The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Kaitlin Piper | Furniture Designer and Academic

A few years ago, I would have scoffed at the notion of work-life balance. I have always been highly motived, goal-oriented, and driven to succeed. 100- hour work weeks and sleepless nights were my normal. I rarely had time for hobbies or other interests. My work was my life- it completely defined who I was. Although this workaholism helped advance my career quickly, it came with serious consequences. Read more>>

Lucy nkosi | Art Director

It is easy to fall into a pattern that prioritizes professional success over personal wellness, especially at the beginning of a promising career. This is what I did in the first few years as a creative. It was always about chasing the next deadline and proving myself to my peers and colleagues neglecting the burn out and mental strain. But now that I have a better understanding of my myself in relation to my work, I have been able to find equilibrium between managing my career demands and personal needs. Read more>>

Beverley Theresa | Social Media Strategist

My work-life balance has changed a lot over the past few years. When I first started my business I was into “hustle culture”, basically working ALL the time and sitting at my computer for 12 hours. While, yes, working on marketing my services was important, but it played a huge factor in the distance I set between myself and my friends/family. After 2 years I hired a virtual assistant and she is a vital member of my team that I can offload work to which has allowed me to spend more time with my hobbies and people I care about. Read more>>

Jason Reyna | Inventory Supervisor & Food Blogger

Work life balance is very important to me. For someone who works two jobs, I have to find the balance to continue to grow as a creative/food blogger. Also, I do compete in powerlifting competitions a few times a year which takes a lot of preparation and time to train for. When I started in the world of food blogging, I was unaware of the time it took to plan and create solid posts. Now I set two hours during the week to plan, prepare, and edit my content for future posts. Read more>>

Melissa V Neal | Singer, Songwriter, Fitness Instructor, Model

It has changed drastically. From photo shoots, to gigs, my fitness business, to being a wife and a Mom. Also keeping a full time job. Balance is very important. One day I realized no one is going to just give you success. You got to work for it. So I had to find that balance in order to achieve all of the things that I am doing now. Read more>>

Kayla Winthrop | Fashion Model & Coach

For the past 4 Years I worked in the Applied Behavior Analysis field (ABA Therapy). The position I held started as a operation manager and ending with a regional manager position. Families with children diagnosed with problem behavior and autism are families who week out our help. In 2020 my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism. Something that has changed my life forever. It was the worst news to get 3 days before Christmas. Read more>>

Jasmine Hill-Carter | Creative Genius

Balance is actually something I’m seeking right now in business when it comes to having self care days and work days. I’m currently working on not over working myself and giving myself grace in order to function correctly. At one point, I use to think balance was a myth but giving yourself some type of daily agenda can help tremendously. Read more>>

Sherante Bryant | Women’s Clothing Boutique Owner

I am Sherante Bryant owner of T Top Blaze Boutique, I am a wife and mother, and would like to thank my wonderful supporting husband, Timothy Bryant. My work life balance has changed a lot over time as I grew wiser, I started understanding the importance of work life balance. I do remember as parent struggling to find that work life balance when my son who is now 20 was active in almost every sport, my husband and I was at all his games, tournaments, practices, pick-ups drop offs etc all through the work and school week getting in late was challenge. Read more>>

Jazzy Moore | CEO of Always Working – Side Hustles & Entrepreneur Operations

Balance! What is that? Hahaha, ironically I started my company “Always Working” because that’s all I did; work! In my early 20’s, I was in survival mode. I was almost done with college but not motivated to finish so I took a long break before going back to graduate. Once I discovered the world of working to fund my dreams, bad spending habits and excessive trips, I knew I had the key; work hard and live harder. Read more>>

Alesia Blizzard | Owner/ Head Chef

My work life balance is always evolving. But recently developing a system not only for my business but for my family has been my new work in progress. Things operate smoother with a system. I haven’t perfected it yet but I see great improvements with the subtle changes I have made and I’m hopeful that it is up from here ! Read more>>

Mya Abdullah | Photographer & Videographer

When I began taking my career seriously I was taking online classes at Clark Atlanta University. It gave me more leverage to travel and do big production jobs. Then I had to go back on campus and truly figure out how to balance school and work. At first it wasn’t easy because I was more focused on working. But my school is responsible for a lot of the connections I’ve made so far. As time went on I had to really begin to pace and time myself. From shoots to homework assignments. I had created and stuck to a daily schedule. Learning how to balance both has helped me grow in career. It helped me learn how to properly prioritize. Read more>>

katie Pfister | Baker

Balance is one of the hardest things to figure out as a small business owner and being employed for yourself. One one hand you get to make the calls, you don’t have to ask permission to run out for a school play, to go on vacation, to leave early for a DR appointment, but then again your always ON call, phone off isn’t an option in case an emergency or a question pops up, people have needs even while you are away that are pressing to them, and even at Dr appt the guests need is the most important. Read more>>