We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Will Eskridge | Animal Portrait Artist

Animal portrait paintings are the core of my art business. Because of this I often team up with non-profit wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters to cross promote and help each other out. As well, I donate a portion of sales proceeds from my paintings to these organizations while advocating for the importance of wildlife and choosing pet adoption. Part of my business also involves posting live painting demo videos, blog articles, and newsletter emails that are filled with fun animal facts to encourage the community to learn more about the animals that I paint and their importance to the world. Read  more>>

Janie Charlot | Family Nurse Practitioner & Podcaster

In the midst of COVID19, it seems as if everything I have ever learned along the way was in preparation for this very moment in time. Although COIVD19 has been called the great equalizer and no-one was immune and anyone could succumb to the virus, It is exposing that African Americans are more likely to die from the virus than white Americans. Read More>>

Gail Turner-Cooper | Certified Health Coach and Reiki Master

As a certified Health Coach, I help people live their best lives. I meet people where they are and teach, support, and hold them accountable on their wellness journey. I work with people using nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle changes. Health Coaches focus on helping people to identify and accomplish their goals. I work to empower my clients with knowledge so they can pass along this information to their community. Read more>>

Erin Chimberoff  | Founder of Hand, Hoof and Heart

My business, Hand, Hoof and Heart, was designed to not only provide services to the community, but to also provide opportunities to bring our surrounding community together. HHH started started off as a program that solely focused on providing the special needs community with recreational, therapeutic equine facilitated activities, but has now grown into so much more. While we still provide our therapeutic horseback riding program for the special needs community. Read more>>

Jasmine Burton | CEO, Executive Director and Founder of Wish for WASH

Wish for WASH’s mission is to bring more diverse minds, talent, and innovation to the problems of global heath and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in our world through the lens of research, design and education because #everybodypoops. We specifically operate within the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework where SDG 6 seeks to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030.” Read more>>

Jodie Smith | Author & Life Coach

I think being an author of color is significant to my community and the world because I’m giving a voice to those of us who are often unheard and underserved. I represent not only people of color, but also people who battle depression and anxiety. If no one writes about our hurt, happiness and or healing, how will anyone ever understand our hearts? Being an author of color will always be important because people want to read about what they can relate to and our perspective has purpose. Read more>>

Wade Lincoln | Fine artist

I think that art (and the making of art) is essential to our lives. It can inspire individuals and communities… it can enhance personal and public property… it can be calming and reassuring… it can be provocative …it can foster relationships… it can provide income… it can provide relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. Studios, galleries, and museums are often the cultural center of a community. Read more>>