We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Amani Richburg | Entrepreneur

My personal legacy and the legacy of CapEx have yet to be fulfilled. The great civil rights and education legacy of my grandmothers and grandfathers in South Carolina provided the rights and opportunities I utilized to develop the concept of CapEx. I never met any of my grandfathers, great grandfathers, or great grandmothers but it was always communicated to me by my teachers and elder adults in the state of South Carolina that they recognized who I was without knowing my name. There are times when I feel like I knew my Grandfather Albert Richburg all of my life. Many of his colleagues communicated his physical traits such as his baritone voice was; his smooth walk; his compassion for people; and the leadership he provided in South Carolina. I have a sense of pride knowing that the torch has been passed to me and my generation. I sometimes feel I like I knew him all of my life as I was reminded of his traits from how deep his voice was; his smooth walk; the compassion he showed; and his sense of great leadership in the community. Read more>>

Ti’Aira Carter | Youtuber & Entrepreneur

My legacy is love. I want people to remember that I’ve always moved with love. Whether people remember me by the love I gave, or how I helped someone gain the ability to love themselves and/or others; that’s what I want to be remembered by. My initials, TLC, are my favorite thing about myself because it not only stands for my name. but tender, loving, care, as well. And I try my best to live up to that everyday.. to be tender, loving, and always move with care. Love is the strongest force the world possesses; I want everyone to feel that. Read more>>

Shante Mundy | Developmental Specialist

I would like my legacy to be the power to enhance individual’s lives in all aspects. Whether it’s psychological, emotional, physical ,or socially. I want to teach people how to heal and evaluate their lives on what brings them happiness and joy! I want people to remember me as making a difference! Teaching individuals how to use their obstacles as fighting forces to create perseverance while helping them identify their strengths. By using tactics such as those; I will be able to help each neighborhood at a time. Read more>>

Brandon Lewis | Singer-Songwriter & Entrepreneur

I feel the obligation to be a pioneer for the next legacy of Memphis music as a young industry leader. I also look for other young leaders in the community as I spearhead projects that help move the creative arts forward. This practice has become a part of my everyday movement and is a major part of my audience engagement. The bigger message is “pour into the community that pours into you.” Therefore, I work to develop myself as an artist and other young talent across the tri-state area and beyond to be prepared for every opportunity that can empower us to sustain a viable music industry in the city of Memphis. Doing this is a challenge, and that’s why it is imperative to have patience and passion to move a legacy forward. I believe the greatest reward is finding gifts in not only myself but also in others and affording them the opportunity to express the gifts they have been given in a quality way. My legacy is rooted in how much I have done for others and not just what I have done for myself. Read more>>

J. Buck | Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Social-Worker

When I think about the word “legacy” I think about my purpose for being on this planet as a creative. My purpose is to bring people together in love and truth and music is one of the ways that I do that. So if there is one thing that I want people to remember about me as a man, is that I love people. I am a human being, and therefore nothing human is foreign to me. Read more>>

Aaliyah Wilson | MUA & Model Mgmt/Development

We all want to leave behind something spectacular or be remembered for really making a difference. But the truth is we all make a difference! I want my legacy to represent the little people who make a difference and acknowledge everyone. Team work really makes the dreamwork. I also want people to remember when you work with me, I truly care about you as a person and our project. Caring is really where it all starts and ends. If we don’t care, we don’t love and you can’t work hard or dedicate yourself to do the right things. I want people to remember If you don’t care about yourself , how can you expect to care for others ! I want my legacy to represent love, good vibes, and blessings. Showing others how to be the best version of themselves , so they can reciprocate that energy. Read more>>