Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Naelyn Colette | Mental Health Coach, Spiritual Guide, Ordained Minister/Officiant

Amethyst is known as a powerful stone to have strong cleansing and healing powers, bringing peace, stability, and calmness among other abilities to one’s life, and just so happens to be my birthstone. The Moon is a remarkable planetary mass that many find astonishing and beautiful. It is something that has many phases, showing herself fully at times, and other times she hides parts of herself from us, however she is always there. My life never possessed those qualities of my birthstone, in fact quit the opposite. I searched for healing, for peace and stability, and so much more for many years. Read more>>

Johnny Washington | Founder, bundt•ish, a pound cakery

bundt•ish, a pound cakery was born early April 2020 during the beginning stages of the pandemic. We were lusting for a pound cake and couldn’t find one to be delivered on demand. My husband (and co-founder) said, “Why can’t we start a pound cake company that delivers pound cakes on demand?”. We began talking about it and by the end of April bundt•ish was officially incorporated. Johnny and I have spent the last 14 months building, strategizing and executing our vision for bundt•ish…A place where people want to work, grow, thrive and what we call #deliveringmomentsbythepound. This vision will launch fall 2021. Read more>>

Aleatha Lindsay | Multidisciplinary Artist, Curator, Disability Advocate

After 15 years as a working artist and arts professional, I found there was still a lack of representation, accessibility, and inclusivity, for artists of various backgrounds, especially those who identify with a disability. They are often overlooked and unrepresented within the arts sector. As an artist and arts professional who identifies with a disability, it was important for me to have access and a space where I am included. This led me to start The Ikouii Creative, a space that allows disability identified artists a level playing field to create, share, and break barriers that can transform the global arts community. Read more>>

Breanna Griffin | CEO

I came up with the idea of my business because one day I was planning my youngest daughters first birthday party. I was on Pinterest, Facebook, IG scrolling lol looking at party ideas, and themes and came across a soft play set up and I thought it looked amazing. So I start looking for someone who offers soft play locally and did find anyone so I really just decided then I can do this, you know I can do this and offer it for other children. Read more>>

Jackie Annise | Co-Owner & Head Cidermaker

The idea for Urban Tree Hard Cider started back in 2014 while enjoying a sunday family supper with my sister and brother in law over a great bottle of English style cider. We were (are) big fans and aficionados of cider and had been accustomed to drinking the sweet national brands. This particular evening, we just so happened to be enjoying a european cider than we obtainined while touring England’s cider country earlier in the year. Read more>>

Mia Spellers | Traveling braider & hair artist

When I was a sophomore in high school I loved to express myself through my hair. I would change my protective styles often, and people started to ask me to do their hair. It started with a friends sister & the word started to spread that I can do hair. So I was 15 years old when I started my business as a traveling stylist. I used to get my dad to drop me off at my clients homes and it would take me 8-10 hours on average to do one clients head but I loved doing hair and seeing my clients reactions. It never felt like work. Read more>>

Tiffani Neal | Creator of Barlow’s Foods

Barlow’s Foods was started from my love of food. I absolutely love to cook and eat. Always in the kitchen mixing up things and having friends over for dinners and gatherings. I had an idea and desire to create some sort of food product and was having a hard time deciding what the exact food product would be. I believe in making everything from scratch and using the best ingredients when possible. One day I made a pancake breakfast for friends and they absolutely enjoyed it That was sort of like an ahh ahh moment. I decided that pancakes are pretty universal but there was room to make pancakes and pancake mixes from better ingredients without compromising the overall taste or quality of the final product. Read more>>

Tamika Owens | CEO & Owner

In September of 2017 I was laid off. I had been working for this airline for seven years and honestly I hated that job. I got to fly free but I really didn’t like going to work at all. So now I am unemployed and honestly wanted a broke from working. I worked some jobs but they didn’t make me happy. I even attempted to use my degree and go work in a law firm. It still didn’t move me. It didn’t free like this was my passion. When the pandemic hit it motivated my so follow my dreams and work for myself. Time is something you can’t get back and never know when it going run out. I decided I wanted to explore the entrepreneurship out again. It’s the best decision I made. I love making vibes. I alway had a passion for candles I will burn a candle out. So I just started reading how to make candles and watching videos and I decided I can do this! I had time and I am great at creating things with my hands. So I started hand-pouring beautiful scents. Read more>>