How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Orlando Gray | Firefighter-Sergeant/CPR Instructor

I feel like calculated risks are very necessary! In order to grow and move forward in being successful you have to take them. I moved to Atlanta 21 years old from Lansing,Michigan. I took a huge risk being young and leaving my family and my comfort zone. But at that time I knew i had to jump out there and see what else was out there. That was probably the best risk that I’ve had to take to date. Read more>>

Jaime Andrews | Actress, Writer & Producer

Everything good in my life has come from taking risks. Pursuing a passion like acting as your career is risk enough in itself, and I sacrificed a lot to do so, including living below the poverty line for a long time. I shirked off the comfort and security of lucrative day jobs for years, because I refused to give up on my dreams. I’m very fortunate that it paid off. Read more>>

Chari Lakey | Singer. Artist. Performer. Professional.

Taking risks are beyond one of the scariest things to think about when it comes to building your brand. The thought of failure literally scares you into being safe, or not taking steps toward your goals. We are ingrained with fear due to the quick success of others around us. I had to take certain risk that involved my livelihood. Read more>>

HoneyCoatedMusic . | Singer, Songwriter, Artist

Looking back over the journey to now, I realize that I took so many risks to be here. After graduating from North Carolina A&T State University, I decided to move to Atlanta to pursue a career as a singer. I never really wanted to be anything else and I didn’t choose this dream, it chose me. I tried to run away from it many times before the day I actually planned to move. So much so that I knew God must’ve had a plan for me and that’s why I could never let it go. I decided it was worth it to take the risk. I was working two jobs at the time, so I saved every spare penny I had, and packed up to move in a matter of two months. Read more>>

Jasmine Gill | Owner & Creator of Copperlings

I believe risks are a beneficial necessity when creating a start-up or running a business. Risks can be large or small but they’re something I face everyday. They can be scaring depending on what’s on the line while other times they’re minor but can still be beneficial or a waste. Being a vendor is big risk that I can take pretty often. Read more>>

Nefertiti Montas | Business Public Figure & Owner of Ucollection Boutique

Me personally I feel like taking a risk is like taking a Chance in life, you will never know if the decision you made is a hit or miss until you go for it! Some people are so comfortable with staying in their comfort zone that they become to afraid to step out of it because their afraid of what others might say or think of them. Then, you have others who are tired of the life they live or bored of the same results in whatever that their doing that they eventually take that leap of faith “that risk” and step out their comfort zone to better themselves and/or their lives. Read more>>

Jahqwale Wallace | Braider & Loctician

When I use to think about the word Risk, I would freak out. I was never the type to necessarily take risks, I was predictable, and did what “society” said I should do, which was go to college, get a degree & go get a 9-5….until I realize, that a predictable lifestyle was not meant for me. So in May 2020 God had another plan for me. I quit my job as a social worker, I left my college town with barely a dime to my name and I took a Risk/ Leap of Faith to pursue what I believed God told me to. Read more>>

Jayla Smith | Model, Actress, Youtuber, and Brand Ambassador

Risk taking is inevitable. It does not matter what you do; it’s always going to require some kind of risk rather it’s big or small. I personally feel like if I’m going to take a risk then I am going to take a risk that is going to make me happy or push me forward with what I love or want to do. Risk taking has played a major role in my career because my whole career is a risk. Read more>>

Lil Sk8 | influencer/model /artist

NO RISK NO REWARD!! Risk is the biggest part honestly. I really look at it like Its all fear know what I’m sayin like risk is fear like U scared to make dat next move or risk dat next move because of the outcome or u may just be once u eliminate fear and the feeling of not knowing or being unsure and learn to face everything with courage (regardless of the outcome or how it go) u gone be straight fr u gone grow rather you fail or not. If I never took alotta risk I took just from being me and being different and not listening to the opinions of others it would be no reason for us to be doin this article lol u feel me Read more>>

Nnaemeka Okeke | Actor, Musician, Writer, Model, Aspiring Clinician

Whenever I think about risk, it’s One of those things that I look at from the perspective of my faith. When it comes to taking a risk you have to believe in something. I place my trust in God because I know God is guiding me, that’s what allows me to take the risk. Read more>>

Billie Summers | Creative and Artist

Originally, I thought that risk taking was solely a characteristic of entrepreneurs, someone passionate about economics, finance, and/or business management. It was annoying though because I wasn’t interested in any of those paths. Like at all. However, those characteristics were always attributed to business owners or someone hoping to one day start a Fortune 500. Read more>>

Faith Crawford | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

Risk to me is opportunity. I think when people hear the word risk, they automatically think of the loss in it. They get so caught up in the fear of risk itself and in the end, miss out on so many opportunities and experiences. Risk for me has opened up so many doors and connected me with so many talented and creative individuals, it’s truly amazing. Read more>>

Ariana Leyva | Illustrator & Designer

I’ve always been accustomed to being comfortable. If it was out of my zone you’d see me away from it with a yard stick. I saw so many opprotunities slip away as a teenager, because I was scared to take risks. When it came to the decision with my future art career, I took the risk of leaving everything; my home, my family, anything that was convinent in my life. Read more>>

Dj Acoff | A&R, Disc Jockey, Actor, Musician, Music Exec, Entrepreneur

I view taking risk as part of life. As people every day is a risk even the simple task we do involve risk. When we eat we risk getting food poisoning as an example, every time we drive we are taking a risk, etc. However there are small risk that are almost required and bigger risk which we must take as people if we want to reach our true potential. Growth only happens outside of our comfort zones so if you truly want to achieve your dreams you must take a risk. Mark Zuckerberg once said “the biggest risk is not taking a risk at all” Read more>>

Tyson Fields | R&b pop singer dancer producer and songwriter

Being an artist is a risk cause you put your self and your creation out there for everyone to see and judge Read more>>