Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Jasmine Pollard | Hairstylist

When I first wanted to start my own business I was scared of failing and more afraid that my friends and family would not support me in the decision that I was choosing to make. I stepped out on faith anyhow and started my business from nothing nevertheless as I grew I realized I shouldn’t focus on those that wasn’t supporting me and I should focus and give my attention more to those that were supporting me consistently. As a changed my view things started to get better for me and I started to see things at a different perspective than when I first started my business. Read more>>

Bernice Barton | Pro Makeup Artist

The thought process behind starting my own business was to being able to create my own schedule and earn money by doing the one thing I love, being a Pro Makeup Artist. However, creating my own schedule allows me to be the family oriented person that I am, a Daughter, a Mother and a Wife. Of course, today, everyone loves makeup and can apply makeup, but what I offer is an experience which my clients gladly pay for. Read more>>

Gary Spencer II | SwaggDaddy (Music Artist), CEO (SGE Music Group LLC), CEO (Squad Goals Ent. LLC)

I started my business at the top of the pandemic. I didn’t have much but a dream and a few thousand when the opportunity presented itself to make Squad Goals Entertainment LLC. I followed it up with SGE Music Group LLC, SGE being Short for Squad Goals Ent. I’ve been involved and releasing music since 2015 building up my personal brand as SwaggDaddy the artist. The homies I had around strongly influenced my craft and allowed me to evolve which is why I made them part owners to a brand that I wanted bigger than myself. Read more>>

Ashley De La Mode | Makeup Artist.Journalist, PR

I wanted to start something independently where I can use my skills and character.. I wanted to create enough leverage resources to be able to support people internationally. Read more>>

Reonna Green | Founder of She Trademarks and Trial Attorney

I was prompted to create She Trademarks after witnessing women jeopardize the brands, products, services, and empires they’d worked so hard to build, because they weren’t appropriately protecting and investing in themselves. As a fellow member of the beauty industry and legal profession, I share both legal and creative perspectives. I’ve made it my mission to be devoted to helping women identify potential areas of risk and crafting custom solutions to protect their brand, business, and ultimately, their livelihood. She Trademarks is only the beginning of how I plan to restructure the business world to favor women. Read more>>

Bahja Parker | Bahja Parker | Owner of Nailtrapchic

Back then my thought process was easy… “I gotta get from behind my desk job”…”I can’t be on someone else’s time”…”I want to work for myself”… Now it’s a bit different. The thought process is on “I gotta continue my business”… “I can become a legal business”…”I want others to work with me”… My thought process has grown throughout Entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Tunicia Walker | Travel Curator

I have always been known as the friend that was always traveling, so many of my friends and associates would always reach out to me for travel advice. My mother and I would travel at least twice a year-once for her birthday and once in the summer. As I got older, my travel circle expanded as I found other people that enjoyed travel as much as I did. About three years ago, my sorority sister invited me to a Women’s travel group that was run by a woman-owned travel agency. They would occasionally advertise that they offered opportunities for others to run their own business (no, it was not multi-level marketing). Read more>>

Sheryl Tobler | Body Contouring Specialist

I started Bella Body Contouring Studio after getting Body Contouring Services of my own. I feel in love with the experience and my results and knew I wanted to be apart of the Body Contouring industry. I’ve always had a passion for helping other women and this business gives me the opportunity to not only empower women, but to help them love their bodies, feel more confident and to help them reach their health and body goals. Read more>>

Bruce & Dmitri N/A | Content Creators

We wanted to create a platform to highlight and support black businesses while also educating the community on various topics such as entrepreneurship, relationships, economic prowess, and current events related to black people. Read more>>

Elisa McLean | Small Ice Cream Shop Owner

My though Process behind starting our business was to create place of love and a friendly atmosphere where people could come and just have good time. Old friends to catch up, families making new memories and making some new friends in the process. All while enjoying a great milkshake or an amazing scoop of ice cream. Read more>>

VHS GIRL | Painter

I’ve been obsessed with collecting VHS tapes for years, and one day I wondered how to get all my favorite movies in art form on my wall. One of my artist friends encouraged me to paint them myself so I did! I already had business experience selling vintage clothes online so the shipping/answering customer questions already came second nature to me. And the thought that I could make my own merch instead of constantly hunting for it was a perk as well. One day I put it out there to people what I was selling and hoped it would spark interest. Luckily, it did. Read more>>

Carla McWhorter | Bridal Makeup and Hair Stylist

I come from a driven and entrepreneur minded family. I saw the benefits of being your own boss and having the creative liberties to take your career where you want to. 11 years I saw the need of more specialized bridal artists and I knew I could make a successful business out of it. Read more>>

Monét Miller | Social Media Strategist & Publicist

I started MonètKasseen & Co because I wanted to really help my small business owners and content creators. We see so many people on social media saying they want to help but they aren’t. I started this business to really teach people how to utilize their social media platforms effectively. I wanted to teach people it’s more to social media than being messy. You can make thousands of dollars on here in so many different ways. Read more>>

LiConstance Hayes | Owner

The thought process behind creating my brand was creating outerwear I wanted for myself and showcase love for my HBCU. I have been an advocate for HBCU’s since I could remember. I attended one (Alabama A&M University). Read more>>

Alex McCully | Ceo of Hop’N Go Tours LLC

How do I get a whole bunch of people to believe in what I believe in. Number one question that came to my mind after I drew up my business plan. Who is going to believe me? Who is going to think, traveling, and culture, and different palates of cultural dishes, dope street art, and celebrity culture can all be combined together. Me! I think its cool. Then I had a second thought of, don’t worry about what others may say, think, or do , just do you! So I just started creating, and learning, and implementing , and testing things out, and putting together the things that interests myself and kept going. Read more>>

Tracey Grier | AKC Safe Certified Pet Stylist

Looking around at how other businesses operated, I realized that quantity was more important than quality and pet owners could tell. When I started first started my business in 2014, I wanted to create a stress free environment for pets so they could have a positive grooming experience. So initially, I performed private grooming inside of the owners home so the pet was less stressed since they were in their own environment. This was very intimate and most of my clients became like my family. I enjoyed this aspect of the business, that personal touch. So when I decided to open a storefront, I wanted the same experience and decided to keep a limited amount of pets at one time to reduce noise and chaos that would keep them calm. Read more>>

Quadir Thomas | Magazine CEO

My process was to start something fun for all involved. Something that would last for ever and would be loved by a bunch of people. I don’t do many things well, so this was the easiest for me. Read more>>

Rachel Smith | Photographer & Filmmaker

The thought process behind starting my own business was motivated mainly by me wanting to create my own schedule and have control over what jobs to say yes to. In the past I have worked as a videographer and photographer for companies where I had to do work for a client or project I wasn’t passionate about. Creating my own business has allowed me to have greater creative liberty, which has led to better final products. Read more>>

John Emil D’Angelo | President/Principal @ InsurancePM

Wow, I would need to go back to my early 20’s for this answer. I started my first business at 21/22 called Pro Rank. It was a martial arts and boxing supply company that I started off a few credit cards. I started that business because I didn’t like the
of gear available in the Georgia area. After a couple of years in business, I started manufacturing my own brand name gear called, Pro Rank Competition Gear. I captained the competition team and they would compete all over the world wearing the Pro Rank brand. Read more>>

Heather Wright | Attorney

In any business there are two factors, running the business and doing the work. As an attorney at a large firm, I liked the work, but had no control over how the business was run. I wanted to do both. I wanted to direct the “why” of my law practice as well as the “what.” So, for me, starting my own practice allowed me the flexibility to pick my own clients, pick the kind of cases that I wanted to work on, and to learn about how to serve others while also making a living. I wanted to be a shot-caller and the best way to have that freedom is through entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Jalen Loney | Owner of Comprendre.BZ

It was some many mixed emotions about it. One day I wanted to do it the next day I was nervous. Next day I wanted to quit. But after realizing that company’s, mangers, supervisor etc don’t really care about you they really just want a paycheck i knew that being my own boss was the way to go. God bless me with a opportunity & I took it Read more>>

Mia Miller | Owner & Founder

I started making hair butter in 2010 after my journey started long ago in high school when speaking with my, grandmother whom I call “Grammy,” not knowing at the time these conversations would be so instrumental. I mentioned that I was suffering from a hair-shedding problem, after further discussion, Grammy confessed that she also had a problem area that would shed after she would have her hair straightened. In further conversation, Grammy spoke of a homemade remedy that she used that a family member gave her, but she could only remember a few names and never seemed to think of all the ingredients that were in it. I really hoped that one day she could remember those other ingredients, so I could use them and my hair could grow like hers. One of my memories of Grammy was her hair and how long and straight it was, without a relaxer! She would always ask me to comb her hair; I thought her hair was so pretty. Read more>>

Tahira Savage | Lifestyle Connoisseur

Starting this business was always in the shadows of my life but never thought of the full pursuit. Lifestyle with T is an experience brand capturing essence of normalizing luxury in all aspects of life from self care days, birthdays, events and trips. I have always been detailed in planning and going the extra mile and finding things people wouldn’t find quickly. I believe that aspect came from my fashion background in merchandising and designs. You would always need be quick on knowing the the next or latest trend? Will it be a phase or timeless? I believe Lifestyle with T will be a timeless brand as it involves further into its mission. We will always celebrate a birthday, there will always be times to launch or execute event and most certainly a time of well being whether it’s the spa or spinning classes in the upper East side. Read more>>

Fireman Band$ & Myrlaun Walker | CEOs of Green Light Gang LLC

We started our own business because Covid-19 hit and we were both fully encompassed in making money by someone else’s method, projection, and regulations of not only how much we could make but how we were going to make it. We felt stifled in our creativity and our trajectory. Read more>>

Wendy Rodgers | Founder + Owner

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have never been one that has been able to sit behind a desk or work the normal 9-5. I’ve done those jobs when I’ve had to and always knew I was meant for more. I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business and working for myself and my goal is to create a business that my girls will be proud of and want to take over and run themselves someday. They were the inspiration for Lennon + Sage Co. – It is named after their middle names. I absolutely loved finding cute and unique pieces for them that you didn’t see at Target or Carters. Read more>>

Da’juh Sawyer | Founder & CEO

In 2017, myself and my co founder Dontreal Fletcher were college students at Florida A&M University, wondering why we didn’t see more African American students from our hometown of St. Petersburg, FL, on the campus along with us. Realizing that economics — as well as exposure and mentoring – were a large influence on high school students’ choice and/or ability to pursue a post-secondary education, we started The Make It Out Foundation, Inc. (MIOF). With the goal of providing financial assistance to those attending Florida A&M University. As of 2019, we have opened our scholarship to students who intend on pursuing a post-secondary education at any college, university, or vocational institute. Read more>>

Michelle Fasig | Event Management and Consulting

When I first created my event management and consulting business, I had worked in the events industry for over seven years. I got my start volunteering at small-scale festivals around Atlanta which overtime translated into a paid position and ultimately a full-time role with one of the festival production companies I had worked with. I spent the next few years figuring out how to leverage my creative insight while developing skills in event management through production coordination, concept and development, marketing, Read more>>

Tony Good At It | Songwriter/Rapper/Entrepreneur

The thought process was generational wealth. I wanted to leave a mark and great impression on the world. It’s something I can call my own. I think more people should have businesses. Growing up I was never taught to own a business so it made me want one. Having a business has taught me to be more productive. Ownership is something we all seek. Read more>>

Sincere LaSound | Singer-Songwriter & Producer

I grew up in an entrepreneur household so doing my own thing was never a question in my mind. Time is priceless, and you will never experience all of the abundance that life has to offer as a servant to someone else’s ambition. Read more>>

Taylur Davis | Owner & Chef

My thought process behind starting my own business had to do with taking a leap of faith at the point in time in my life. Im a mother before a Chef and I knew it was time to put fourth all the dope esthetics and talents I have to offer in the culinary world and birth my own! Out of thin air and prayer came Locale Caribbean Cafe! Located in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta I took that leap of faith opening during one of our most trying times collectively the Pandemic!! Relocating from Los Angeles 2020 I realized the culinary scene in Atlanta need consistency, spice and the enjoyment of the neighborhood feel, which is why I choose the location at Politan Row located in Colony Square! 6 months new were striving to make our mark! Read more>>