The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance.  What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Lauren Bishop | Creative Business Consultant

Balance between your work and personal life is very important. Priorities and compromises have to be made on a daily basis with the understanding that it will evolve over time. Before I officially started my business, I had more time on my hands and could put more effort into my personal life. Once I started my own business, my priorities shifted in a major way. because they had to shift so my business was successful. Read more>>

Megan & Natalie | Megan & Natalie Real Estate

Juggling the work life balance is hard especially since we both have two young children. In our business, we do not have set hours and are always on call. Because there are two of us, it makes it so much easier to juggle between being a mom and taking care of our clients needs. We have learned to work together on our schedules to make sure we both have that quality time with our families as well as time to ourselves. It is so important to take time for yourself in order to succeed. Read more>>

Lillian Gray Charles | Personal stylist + Energy healer

Since 2011 I’ve driven to homes across the Southeast to dig through closets and provide hours of close-up closet counseling. Very fortunately, before COVID-19 I made it a point to move as much of my business online as possible. Creating a virtual experience for my clients has been so wonderful for them and has helped me embrace balance more than I’ve ever been able to do. Not only are my clients thrilled with the digital resources I can provide to them in real time — digital look books with links, tutorial videos, etc. — but I get to (voluntarily) stay home and see more people. Read more>>

Milyssa Rose | Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, Actress,Model, Entrepreneur

My work balance has changed quite a bit in the last few years. I focus more on working behind the scenes with Mrose Inc and developing content. I am selective with the gigs I accept and the collaborations I feature on. I am working smarter not harder. I would say what sets me apart from others is my ability to push myself musically and creatively I don’t follow what people are doing. I use elements of my musical theater background and love for the dark and creepy into my story telling and visuals. Read more>>

Lauren Holley | Design + branding + photography

Before I started my company graphiknation, I had spent about 8 years in a very fast-paced, demanding role with lots of pressure and little regard for quality of life and self care. I poured my heart and soul into a job that was always just under the glass ceiling, and the harder I worked the more was expected of me. There was no real incentive or reward for myself as a team leader, and even less incentive for those on my team. We were all working hard to meet daily productivity goals, only to have the benchmark for success moved further away as we got closer to it. Read more>>

Debra Nadelhoffer | Debra Nadelhoffer Artist

I am a professional artist now…the big word is NOW. I have made a lot of choices to balance life and get where I am today. First, I was a wife and mom at home with small children which took most of my time. It’s a balancing act just managing home, children’s activities and life in general. Add a divorce and the equation became completely off balance, like a teeter totter. Being a single mom was tough, trying to be there for the kids school and working, left me with no room to balance anything…just fill the minutes however I could. Read more>>

Charlene Evans | Project Control Specialist / Poet /Author/Motivational Speaker

Work life balance over time has changed drastically. When I was younger, I would work recklessly long hours, disregard breaks and eat anything that I could get my hands on with no regards to my health. When you’re younger, the effects of those choices are not readily seen or felt. For example, how I carried body weight working long hours and getting a workout in here or there but not on a consistent basis and trying to maintain a mentally demanding job became a harmful combination. Read more>>