Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Megan Crass | Photographer & Creative Director

I don’t think we can truly grow without taking risks. When we take risks we open ourselves up to new experiences and people. When I was in college, I took the risk of quitting my part-time job and pursuing freelance work as my main source of income. Once I made the decision to take that risk, other opportunities started flowing my way. I got an internship with a professional photographer where I was able to network with other photographers, videographers and models. Read more>>

Lay Hogan | Nail Technician

What I think about risk is that they need to be taken in order to enter new phases in life. If you are always scared of the unknown you will always be stuck where you are trying to grow from. When I think about risk taking, I don’t think about the fear about it I think about the end goal that I am going to achieve and the person I will grow into when going down the journey to achieve it. Taking risk played a huge role in my life, from me taking a leap of faith when I decided to move from my home town to Atlanta when I was 19 without any sole connection here. It was really just a gut feeling to me that Atlanta was the place I needed to be to start my journey in life. Read more>>

Qutavius Parks | Music Artist & Songwriter

I think the more risk you take in life the better your chances are of winning in the field you are pursing! Taking risk at the early stages of my career has molded me into a fearless individual. It has also taught me that failure isn’t such a bad thing, but it teaches us all what our weakness are to build upon. Read more>>

Sasha Harrison | DIY & Design

Two years ago, my husband and I were presented with an incredible opportunity to purchase a property that would help take our family business to the next level. It was a huge risk, but one I never thought twice about. I think the reason why was because Ive believed in my husbands vision so deeply and thought that no matter what, we would do everything we could to make it work. I ended up leaving my career and stepping out into a world I knew nothing about. It was huge learning curve, we took a lot of missteps, but we’ve finally established a groove that works for us. Read more>>

German Hernandez | Performance DJ, Event Coordination, and Stage Production

My life and business completely revolves around risk for many reasons. Pursuing an art as a career was a risk itself, but it was a risk I was willing to take because I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do. Regardless of what others said about my choices and the risk factor, I was never discouraged to pursue music as a career. My family and I invested a large sum of money into the equipment required to carry out my business and I’m glad that the investment has paid off and continues to pay for itself. There are also many established DJs in the area and I risked being completely overshadowed by them. Read more>>

Liz & Naki | Co-Founders of Frankie & Marley Productions

Risk is something we’ve been toying with since the inception of Frankie & Marley Productions. We are two women who are entering a predominately male dominated industry, event production. In addition, given the nature of our events being related to cannabis, specifically CBD and Delta-8, we are pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be the norm in the Southeast. Read more>>

Maiya Ali | Digital Brand Strategist

Honestly, it played a significant part in how I started my business. I originally started as a Financial Advisor when I graduated college. I got my degree in Finance and I already knew I wanted a career in business since I was in high school, so it all seemed to line up. However, over time I realized something I didn’t expect: it wasn’t my passion. I loved helping people with their portfolios and teaching others how to invest, but it wasn’t something that energized me all the time. I had a passion for creating websites and designs for individuals, which was a hobby/business I did on the side since high school. Read more>>

Brandon Grate | Photographer & Creative

Deciding to start my own business is one riskiest things I’ve ever done. However, it has changed the trajectory of my life. The concept of ‘playing it safe’ was immediately redacted from my thought process. Risk quickly shifted to return on investment and that investment happened to be me. Moreover, risk has reiterated that we talk ourselves out of things faster than we consider giving it our best try. Failure or not, it’s the personal fulfillment in knowing you gave yourself the opportunity to succeed. Case in point: starting a photography business and thriving in it indicates that it was a risk well worth taking. Read more>>

Jamel Brintley | Tax Accountant

Taking Ris is something that is big to me, we have a slogan here “chances make champions“! Space we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for taking chances and risk. Being a minority owned company in an accounting industry, coming from where we started, you don’t see a lot of our type of success everyday. If we hadn’t taken risk to get started and placed the bet on ourselves, the impact that we’ve had thus far wouldn’t be as substantial as it is. Read more>>

Andrea Perry | Painter and Instructor

Born and raised in Paducah,KY Andrea Perry 39. Art has always been apart of my life. I attended Western Kentucky University, where i received my Bachelor of Fine Art. I’ve been painting and creating for 25 years and loving every minute of it. Creating is like the equivalent to breathing for me. For me I believe taking risk is an incredible opportunity for growth. Taking risk can lead to greater benefits or experiences, you would never knew existed. If you didn’t take a leap of faith trying something you’ve never done. How will you ever reach you full potential and find your true self. Read more>>

Shanese Armstrong | Well Kneaded, Natural Care Solutions! Massage, Nutritional Testing, Self-Care Education and Skincare

Someone once told me, a coward gets scared and quits but a hero gets scared and still pushes on. Our current “safe boundaries, were at one time someone else’s fears and challenges. If you never take the risk you won’t know the result. Its better to have tried and succeeded that to live in the world of what-ifs. I’m a true believer that many huge obstacles in life would still be obstacles if it were not for the risk takers that were willing to see the potential of the unknown on the other end- it takes courage, imagination, wit, drive and a thick skin to take the many NO’s that will come your way before the perfect Yes! Read more>>


Risk Taking…….That is something that I don’t have any issues with, because if you don’t take risk then you wont know what’s out there or get to your next level. I took a major risk prior to the pandemic moving from one state to the next without a real plan or options. I had $300 to my name and didn’t have anything but my faith and my children to make it through. Since doing that I have become a published author and certified Life Coach. Read more>>

LaQueshia (Luh-Kwae-shuh) Brown | Body-Positive Influencer

I think that without risk, there’s no reward. Nobody has ever gotten somewhere in life, they’ve never been, without FIRST doing something they’ve never done. When you take a chance and do something different, you discover new things about not only other people, places, and things…but about yourself, as well. I took a risk on building my brand and starting my organization. In the beginning, I didn’t know how far it would go or if people were even going to support it the way I would’ve liked them to, but the confidence I had in myself, as well as the fact that I knew my efforts would be more of a help than a disservice to people, is what made me mash the gas on pursuing my dreams. Read more>>

Amber Johnson | Content Creator

Risk-taking is something that I didn’t truly know the meaning of until college. I’m normally a very shy and quiet person, so putting myself out there and getting out of my comfort zone was something that I had to force myself to do. As time went on, I continued to take risks. I jumped in headfirst with creating a podcast and becoming a content creator (Something I never saw for myself). Those were scary moves, but I’m happy I made them. You have to trust yourself and God and have faith that your moves will be beneficial in the future. Read more>>

Zipporah Foed | Medical Esthetician


Dwan Abrams | Owner of Luxe Spa Mechele/Health & Wellness Coach/TV Personality/Media Expert/Published Author

Charles Lindbergh once stated: “I don’t believe in taking unnecessary risks, but a life without risk isn’t worth living.” I subscribe to that. As far as I am concerned, you need to take risks, challenge yourself, and try harder if you want to grow stronger and become better. Too often we base our decisions on emotion rather than logic. We incorrectly assume that there’s a direct correlation between our fear level and the risk level. Read more>>

Shonda Smith | Entrepreneur

I think of taking risks as a must! I took a risk when I started my business. I took a risk when I sold everything out of my apartment in Mississippi and relocated to Atlanta without a single plan! It wasn’t easy by far but it was the best risk that I have taken! Read more>>

Alisha L. Gordon | Founder and Executive Director of The Current Project

My friends like to say that my life has been one quantum leap after another. As a single mother, I’ve taken a lot of risk to get to where I am; from leaving a teaching job in 2011 to moving back home with nothing lined up, to going to graduate school full time with a then 8-year-old, to relying on pure skill and relationships with folks I’ve met over the years to help me find my way when we relocated to New York in 2016, everything I’ve done has been a risk. Read more>>

Mike Kinnebrew | Singer/Songwriter

I once read an article where the writer interviewed a bunch of men 80 years and older and asked them if they could go back and do their lives over, what they would do differently. The most common answer could be summed up with, “I wish I had taken more risks.” I think the aversion we have of risk has the potential to really limit us and what we can do with our lives. Personally, I’ll say I’ve never regretted taking a noble risk. Read more>>

Alexxus Harris | Alexxus Harris | Digital Creator and Techie

I have always had pretty big dreams and imaginations. Since I was about 16, I knew that I wanted to have a large impact in the world, through helping as many people as I could regardless of what it was. So I would take small risks here and there just to test the waters, the “what’s the worst than can happen mentality”. The older I got, the bigger my dreams became. I knew that if I had any chance to actually achieve them, then I would have to brace for and embrace failure along the path. Once I was able to do that, taking risks became second nature. The key is to take calculated risks. Having a plan A,B,C etc. Read more>>

Shaveria Holliman | Esthetician & Makeup Artist

I believe that no one in this world would be successful without taking a risk. Everyone has to take a chance on themselves in order to be successful. Everything that I have done in life has always been taking a risk. There were moments I’ve spent my last dime to fund my business, and doubled my earnings off of one investment. You must believe in yourself and your plan and you will see a return, whether you fail or succeed. You’re still 1 step ahead from where you were before. Read more>>

Nurdah Bonnesse | Au pair /Film industry

I personally think taking a risk once in your life is really important. It can either be the best thing to happen or the worst but you’ll never know unless you take that risk. I took a major risk by moving from south Africa to the United States, away from my family , friends and work. I took the risk for myself , to challenge my independence and to find more opportunities Read more>>

Fashion Flunky | Rap Artist

I honestly don’t think about risk. I’m black and trans I kinda don’t have room to think about the risk. It’s either you do it or you don’t. I expect society to put me in box that’s why it’s important I don’t think and just do. The role risk taking has played in my life is bravery. Ofcourse I run into negative ignorant people from time to time because of me being transgender but most think it’s brave. The way I move is with confidence. My manager steph play a big role in my confidence, however I can definitely be shy but when is comes to my career I own the room. Read more>>

Yona Simons | Educator, Realtor, Event Coordinator, and Podcaster

Without failure there can never be growth. The life of an Entrepreneur is risk in itself. The decision to independently provide for yourself and to take on the responsibility of having to provide for others is not one in which was taken lightly. After loosing both of my parents, only a month a part, becoming an entrepreneur was a decision I made based on necessity. Life as I knew it would never be the same. In an instant, Read more>>

Cho Goodson | Co-founder of Krack Pies

Nothing great is achieved without risk and no change happens without risk… without risk everything will remain the same. I’m a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses and investments and I wouldn’t have any of those things without my very high ambitions to take risk head on… Read more>>

Caila Coleman | Attorney, Leal Analyst, Community Leader

Risks are necessary for a great life. I am definitely a calculated risk taker, and I have learned to be okay with everyone not understanding. It has always paid off though. Currently I have taken a risk by moving to Atlanta and running my Florida based law firm remotely. I moved here to pursue my dream of being a television legal analyst. Atlanta has more opportunities in media and is a great place for networking. You never know who you will meet or who will have the key to your next door of success. As they say, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” Read more>>