We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Sefora Adjaho | Actress & Model

I have always been in love with the industry and I have never seen myself anything else. I’ve even tried to work in different fields but I seem to be pulled right back into the industry. I just want to entertain the world and show everyone what I’ve got. Read more>>

Susan Wachler | Contemporary Art Jewelry

I was born into a jewelry family (now in its fourth generation.) As immigrants from Eastern Europe, my paternal grandfather and his brother settled in Detroit in the 1930’s and started a jewelry business. My mother studied fine art and spent time painting, sculpting and transforming discarded objects into beautiful decor. Although the jewelry business was not an interest for my father (who worked as an attorney) my brother worked in the family jewelry business eventually branching off to run his own shop. Read more>>

Jazmyn Wilson | Chef & Architectural Designer

Growing up my mother always had an eclectic approach. She always taught us to think outside the box, and to approach things in unconventional ways. I loved that about her and it always inspired me to be creative in whatever I decided to do! Honestly, I can say that I didn’t choose a creative career, it definitely chose me! Read more>>

Deontrinese Irvin | Fiber Artist

I’ve been artsy my whole life so making it my job just made sense. I started drawing and then changed it to working with fibers and I haven’t look back since. Read more>>

John North | Self-Published Author

I’ve always enjoyed stories of all kinds, whether it was in movies, tv shows, anime, and books. As someone with an overactive imagination, I’ve always been infatuated with bringing some of my stories and ideas to life. After writing my own stories through most of high school and college, I figured why not make a career of my passion? So, becoming an author and pushing to do it full time was a big decision, but so far in the early stages. I don’t regret it at all! Read more>>

James Strawder | Social Media & Marketing Strategist

First, I want to say that Marketing is a creative career, 100%- many people hear Marketing and think of spreadsheets, boring emails, and meetings but it SO much more than that! While part of the job is those boring emails and meetings that make you look forward to 5:00, so you can pop open that bottle of wine that’s been eyeing you all day, it is definitely a creative career. Read more>>

Ashlynn Long | Fashion Designer

For me, it was about being free to create and expand outside of myself. My clothing brand allows me to step outside of the box and tap into my creative side. I love that I have the freedom to create and share my creations with others. Read more>>

Lewis Texidor | Musician, Creative & Educator

From as early as I can remember, my mind has always been trying to come up with different stuff. From mixing colors, to putting weird combinations inside of my sandwiches or trying to play drums with some pillows and candles. As soon as I started experiencing the rush and joy of creating something I knew that’s what I needed to do with my life. Creating and thinking outside of the box ahs always been a huge part of my life and I knew I had to play to my strengths and passions when it came to pursuing a career. Read more>>

Nique Love Rhodes | Hip-Hop Artist & Social Entrepreneur

I decided to start my artistic and create career as a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and entrepreneur because I have a deep sense of using my gifts and ideas to be of service to others, to inspire people, and to add value to people – to contribute positive vibes to the world. I also wanted to design a life where I can make a living doing what brings me joy. Read more>>

Jaded | Record Producer & Songwriter

Creation is power. Powerful enough to touch somebody’s soul through a piece of music. I was always compelled to play piano and compose pieces of music as a child, not knowing it was my way of expressing myself. When I felt like everything was falling apart, music took me out of the abyss. It has always been easy for me to express myself through music and melodies, it just made sense. The older I became, the more I wanted to help others who were having the same problems as me. The music I create should make people feel comfortable not being okay, and I want people to feel that comfort by listening to it. Read more>>

Jerijanneice Walker | Creative Enthusiast

I have always loved art and found comfort in trying to express myself through that. I actually really embraced it more when I loss my father it helped as therapy. I always knew I was creative because as I child I made something out of nothing. Starting off as a little girl I always helped my mom with catering her events and decorating for parties. I just always had a eye for it Read more>>

Erica Catherine Fulp | Artist & Business Owner

Most creative people will tell you their journey started when they were young, they’ve always been creative and love to create. For me this also holds true, however I feel that keeping that passion alive past childhood is the key. Like most artists and makers, I have the same answer when asked “When did you start creating?” I always have for as long as I can remember. While I started young through the love and support of my parents, my journey through adolescence is what solidified my love for art. This love for art is what would guide me to pursue my creative career later in life. Read more>>

Leon Bird-Conliff | Author & Storyteller

You could say creativity runs in the family. My father, Steven Conliff, was an author of some note in Ohio who gained recognition for his work in civil rights movements like the American Indian Movement. My mother, Suzan Bird-Conliff, was the illustrator on many of my father’s works. That artistic streak moved down to the next generation with my brother and I. Read more>>

Ryan Davis | Professional Photographer

I never really fit in with any of my close friends and most of my family. Everyone around me was very academically inclined while I always struggled in school. The only classes I seemed to excel at were art, language arts, and broadcasting and video production. I didn’t know that in high school I had any interest in becoming a photographer, but I guess my life was always pointed in that direction. Read more>>