We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be.  Check out their responses below.

Mark Sultan | Guitarist & Singer

I like this question because I believe it tackles a lot of topics. I believe the most important power we have as humans connecting with each other is the power to inspire others. The reason I even decided to start a band was to allow all of my members to freely be themselves, and tap into what inspires them. I want to be remembered as someone who did their best to allow others to take the opportunities they strive for. Read more>>

Ali Jamal | CEO & Author

Someone who has helped to create an enterprise that has provided thousands of jobs to people, utilized the enterprise to provide affordable housing to those most in need, and put back a large portion of its revenue into local communities. With respect to individual development, I want to leave a legacy that has helped others reach their full potential during the implementation of continuous improvement. Read more>>

Courtney Pack | Self-Care Advocate & Entrepreneur

That I lived in the moment with unconditional love, did my very best, lived with no regrets, and created a self-care platform with quality products that people would talk about for a lifetime. I want the community to always be reminded of the importance of self-preservation and how much I held that close to my heart. That I was a LOVING mother and wife, and a protector of my family’s hearts and well-being. How much I showed up within my craft selfless, giving, available, and passionate. I also want the community to be reminded of how I truly LIVED by the name of my business, and how I promised to show up Beautiful, Happy, and Healed. Most of all, that BeautyHappinessHealing LLC was a MOVEMENT for all women, beyond what our eyes could see, that included a journey of self-care, healing, support, and self-worth. Read more>>

Debbie Roness | R.N & Health Enthusiast

I want people to remember me for my strength—that comes from my surrender. That in our weaknesses, we’re made strong. Every time I’ve been confronted with an obstacle, I’ve found a way to go through it, not around it. When Covid hit, and my husband’s restaurants had to close, I knew that—as an R.N and personal trainer— there was a lot left in me to help others. Whether it be through health, fitness or food! I decided to pick a lane and drive straight through it. I couldn’t dabble or just talk about it. I needed to head in with everything I had and to call on all of my people to help make it happen with the gifts they’ve been given. The moment my branding and logo came to life, so did I. Keto Bandito has provided a place to show my family what hard work can provide, to show my friends how a village can move, and to show my sweet, amazing customers how good healthy treats can make them feel. Read more>>