One of our favorite things to do is to ask the folks we are inspired by what they are inspired by. We’ve shared some of their responses below.

Brittany Bernier | Candle Maker & Fashion Designer

I’m inspired by mother earth and connecting to nature. My lifestyle is based on clean living and focused on natural elements/ products that not only benefit my body, but also my home and my spirit. Read more>>

Amir Usher | Creator

I’m inspired by people in their rawest form. Observing actions and having unfiltered dialogue with strangers allows me to receive a piece of their world without always being present. Unbeknownst to them, being able to absorb and listen usually results in a jewel that I may have needed to keep going. The range of perspectives gives me the inspiration to draw from while building in real time. Everyone has a voice and we all just want to be heard. Read more>>

Diamond P | Entertainment Mogul

I’m inspired by my life obstacles, meaning that every unforeseen circumstances and or situations that have taken place in my life to bring me down, I took those negative situations and turned them into something positive. Read more>>

Elle Davida | Film Industry Accountant / Independent Artist Management

I think what inspires me the most are the people who have fought against tremendous odds, who have dealt with incredible losses and pain in their lives, and people who still despite all the odds against them, fight through those obstacles with the grit and determination to be successful. Granted, everyone comes from different walks of life and everyone has different hands they have been dealt. Read more>>

Bruselin Davis | Founder of B’sWaxx Lipcare & Business Analyst

“Tell me I ‘cannot’ do, be or have something – and that is the surest way to inspire me into action,”. What inspires me is simply when the ‘impossible becomes possible’ – to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging.” My professional inspiration has no separation from my personal inspiration: it is people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. I am fortunate to come across quite a few of these game-changing people, and the desire to help (and keep up with them!) is what drives me. Read more>>

Chandler Paul | Fashion Designer

I believe my inspiration changes by season, I find inspiration in different things throughout the year and small amounts of these things may stick with me through time. Most recently I can say I am heavily inspired by life. The way the world works, its intricacies, its details. I find lots of beauty in living things, anything from the leaves of a banana tree to mans greatest tool, our hands. The delicacies of such can bring forth the groundwork for gorgeous projects. Read more>>

Erikah Swift | Faith and Lifestyle Blogger

I am inspired by the innovations, creativity, and forward thinking mindsets of Black women that have pioneered the culture of this country. From music, television, fashion and more, Black women have used their voices to spark change that must be recognized and celebrated. It is admirable how Black women have demonstrated how being consistent, working hard and living your truth can establish success in your brand or business regardless of your audience. Read more>>

Barbara Johnson | Community Resident Services Coordinator

I’m inspired by helping others. In my day to day encounters with others its so inspiring to be able to encourage and motivate others to accomplish their goals. The smile on a single moms face that has obtain child care so that she can maintain her job and continue her education. The excitement of walking a young parents through the process of getting their first savings account. Working with the elders, encouraging them to become active and become health conscious. Read more>>