio. Games actually add that next big thing, interactivity. You’re granted the ability to make a choice, the ability to control the world around you. Designers have been tugging on players’ emotions or making they’re hearts race for years now. We all play or have a memory, good or bad, tied to a game by now. You might not call yourself a gamer, but I bet your smartphone has one or two games on it. Read more>>

Theron Madison | Director/Writer/Producer/Editor

The industry is very, VERY, small. Especially in Hollywood. When you’re in this industry, you’re always being watched by everyone. If your an Actor, Actress, Model, or Artists, you are definitely being watched. So for me, it’s all about being presentable and knows what you put out there represent you or your brand. Also, you have to be careful who not to burn bridges with. Everyone in this industry talks to one and another, they will ask questions about certain individuals either they’re good to work with or not. Read more>>

Drew Ashworth | Indie Recording Artist/Chief Operations Officer, Crest Pointe Entertainment Group, LLC.

I think that many people think that all entertainers but especially musicians are all sort of lazy. The truth is, being successful in the music industry requires a work ethic most don’t posses. It is a constant and consistent machine that you drive with your efforts. You must either hire a professional to manage you, or develop the skill set yourself to manage your performance schedule, promotions and marketing, merchandise sales, track your earnings and costs, etc : Plus, dedicate yourself to your craft by practicing, writing, and recording. It is after all the music BUSINESS. You must be competent at both to have success and you must have a team of proficient professionals to achieve greatness. As an independent (indie) recording artist and professional musician, you are in reality a sole proprietorship small business who operates as a retailer, a manufacturer, and a contractor/service provider. Your success will rely upon your ability to perform well in each segment of this business. Read more>>

The Outview | Pop Duo

Something outsiders of the music industry may not fully grasp is just how much “business” there really is in the music business. When you are in a band, you are essentially an entrepreneur. Sure, your music is your product and it’s important to have a good product. But having a good product will not grant you success all by itself. The days of magically being discovered at an open mic or walking in to audition for a record label are mostly over. Once you have a product (your songs), then you have to spend the remainder of your time and energy on marketing, sending emails, messaging people, networking, managing your budget and deciding where the best place to spend your money and time will be. The hard truth of business is that often a mediocre product with great marketing will beat out a great product with mediocre marketing. The music industry is no different. It matters who you know and it matters who knows you. As discouraging and daunting as this can seem sometimes, we are lucky enough to live in an age of incredible marketing, digital, and social technology. Read more>>

Sheunopa and Symone | Creators of Highkey Woke

Being a creative is a long term game which requires consistency. Many people assume content creators/creatives monetize quickly or build influence quickly; which in some cases that does happen but for the larger population of creatives, there is a requirement to keep showing up, to keep creating, and to keep invested in order to one day gain the monetization or influence desired. Read more>>

Kristen Englenz | Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Bird-Caller, and Occasional Artist

There’s no such thing as the overnight success. Society has been sold the story of the talented, out-of-nowhere, prodigy discovered overnight and launched into the stars of fame for at least hundreds of years (what’s up, Mozart?!). It can be defeating coming into the music business to find, regardless of how talented one is, you’ve gotta walk the proverbial miles. To be honest, the overnight success story takes a lot of credit away from the time, persistence, and work anyone who’s “made it” has put in. The people who stay in this industry, at any level, are in it because they love it in the deepest most fulfilling and obsession-like sense of the word. Perhaps that’s what we should shine a light on: those who with no guarantees, and no set path, have the courage to persevere in the name of love. Read more>>

Suzanne Davidson | Owner of Oli+Ve

A New Year is always full of new choices. If you care about making healthy choices you need to know the truth about olive oil. Just because the label on your bottle says “EVOO” doesn’t mean it is so. Let’s go over what makes your EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) truly the finest and healthiest option, but first, a bit about us. Oli+Ve is a tasting shop for olive oil and aged balsamics and was the first of its kind in the Atlanta area. We help customers from all walks of life with tastings of true EVOO, dish transforming balsamic vinegars, and take them on an educational journey of the authentic. After using our products on dishes at home, customers say things like “I can get my kids to eat salads now!” and “My husband will eat brussels sprouts!” (after swearing them off). After serving our customers for nearly 9 years now, we’ve gotten used to hearing how food lovers will never go back to what they were using before. Why? I’ll explain… EVOO “Myth” #1: “First Pressed/Cold Pressed” means high quality The truth is that First Pressed/Cold Pressed is more of a marketing term. Read more>>