We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Taylor Bryant | Owner of It Is Wellness Aesthetics

The habits that I feel have helped me succeed the most are morning meditation, prayer, and journaling. Starting my mornings off with meditation has shifted my mindset in such a positive, life changing way. It has amplified my gratitude for the gift of being able to perform my talents on my clients and anyone who is interested in my services. The perspective of, “all I have is all I need” has stuck with me throughout my journey, from facing the challenges of the pandemic and overcoming all of the crazy emotions that came with that to during this exact season, opening up my very own building in Downtown Birmingham. Read more>>

Kenjahte’ Harrison, CTL | Consultant

Planning and being consistent. Planning helps me decide what needs to be done, keeps me aware of my deadlines, and helps me stay consistent and focused on my goals. If you’ve never been someone to plan or make a schedule I would highly recommend giving it a try. It’s definitely a game changer! Read more>>

Wisdom Born | Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Healer and Plant Based Chef

I have an extraordinary amount of self discipline and self control. I believe what truly fuels these abilities are my self love. To know myself and the areas where I have to focus more attention in order to stay consistent and focused. When I am in the zone there is really nothing that can distract me from achieving my goals.
My go to habits to stay focused are having a daily routine, which consists of meditation and exercise, and intermittent fasting. If you can control you mind and what you put into your body, you can change your life. Read more>>

Genesis Socorro | Crafter

Our way of thinking has a lot to do with the results we obtain with our actions, a positive thought should be the first habit that you practice every morning, use visualization to be the motivating factor that drives you to complete each of the Goals set in your life or work plan and last but not least for my business is the organization habit, make to do list, keep your desk clean as well as your pc and you will see how everything flows. the quantity and quality of each habit you execute will define the level of your success. Read more>>

Saeeda StAude | Doctor of Education and Business Owner

I feel determination has helped me succeed. Determination has helped me to process the failures and the many no’s that come with running a business. In the beginning of starting my business it was very hard to accept the no’s and failures that are a part of this process. I had to learn a tough lesson that receiving a no is more common than a yes, and it is important to not look upon a failure or a lack of growth as not succeeding. Determination keeps me grounded, humble, and consistently seeking ideas to grow my business. I take a small moment to lament in the challenges that come along, as well as step back sometimes so I can see a clearer picture of the direction I should be headed in. Read more>>

Cindy Jones | Cake Artist

A good work ethic instilled in me by both of my parents. They always stressed the importance of working hard ,not to settle and success does not come easy. I taught my self to decorate cakes with lots of You tube videos and a lot of trial and error. I am proud to come as far as I have and look forward to expanding my knowledge as a cake artist. Read more>>

Kierra Wilson | Graphic Designer

It’s important to know yourself so well that you can identify the time of day or the week you best perform. For me, I perform my best in the morning. So I have my life set around that peak point for me. This schedule allows me to focus on what’s most important which is to complete graphic projects before leaving for work and push full force on my weekends. Having a schedule set around your productivity levels is definitely a game a changer. Read more>>

Jasmine Johnson | Entertainment Accountant | Financial Coach & Mental Health Advocate

Let’s first address that success looks differently for everyone. Habits must be created around what is realistic while also being patient on the journey. For me, I initially wrote out what success was for me and the steps needed to achieve that. I set alarms on my phone to keep me on track. Most importantly, I never stopped learning and I don’t intend to ever stop learning. I read many books, take relatable courses and always challenge myself with new ways of doing things. One habit I believe everyone should have no matter what success looks like for them is to always check in with themselves. Does this success feel good to you? “Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success” -Albert Schweitzer Read more>>

Stephanie Smith, REALTOR® | “The Lifestyle Investor” | Wealth & Wellness Advocate

I attribute my healthy lifestyle habits to my success. I am a Lupus Warrior, so maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is not only a choice but also the key to living a full life. Being an athlete has taught me self-discipline better than any other method or source could. Those early morning workouts, strict nutrition plans and fitness competitions have, without a doubt, increased mental strength. Read more>>