Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Kiara G. Johnson | Owner of ATL Kula

ATL Kula, a health & wellness studio, creates space for people to thrive and be well. We say creates space because our vision is made of an everyday, active effort to uplift. We believe that when given the right environment, people thrive. It’s both a physical and figurative creation of space where people can come to a nature-inspired studio to feed our koi and explore the power of movement; and, they can also come to an accepting environment that encourages genuine expression while calling for constant progress towards being our best selves and creating a great community. Read more>>

Sharon Moskowitz | Founder of srmART Connect, Art Curator and Art Rep

srmART Connect was created as a launching pad for artists to connect them with opportunities in their own community and beyond. It’s mission is to navigate anyway possible to offer ideas, suggestions and networking so that their work and talent is enhanced and gains momentum so that it becomes more established,credible and ultimately profit from their talent. Artists can offer powerful messages in their work that both inspire and leave a legacy in place in this world. I have such joy from this. Read more>>

Eric Sun | Photographer

As a photographer, I never just thought that photography was only about taking photos. It’s so much more than that and it is one of the many genres of creativity. Photographs capture moments, bring attention to things overlooked, and visually engage people’s emotions. With my business, my aim is to always capture the humanity of people and their communities. Providing our services to businesses, organizations, non-profits, and charities who are hands-on in their communities brings light to what should be highlighted and celebrated. Read more>>

Tawni Fears | Owner of The Tawni Logues

I have always tirelessly sought out ways to make a mark on this world that goes beyond right now. The Resume and Networking (RAN) Workshop is one way that I do that. The purpose is to equip young people and professionals, mainly minorities, with dire skills that they may not get in school or at home. The workshop has reached over 1,000 students and 2 states. It covers resume, elevator pitches, and networking. I assist students when it comes to creating real plans and tangible steps to achieve their extraordinary dreams. Read more>>

Allison Hare | Podcaster, Podcast Coach, Sales Pro, and Culture Changer

My goal is to elevate the voices with messages that matter. I share the stories and interviews of culture changers. The people whose work and ideas change how we all live. We are in a new era. One that has broken out of the old paradigms of conformity and shattered old ideas of the hierarchy our parents and grandparents grew up knowing. That’s why there’s so much cognitive dissonance outside our doors. It’s a changing of the guard and with any growth, there is also pain. There are so many people who feel stuck in their own skin. Read more>>

Logan Harrison | Master Baker & Entrepreneur

My business helps both my community, and communities around the world by offering everyone an alternative to the normal baked goods. With my business I plan to dominate the vegan baking community. I am always looking for different ways to meet the needs of people all around the world. Whether those needs are gluten-free, dairy free, soy free or even sugar-free, I want everyone to enjoy those sweet, sweet, luscious bites of decadence that you get from eating a dessert or a baked good. Read more>>

Samantha Heuwagen | Sex Therapist and Author

As a therapist, I believe it is my responsibility to be a social justice warrior in order to help my clients understand the world around them and their place in it. By exploring intersectionality and positionality, we can better understand who we are and our role(s) in society––perhaps break open limitations and help create change around us. I think by having this knowledge we can create change in our small corners of the world. Read more>>

Tamika Thomas-Smith | Brand Stylist and Photographer

My business helps the community through impactful storytelling. I provide design and photography services that helps to communicate the mission and goals of nonprofit organizations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. The way a client’s story is told can range from a new logo to establish their brand in the marketplace to a new website or photo shoot documenting their day-to-day operations. My focus is to elevate their brand and guide them to the next level of success. Read more>>

LaKenya Norris | Founder, Editor in Chief

Media is an important source of communication. News media depending on how it is presented can make or break people. Black female media owners may be underappreciated, but very necessary. Unlike many in my field, I feature a very diverse collection of talent willingly. Many artists depend on the UNpopular Style Magazine outlet for coverage-especially now more than ever. Among those artists are of course Black and brown persons-including talent under 18. My media outlet is one of the only publications to do so. Read more>>

Chantrice Rachelle Copeland | Mentor, Speaker, Podcaster, and IT Program Manager

I believe one of the best things that we can do for our community is to give back something that can never be taken away, and that is knowledge. We have to teach what’s been taught and I don’t mean the traditional subjects we learn in grade school; I mean those things that are essential in everyday life. Project SWATS was founded with the mission of “Sharing Wisdom And Tools for Success” in topics that are typically neglected in the traditional classroom setting. Read more>>

Randi M Dorsey | Personal Chef & Caterer

One of the greatest things about owning a catering business during the Covid-19 pandemic is that we became a great resource for getting food to those who needed it most. We partnered with other local businesses and sponsors to provide meals to medical staff and essential workers that have remained on the front lines for the duration. Some of the staff we had the pleasure of serving were with Northside Hospital in Dunwoody, Piedmont Fayetteville and Wellstar Austell to name a few. Read more>>

Kasey Kohtala | Massage Heights Decatur Owner

We do our part to improve a guest’s physical needs through massage therapy while also helping to improve their mental health at the same time! Regular massage therapy doesn’t just feel good, but it is also known to have some pretty powerful neurochemical effects in the body including increased dopamine and increased serotonin levels, both known to boost mood and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. And let’s be frank, couldn’t your community and our world use a little mental health “boost” right about now? I once heard a Massage Therapist say we heal people from, “the outside – in”. Read more>>

Teia Acker-Moore | Owner & Operator of Teia Acker #RESILIENT

Teia Acker #RESILIENT is designed to help women feel liberated, celebrated, impactful while eliminating the barriers and setbacks life brings. The mission and purpose of this business to highlight, reward, applause, and celebrate the success of women from all facets of life while displaying the methods of being truly RESILIENT and facing life head-on. Read more>>