We asked rising stars from the community to open up to us about their end goal. We asked them where they want to be, professionally, by the end of their careers and have shared some of those responses below.

Amanda Dodson Gremillion | Author & Blogger

I published my book in 2019 and the first year I put a lot of money into professional editing, getting an audio book recorded and some advertising and promotion, so 2021 is the first year I will actually make a little profit. Just being able to make a profit on something that helps me and others and that I love doing has been a huge accomplishment, but I still work full time as a preschool teacher. Read more>>

Lala Walker | Fashion designer

My end goal is not to fall under the statistics “Single young mother of two living off government assistant.” I want to wake up everyday doing what I love ART some days that’s me creating fashion other days that’s me doing arts & craft with my kids. And if I can create something beautiful , so that I can live a beautiful life with my beautiful kids ; well that would be just beautiful #futuremillionaire Read more>>

Cassandra Pitchford | Podcast Host

I am very big on self-care. I know a lot of women in the African American community, can get so caught up caring for everyone. That they forget to prioritize themselves. My goal at the end of the day is to remind the women that look like me to prioritize self-care. Read more>>

Mario Fogg 

To be honest, I’m not sure. Because I have learned that things change. Our minds change over time. A lot of times, depending on what’s going on in your life, your experiences, or what information you have access to, or your level of understanding. However I do believe in having a plan, goals, or something to work towards. Read more>>

Marquis Guthrie | Makeup artist

The end goal for my career would be to have a talent agency that caters to people that possess multiple skills in the beauty industry. Read more>>