We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Lisbeth Taylor | Photographer & Content Creator

I’m happiest when I’m creating. Whether it’s through photography to working on crafts with my daughter. I get such a satisfaction from seeing my ideas come to life. Read more>>

Ryan Jones | Food Blogger | Traveler | Vibe Creator

I took me some time to realize what actually makes me (and only me) happy. Traveling the world is the once thing that I can say makes me genuinely happy. I love going to different countries, learning about different cultures, trying local cuisine, etc. I even enjoy sitting at a restaurant or bar near the gate with a glass of wine waiting for the flight. My love for travel has lead me to become a Independent Travel Agent, helping my customers enjoy traveling the way I do. Read more>>

Jenny Manuel | Brand Identity and Packaging Designer for Beauty and Lifestyle Brands

Two things make me really happy. First, I am happiest when I see my creative work making an impact on other small businesses. It is such a priceless feeling when I see the smiles and excitement, sometimes even tears of joy of my clients when they finally get to see their businesses’ brand identity coming into life or when they’re holding the packaging with my designs in their hands. Read more>>

Tiffany Stocker | Wreath Designer

Being a wreath designer makes me happy which creates a therapeutic calming space for me to enjoy what I do. My creative imaginative mind is a vibe of its own. I find peace in my heart which is my happy place when designing wreaths for my customers. Read more>>

Brandon Rashún | Photographer & Art Director

First i’d like to talk about what happiness isn’t… often times we’re led to believe happiness is found in external gratification i.e. money and the accumulation of material things. And once those things are acquired you somehow still feel empty and unfulfilled. In my humble opinion the path to true happiness is found through mindfulness. Read more>>