We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Natalie Kilgore | Graphic designer and artist

Loving what I do, and being myself — creating original artwork with whimsical touches. A lot of what I’ve made over the years are products and art I wanted to give as gifts to my friends and family — things that weren’t already on the market. I’m a nostalgic person, and I try to incorporate little details into my artwork of maps and skylines that I hope mean something to others, too. Read more>>

DNaya Eubanks | Licensed Esthetician

The most important factor behind my success was creating a solution based product line . A lot of women and men are either insecure or aren’t knowledgeable about how to properly take care of the intimate health to prevent ingrown hairs , odors , infections etc. Read more>>

Julian Wissman | Meat Man & Ph?-Slinger

There are multiple factors behind our current success, but the first and foremost would have to be our grit. We constantly persevere and stay outside of our comfort zone. If we aren’t constantly facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, then we know we aren’t growing. Our goal is outwork everyone to the point that we can’t not be successful. There’s a lot of long hours and most definitely hard work. Being a small business is almost impossible. The deck is stacked against you and its your job to beat the odds and provide for your family and employees. Read more>>

CHOSEN | Entrepreneur & Youth Leader

The success of our brand is quite simply God who accompanies us, who inspires us from the beginning. Without his hand on us we would not have been able to achieve all that we have been doing for almost a year. We worked hard to arrive were we are right now I mean it’s still a long journey but we look forward to it.
We overcame the challenges by communicating every thing no matter how small or big the problem was we would come as a team and exchange ideas and surpass the challenges. Read more>>

Sanchez Tannehill | Gospel Recording Artist & Motivational Speaker

What is the most important factor behind your success and the success of your brand? Well, the God Did It ministry is not about success. It’s not about a brand. It is about a MOVEMENT. A movement that you can be a part of!!! A movement that tells YOUR STORY-the story of how God Did It in your life. Here is my story: I was born a healthy child. But, at the age of 6 weeks old, I had a stroke and spinal meningitis. The doctors told my parents there was no hope for my future. I would never walk or talk. But, look at me now!!!! For many years now I have been blessed to travel around, both here and abroad, and share the testimony of what God has done for me through my music. Read more>>

Tenisha Daniel | Momprenuer/Treat Maker

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my daughter Jakayla and my faith in God. It wasn’t until I lost one of my incomes that I decided to look into starting a business. I never wanted to be the parent to struggle with children. I didn’t know how I would achieve the plan but I knew that I wasn’t allowing her to see a day of struggling as long as I had breath in my body. She is the first person to taste every product and she is the most honest person to taste every product. She reminds me daily that this is her business and she wants to be paid for watching me make all of the products. I was never the kid that looked up to celebrities and people that I didn’t know, it was always the women around me who I looked up to and inspired to be like. My daily prayer is that my daughter will have the same testimony. Read more>>

T. Grow | Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur

From the time I became a single mom, my focus was on asserting all of my energy towards not being a negative statistic, the stereotypical “baby mama”. In the face of all the disadvantages laid out before me, I would fight for me and my son to win at life. It has been that mentality that has kept me from not only not giving up, but fighting for my success in life. I have something to prove. Before the fight was about proving my naysayers wrong but as I have grown more self-aware, reaching success has been about proving it to myself. Read more>>

Shahid Lamothe | Brand Strategist

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is not giving up. I was taught at a young age that if something is too easy it won’t be worth anything in the long run and the things that comes with challenges and hard ship will pay off in due time. Building The Graphic Loop has been a long rough and rugged road, but all the hard work I put into finally paid off. Read more>>

Jeremy Robinson | Founder of The JR Law Group

The most important factor behind my success is my ability to succeed against insurmountable obstacles. My grit, determination and drive is second to none. I was raised in New Orleans under the care of a heroin addict single mother. By age 16, I had two gold teeth, two felonies and ultimately obtained my GED in juvenile jail. I joined the Marine Corps and turned my life around. I served in combat in Iraq and was awarded an AirStrike Flight medal after surviving a rocket propelled grenade attack. Similarly, life has thrown incredible obstacles at me and not only have I survived but I have come out victorious. I use this same tenacity as a Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney. I don’t stop until I provide my clients with solutions and make sure that they get the desired outcome that they deserve. I succeed because I can relate Read more>>

Kimmus Jones | Part-owner

The most important factor behind our success and brand was no fear mentality. Dare to be different and not relent under no circumstances. Ultimately knowing in order to have extraordinary results couldn’t drive ordinary goals. Read more>>

La’Trece Bartley | Life Coach & Speaker

God. I firmly believe that if I acknowledge God in ALL of my ways, He will direct me onto the right path in every circumstance. God is the foundation of my business. I believe you must work hard but leave room for God to direct your steps! I am an example of what it means to be God-driven, meaning God first and my goals second. Read more>>

Noel Lee | Social Worker and Pet Service Provider

Pets are more than pets to me. As a Masters in Social Work student, I apply a Social Work approach to the way I interact with each client. Each pet and person has a unique history and a unique personality and being mindful of that and using that knowledge to personalize all of my interactions creates a business model that is focused on treating each living being with dignity and the utmost respect. Read more>>

Castavious Felton | Photographer

My Family is a big reason behind my success, because of the fact they are my motivation. Growing up, I always wanted to contribute to uplift or inspire my family to do better. I’ve watched my parents do some amazing things, especially coming from their hometowns. They never let anything push them away from their goal and as I reflect back on their lives and how they created the best life for my sister and me, I feel like I owe them the world. Read more>>

Khadi A. Oluwatoyin | Founder of Sober Black Girls Club and Attorney

Our members make Sober Black Girls Club the success it is today. We are a collective of vibrate, passionate folks working on our individual efforts for self-actualization while remaining connected with one another. Read more>>

Isaac Nunn | Photographer

I believe the most important factor behind my success and, the success of my brand is always remaining hungry. I am determined to grow my business and to also continue growing as an artist. Even when I didn’t have clients I would create projects for myself so I could continue working on my craft and showcasing what I could do. Read more>>

Danielle Brown | Owner of GoodGod Clothing /Motivator

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is most likely self explanatory by my brand name, God. I can’t take credit for the creativity that he has blessed me with. Once I tapped into my gifts and callings within him, and came into a realization of who I am in Him, that’s when I realized that not only is success inevitable but it’s my duty to succeed and live an abundant life. I aim to incorporate God into everything I do. And inspire others through my testimony that all things are possible Read more>>