Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.


FINALLY, Im 28 years old and Iam using my ceo artist artist ceo career to empower others to giving hope and not false hope because someone was there for me. #IAAWE im just starting of and Ill like to start healing myself by forgiving others and forgetting different things in my life. my affirmation is for all originally its for the mental ill but i found out its helpful for all. this the new wave it can be use anywhere with anyone its a form of restorative approaches. this save my life then and still saving my life now today. Read more>>

Imani Hines | Licensed Professional Counselor

I stand firmly behind the purpose and mission of Exalt The Light (ETL), as it was formed because of my passion for healing and fostering healthy relationships with one’s self and others. I have learned through life experiences as well as my work with people, that the most impactful change is the change someone can make to grow and heal for themselves. The ability to love oneself, ultimately extends to those in their home, their jobs, and within their community. Furthermore, when someone chooses to model and represent self-compassion and show up authentically, it creates opportunity for those around them to be inspired to grow and in their personal lives. Read more>>

Fernando Rivera and Jaime Banda | “ORI’GINAL Clothing LLC, Owners

Fernando: Our clothing line, “ORI”GINAL, helps in many ways. Our biggest impact on the community is opening young and older generations minds to spirituality and ancestral belief. “ORI”GINAL is a spiritual brand based off the ancestral such as Ifa, Ocha, and Lukumi practice. “ORI”GINAL promotes positivity and growth. The parallels between the function that both spirituality and fashion fulfill in our lives are no longer as far fetched as they once were! “ORI”GINAL sends a clear message to whoever sees it that you are absolute about growth and spirituality, not to mention looking fly and Godly! Our logo includes an eye for protection from the evil eye. The name “ORI”GINAL has many meanings of its own as well. Most importantly the word “ORI” means head, the apex, or the highest pinnacle of achievement the highest point of the human body, the Ori. Our slogans is simple; “Soul that you can’t sew on” and “Ancient living in the modern times.” Read more>>

Macey Price | CoFounder

Specially Gifted Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax-ID 84-4273422 ) established in January 2020. At Specially Gifted Foundation, we believe that children with disabilities deserve to be loved and valued as equals in our society. We respect the unique journey that each of their families face and are dedicated to enriching their lives by providing them with a special gift or opportunity, beneficial resources, and a sense of community. Read more>>

Deborah Montgomery | Advocate, Spiritual Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, and Business Owner.

My business is a “Beacon of Hope.” As a business owner, Relationship Lounge Presents: “Reveal And Heal Podcast,” My Moto, “You Can’t Heal What You Won’t Reveal”. Reveal And Heal is a Podcast where guests can be transparent and share their intriguing stories of survival from trauma. SIGN-OFF HANDLE: Remember To Love Yourself, Love Everybody And Be An Example! *Relationship Lounge Presents:” I’m Not Ok, Why?” Radio show/TV Show is, a Panel of intelligent “Voices” with different views regarding the issues in the black community we’re Not Okay with… We have uncut raw dialogue hoping to spark the conversation in their homes by addressing the elephant in the room… Read more>>

Oyemwen Oriakhi | Custom Clothing Designer

I firmly believe that the way you dress directly impacts the way you feel. When you look good and feel good, you exude positive energy. And that significantly affects how you step into the world every day. Read more>>