For some it might be a dystopian novel and for others it might be an uplifting memoir, but almost everyone has a book, poem or essay that left a meaningful impact on them.  We asked some of the brightest folks around town to tell us about books that have had a lasting impact for them.

Lerae Funderburg | Lawyer Mommy

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book was a short and easy read but packed with so much practical and useful information that can be used by anyone regardless of age or socioeconomic status. It has really helped me to establish a morning routine that I have been able to stick with and improves the overall quality of my days. I find myself being more intentional and productive each day because of it. Read more>>

Shannon Low | Social Worker

I am a voracious reader, combine that with my work as a social worker and you get a bookshelf filled with non-fiction and memoirs. Topics and subjects abound, but as the founder of Great Heights Foster Care I like to be able to recommend books that give people insight into the world of foster care and two of my favorites to tell people about are “three little words” and “three more words” by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. Read more>>

Tony Davis | Event Lifestyle Photographer

The last book that I read was ‘The Total Money Makeover’ by Dave Ramsey. I enjoyed reading Dave’s book because he give the reader insight on how to get out of debt and stay out of debt through his seven step process. I’ve been in the film industry for over 10 years working as an assistant accountant. I started my journey as an accounting clerk on the feature film American Reunion and worked my way up the accounting chain. Read more>>

Barbara Naso | Documentary Photographer

I haven’t always been a great reader. When I was in school, I thought reading was such a boring thing to do. As I grew older, I became more aware of what I genuinely enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. Reading became something I chose to do. Now, I recognize the power of a good book. I love reading inspirational texts. One book that I’ve recently enjoyed is Playing Big by Tara Mohr. It was an eye-opening book. Read more>>

Stephen Carrington | Guitar Teacher & Audio Engineer

One of my favorite books, and one that has helped shaped my musical career, is The Music Lesson by renowned bassist Victor Wooten. It takes a very esoteric, almost “Zen-like” approach to the age-old concept of the music lesson—going way beyond pedagogy and music theory, it adds a very personal element to the mix (which is often missing in contemporary musical instruction). It’s often not easy to convey those sorts of things to a student in a traditional music lesson setting. Read more>>