There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Travis Wilder | Serial Entrepreneur

I feel that being a former college athlete has helped me tremendously in my entrepreneurial journey. A lot of the traits that I learned from being a college basketball player have translated over to my business. Team Work, Discipline, Time Management, and Hard Work are just a few that correlate between being an athlete and running a business. Read more>>

Tamika Adams | Social Worker and Candle Maker

Prayer, Patience, and Persistence. Read more>>

Reginald Massey | Personal Chef

For me, I wake up an hour before my family to meditate for 20 min followed by 30min workout. I read something related to my field (rather it’s cookbooks, an blog, articles, etc..) for 1hr a day. I also read something that betters me as a person for 30min. And finally I spend 2hrs working on my craft. Read more>>

Kwaku Bentil | Fashion Designer & DJ

Faith. I believe in myself a lot. I think I have a great idea and sit with it for months perfecting it as best as I can before releasing it to the masses. And even then I still continue to perfect. Read more>>

Ashley Davis | Photographer

The habit I think helped me succeed was shooting regularly. One of the biggest things you can do as a photographer is take your camera everywhere you go. Invest in workshops. Embraced in your style and Always be open to learning new things. Read more>>

Andrea Batteast | Master Cosmetologist & Braider

Before starting my business, I had to create a mindset for myself that would be beneficial to myself and the goals that I wanted to achieve. I started to write down what I wanted my business to look like and the tools and information that I would need to succeed. Praying to God also gave me the insight that I needed to not go astray with what I wanted and I feel helped me to be where I’m at in the industry today. Read more>>

Jessika Dickerson | Christian & Lifestyle Blogger

Over the last two years of being focused on growing my business one habit that helped me succeed was taking breaks. Consistent ones. I know that is very unconventional considered we live in a “chasing the bag”, “no days off” social society. I want to be successful just as much as the next person however I have found that the times when I take a break away from creating, posting and being chief of everything are the times when I come back with the next best thing for my business. My breaks varry in duration-sometimes its 3 days or 3 weeks but each time I recharge in the way I need to. Read more>>

Landon Sims | Personal Chef & Mixologist

Staying consistent & building relationships. I always make sure that my recipes , profile flavors & social media content always stay consistent. I love hearing guests feed back about my food & cocktails it helps to build my portfolio with my business. Also as well making sure to keep in contact with my customers through out the week helps me to build a bigger realtionship. When people think of Greentonguefoods I want them to think about home & good feeling where people can come unwind , taste great food & amazing cocktails. Relationships are what power my business by making sure my customers stay happy. Read more>>

ROSE STARAM | Determined Business Owner and Dog Mom

The best habits that have helped me succeed are small everyday things that we take lightly in life. Things like waking up a little earlier to work out, make up your bed and meal prep for the day set the tone for how everything will work out that day. Doing things in an organized manner will help you get more done and timely. If your daily habits consist of organization and repetition you will def get more value out of your day and succeed in your task. Read more>>