Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Andrea Ballo | CEO and Illustrator

One of my most defining moments was when I determined that staying in my 6 figure career was a higher risk than giving it all up for my dreams. I remember thinking it was a bold, even foolish, conclusion but it was the only conclusion that felt right. The thing about assessing risk is that it’s rarely black and white. Where there is something to gain, there is always something to lose. Quitting my job presented very obvious risks with the biggest one being financial stability. The promise of stability kept me coming back to the office day after day, until I could not ignore my declining mental well-being. I was forced to stop resisting my purpose and asked myself “what will it take and what am I willing to risk to make it happen?” We decided to move from the NYC area to come back to my hometown where we could lower our living expenses and have more space to grow our business. Read more>>

Chi | CEO

Taking risks are NECESSARY/Required in order to achieve success!! Taking Risks has played a crucial role in the development, start, and continued success of my business. I took a risk back in 2013 when I decided to resign from my job with a Fortune 500 company with no money or savings; only an Idea and a burning desire to make my Idea a reality. It was again taking a risk that caused me to implement a game changing concept, which propelled my business to a new height. Taking Risk is a mandatory ingredient in the recipe for success. Read more>>

Duhamel Freud Georges | Artist, Actor & Computer scientist

If you’re not taking risks you won’t reach your pinnacle. Taking risks played a major role in my career because it helped me in a way of not being afraid of failure. If I didn’t take any risks in my career I wouldn’t be where I am today. The road to success is not easy you have to risk it all. Read more>>

Johniqua Fluker | Influencer, Entrepreneur, MFT

Risk taking to me isn’t anything negative or scary risk to me is being fearless with nothing but God and leaps of Faith. If I’m honest though risk taking has played major parts in my life. If your not willing then your not serious enough. I am a firm believer in doing all things that scares me to deaf lol. Taking risk has helped me become way more confident than I was the year before , being able to take risk increases the focus , the drive & ambitions. Not to mention it makes it all worth it In the end taking risk is apart of changing , building, and succeeding so I believe everyone should prepare to take risk and though I am a new business woman for almost a year now I am still risk taking don’t get me wrong risk is also about being willing to understand sacrificing and consequence but that’s where you find what kind of individual and or business woman you truly are believe me it matters in all aspects Read more>>

Stephanie Dawn Payne | Executive Director, YOGC & Irish and Classical Flutist

I think the biggest guiding philosophies behind how I evaluate potentially risky choices in my life are: 1) People regret the things they don’t do in life and 2)What’s the worst-case scenario? When I frame choices around those two things, I encourage myself to be brave but also to think through as as many potential outcomes as possible. I think risk plays a huge role in the lives of every creative, no matter what path they take. I’ve moved to two towns where I didn’t know anyone to pursue creative degrees. I took a job as an Executive Director of a 23-year old nonprofit right out of graduate school when I was 24, and I’ve actively managed both an arts administration and a performing career simultaneously for over six years. Read more>>

Sean Puryear | Model/General Manager

Taking Risk I feel like is a necessary move to make when you are trying to grow in any aspect of life. I’ve took a big risk quitting my “safe” hospital job to managing a small business and I’ve felt more happy with coming to work everyday and I’ve had so many more opportunities that I’ve been exposed to that I wouldn’t have had I took that leap of faith. Read more>>

Lloyd-MaLachi | Hairstylist

“Nothing beats a fail, than a try.” Is what I always say. Sometimes we’re so afraid to take a risk that we end up regretting NOT actually taking that opportunity. I’m sorry, but I refuse to let fear or anything negative stop me from attaining my aspirations. Taking a risk allows you to feel the fear while simultaneously operating in it. It’s such an empowering feeling. I was so afraid of starting my business because I didn’t want to fail. So I talked myself out of it many times. The day I decided to give up is the day I receive my first booking, after that, clients started coming from everywhere. Look at God. Read more>>

Justin & MaHogany Jackson | Serial Entrepreneurs & YouTubers

In life, in order to standout and be different you have to do something that has never been done before, like taking different risks. If you want to capture your audience you have to come with different strategies and step outside the box. Some people can in fact not take risk and still be successful , and sometimes in taking risk you do fail. In the bible Peter takes a risk. He could of stayed in the boat but he choses to get out on the water. He asks the Lord, “If that’s You, allow me to come on to the water” but to be honest before he asked the Lord he had to look within himself and know he would have to take a risk. Read more>>

Abigail Blum | Local Artisan & Small Business Consultant

The first thing that comes to mind is ‘No risk, no reward’ and I believe that to be 110% accurate. Choosing to follow your passion, depending on what it may be, can be terrifying. For me, not furthering my college degree nor pursing what I consider to be a ‘typical 9-5’ were the scariest choices I’ve ever made. Not because I saw those as the only correct options, but because growing up, that’s what I’ve always been pushed towards. The majority of my family never saw artistic interests as a career, it was always more of a hobby or something you did to “de-stress”. For me, it was the only career I’ve ever wanted and by taking the risk of potentially failing, disappointing loved ones, or having to start from scratch, I ended up receiving the reward of success because of my dedication and drive to not allowing the former to happen. Read more>>

Brooke Maruska

I grew up thinking of risk as rather careless, intimidating, and just not worth it. What I didn’t know is that risk, to some extent, is present in every season of our lives, whether or not we can identify it as “risk.” I also had no idea that taking the biggest risk of my life would challenge me to my farthest limits, help me to believe in myself more than I ever have before, and bring me the most difficult and most joyful days of my life. After four incredible and grueling years studying and working toward my Biology and Neuroscience degrees at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, I was accepted into 2 incredible medical schools that would have both prepared me to be the incredible physician I had dreamed of becoming. But even after working so hard toward this amazing achievement, I wasn’t happy. Read more>>

Kerry Smalls | Brand Director, Publicist & Manager

RISK is so necessary, and is the only real means to growth. The beauty of risk is that it is scary. With that fear, comes challenge. By completing that challenge and taking that risk, one becomes more confident, proud of where they have come from and become eager to keep moving forward. Risk has always been a scary thing in my life for comfort’s sake. I have gotten in many comfortable situations that were not necessarily in alignment with where I see myself 15 years from now, but I arrived, my bills were paid and I could fly by under the radar by doing the bare minimum. When that feeling sets in, I recognize it immediately. Read more>>

Madison Bannister | Blonde Specialist

Risk is when you can’t see the end of where you want to be but you know you’re going to do whatever it takes to get there. Risk is scary more times then not, it’s thrilling, it gives you butterflies- kind of like a first date. When I decided to open up my studio with my business partner, I had no idea what was going happen, I just knew failure wasn’t an option. We are thriving more than ever and if I hadn’t taken that one risk I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m definitely the happiest I’ve ever been and everyday brings on something new and positive. I’ve actually inspired myself to know when the moment feels right, take it. Read more>>

Whitney Smith | Mental Health Psychotherapist, Author & Life Coach

When I think about risk, I think of it as a necessary evil to my current circumstance in life. Risk push you from your comfort zone, which ultimately introduces you to destiny. You can never elevate in life without risk. I’ve found that risk are required in life, and they will always oppose your present level in life. Your comfort zone will not like risk and will view it as evil or some foreign object that you should stay away from. That is why I call it a “necessary evil.” In my life Risk have played a key role in my success. Every time God was ready to shift me to a higher level, he would instruct me to take crazy risks. Read more>>

Jamine Georges | Boutique Owner & Accountant

I’ve never been a risk taker growing up, I loved playing it safe. I thought risk was like blindly setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. However, I started seeing the people that are close to me take risk in different ways and knew I needed to take that step outside of my comfort zone to make things happen for myself. One of the risk I took was starting my plus size clothing boutique. There are a plethora of shops and boutiques but I knew I could get a piece of the pie if I took a leap of faith. I didn’t have any experience in retail or had any idea what I was doing- sometimes I still don’t. I just decided to go for it and it’s taught me a lot about who I am and what I want in my life. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Read more>>

Champagne Lace | Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, Entrepreneur,

I believe risk taking is essential in order to evolve and grow as a human. It creates new opportunities & a life you could have only imagined. Taking risks has played a major role in my career. Without taking a leap of faith, I wouldn’t be where I am today! There is no cap on the things that can be achieved when you step out on faith and believe in yourself. Read more>>

Michelle Cross | Lawyer and Law Firm Owner

Risk taking is possibly the most important factor to success. In order to take risks, you must have the courage to face uncertainty. I founded my law firm fresh out of law school during the middle of a global pandemic with zero legal experience. This was the riskiest decision I have ever made and it was also the best decision I ever made. Read more>>

Armenté | Neo Soul/R&B Artist

Taking risks is an important step for anything you do in life. When an opportunity presents itself that may seem risky you often have to stop and think. How will my life change after I act on this? Will it benefit me positively or negatively? What if I can’t foresee the outcome? Is it worth the risk? Asking yourself these questions before taking a risk is an important part of making any decision in life. As a performing artist, I have had to take many risks along my journey. Anyone involved in the arts knows what it is like to have your first audition. Read more>>

Brooke Nicole | CEO and Owner of B. Nicole Cosmetix, Pre-Med Student

The bigger the risk the greater the reward. I think about risk often and have always been one who’d rather take the road less traveled, risky. Growth is the main goal and it is stimulated by uncomfortability which is especially provided when taking risks. The exciting thing about risks is that you do not know how far your actions will truly take you, unless you follow through. If you’re going to do something stand on it and give it your all. It is extremely important to take proper risks though as your decisions should be wise ones. I, Brooke Nicole believe starting B. Read more>>