Hardwork? Luck? Good habits?  What would you say is behind your success?  We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Janeida Griffin | Licensed Aesthetician

Continuously learning and giving back. With that being said, I continue to create my own lane and strive for innovation. The success of The Brow Girl comes from learning from others, and sharing my knowledge with others. I’m such a great resource to others in the same industry and I’m happy to always give back to those just getting started or don’t know where to begin. I wish I had that when I was getting started. My brand strives on being innovative- that’s the key to success for The Brow Girl! Read more>>

Julie Schieffelin | Chandler & Small Buisness Owner

The two main factors in our success are research and a business plan. A solid business plan is a must and that goes hand in hand with research. We started out making candles as a hobby, but had to research where to obtain wholesale supplies, which scents our customers enjoyed most and what packaging was the most appealing. We also spent a lot of time selecting a name – we wanted our name to reflect what we did and what we represented. We were lucky enough to have dedicated studio space. Read more>>

Candace Holyfield | Serial entrepreneur, award winning spa owner, amazon best selling author, super host on airbnb, and owner of a trucking company

The most important factor behind my success is being resilient. So many obstacles have came my way during my success journey but I continue to fight for my success as an entrepreneur. I’m widely known as the Six Figure Spa Chick. Instagram being my favorite playground. I originally started off with my spa business but then grew to consulting. Helping others become successfully in the spa industry quickly grew my brand because I was now able to help more people on a larger scale. Read more>>

Diandra Hines | Co-Chair Marketing of Namic Atlanta

Promoting diversity & inclusion and connecting our members to opportunities in the Media and Communications space is most important to Namic Atlanta. I was most attracted to the NAMIC brand and wanted to join as a member because of its diversified portfolio of C-Suite level mentors. I have known for quite some time that we achieve more together. It’s never easy to move up the ladder of success. The glass ceiling has been hard to shatter for us all if we’re honest. Read more>>

Laura Parker | Fine Artist and Rug designer

In September of 2018 I formed Abstract Road LLC with the vision of taking my original, contemporary art designs to hand knotted rugs out of Katmandu, Nepal. I joined GoodWeave out of Washington, DC as a Licensee, to ensure no child labor trade would be a part of my brand. Through GoodWeave I found my rug maker out of Nepal and we arranged to meet in Katmandu where I could actually see and experience the hand knotted rug process. Read more>>

LaJoyce Waajid | The Faux Coffee Trap Queen

The most important factor behind my success is understanding that everything is obtainable especially those things that are purposed for me. I understand that it is not my place to fit into a particular standard when it comes to success I am that standard. By setting goals that will not only benefit my children but others whom we come in contact with allows me to taste sweet success everyday! The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my intentions to aid in the healing process of individuals through my beverage. Read more>>

Chris Noles | President & Virtual CIO

It has been all about maintaining great relationships with our clients. We strive to learn more about our client’s business challenges so that we can provide the right technology solutions to help them be more successful. We get involved in their industry events, and we are always looking for new ways to add value to help keep their business running while they focus on running their business. This has resulted in us gaining more referrals from clients in the same industry. Read more>>