Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

The Keyz | Music Producers

We came up with The Keyz based off of a brotherhood. It originated from 3 producers (Dub, Endrizzy, & Q) two of us from Florida and our homie EnDrizzy representing Mexico. The Keyz represent 3 creative minds all coming together track after track for music that we hope can play for generations. Read more>>

Zenobia Scott-Haynes | Style & Beauty Blogger

The style and beauty blogging industry has been very prevalent for quite some time now. I began blogging in 2014 because I was so inspired by this sister duo at the time “Layllah Style.” I was intrigued by their minimalistic style, and their willingness to share their outfits ideas and inspirations. For as long as I can remember, friends and acquaintances have always asked me for assistance with putting a look together, as well as what beauty products I was using and my suggestion for new products. I’ve always been willing to share and assist other women in this area, because it is something I am passionate about. Writing has also always been a hobby of mine, that I enjoy. With these passions, I created The Posh Perspective, a style and beauty blog that caters to the everyday woman that wants to feel and look great without breaking the bank. Read more>>

Pacita Wilson | Interior Designer

Interior design has always been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. I learned to love the industry from my father who was an architect and builder in Florida. I remember one day in particular my mother and I were visiting a local showroom in Merritt Island, and I said to my mother “one day I want to own a space like this and help others turn their house into a home.” My mom responded, “I believe you can do it!” In 1997, I decided to take a risk and chase my dreams. I opened both a retail and showroom location called Pacita’s Home Collections. The decision to open a place of my own sparked while I was building and designing my own home at the time. My team included four full-time and two part-time employees who contributed to the success of the business. We designed homes throughout the Brevard County area, and this is where I started the service of turn-key living. After many years, my family and I relocated to Woodstock, Georgia to set out to bring what I learned during my time in Florida. Read more>

Danielle Peak | Wellness Coach & Natural Product Specialist Peak | Natural products & Wellness Coaching

I’ve always been in a form of wellness throughout my career. I started in the dental field and stayed there for 17 years. I’ve always been drawn to natural resources from the earth, and would always make my family’s needs at home. I’d research different remedies and ingredients to get the benefits needed from certain products. I started in 2014 with juices and smoothies and more recently venturing into products that I’ve created for friends and family that we’ve had success with using. My wellness products include natural body butters, Elderberry, Seamoss, beard oil, hair growth oil, Soy candles, hand sanitizer, brown sugar scrub, and pet shampoo. Read more>>

Kristin Giteles | Caterer, Private Chef

The story behind my business took on a mind of its own honestly. I had already been prepping meals for some of my personal training clients, social media definitely helped. With the post of one picture I had a ton of interest in what I was offering. At that point I was not prepared to expand my small side hustle. But after the loss of my son and the desire to be home with my children two things happened. I did not want to miss a minute of their lives. With that I also acknowledged the lack of availability to busy working families to provide healthy, simple and delicious dinners every night. So with individual meal prep evolved family meal prep, then catering and now I have found my absolutely favorite part , charcuterie platters and boxes. I have had so many opportunities arrive since opening Clean Eats with Kris. Catering and cooking for amazing people who have become consistent clients/friends to traveling to the Masters every year! With Covid I have needed my own personal artistic outlet more than ever. Read more>>

Anyea Anderson, LCSW | Therapist & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Back in 2018 I hosted a class for Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta conference based on how your emotional and mental wellbeing could interfere with your brand, because ultimately your brand starts with you! Well before the the event one of the coordinators sent me a message in December 2017, said that my title was not “catchy” enough, and I would need to come up with something that would make people want to sign up for my class. She advised me to come up with something that was fun and not so “Mental Health.” I was confused and stuck because my class was very much mental health. So I went to thinking and changed the name from How to effectively cope with your feelings and emotions while building your brand to Funds over Feelings. I was excited that was catchy right, wrong I had to come up with a name other than Anderson Consulting and Counseling Services as well. Yeah you guessed it that was not “catchy” enough either. So I went on another brain storm and I could not think of anything. But this one night I was randomly thinking of names in the shower and it came to me POPNTALK, like Pop-up-shop, but you Pop-up and talk. So basically #PONPNTALK is just that I pop-up or you pop-up and we talk about it POPNTALK. Read more>>

Mercedes O’Brien | Business Owner & Cocktail Creator

IppN at Home is a cocktail fueled business specializing in at-home cocktail kits, virtual classes or online happy hours, and private event catering. Created by Mercedes O’Brien, voted Atlanta Magazine’s Best Bartender of 2019 and former bar manager for Kevin Gillespie’s Cold Beer and Gunshow, SippN at Home was constructed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the shutdown of bars and restaurants across the world, imbibers were left with wanting something more than what their home bar had to offer. SippN was born to bring all the supporting ingredients and knowledge of craft cocktail design into the homes of many. Now anyone can mix carefully crafted cocktail kits or learn to shake up something new with colleagues, friends, or family through SippN at Home. Read more>>

Greg Taylor | Atlanta Blu Water Seafood

Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, I initially began my start in seafood solely as a seafood distributor to the locals, as well as small restaurant businesses in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. However, life took a turn when the youngest of my three sons was born. It was then I decided to venture to the south and made Douglasville, GA my home. The dream to own a restaurant led me to purchase a property in historic downtown Stone Mountain, GA to open a restaurant. However, due to the zoning laws, I could not open the business and decided in 2009 to return to NY to resume the seafood distribution business. However, my dream still weighed heavily on my mind and heart. Within a few years, when the New York I once knew changed drastically, I decided to return to Douglasville, GA with a new aim in mind……to provide the community with simple, fresh delectable seafood cooked to perfection. The fondness and wealth of knowledge for the seafood world turned into a passion to be the first food truck registered in Douglasville, GA. Read more>>

Amy Leavell Bransford | Esthetician, Salon + Skin Spa Owner

When I was starting as an esthetician working in a Day Spa, I didn’t feel like there was a space that fit me. I didn’t feel like I fit into the typical “spa” space which was either very Zen-with-a-water-feature or very all white and clinical. I also didn’t like the corporate spas that require you to wear a uniform or scrubs and everyone does the same facial like some sort of esthetician robot. No one was doing our services in a boutique setting where you work with brands that are not everywhere (I am looking at you Eminence and Dermalogica) so I set out to design a business and space that was reflective of me and where I can do highly customizable treatments that are geared to results. Luckily there are other people out there in the industry who agree and they flocked to work with me. Now I think what we are doing is much more the industry standard and especially in a Covid world. Being a 3 chair, 2 treatment room salon/spa is ideal. It feels great to heave been on the beginning of that change. Read more>>

Nika Corbett | CEO and Curator of The Black Owned Business Box

The Black Owned Business Box came from my need to pivot during the pandemic, from my current business model of offering just digital marketing services to select clients, to being able to work with a larger group of business owners, who now have the opportunity to reach that many more people since the world has turned remote. Read more>>