We had the good fortune of connecting with VayaDee and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi VayaDee, why did you pursue a creative career?
When it comes to choosing career choices, especially those that are nontraditional, it is not for the weak. I would always downplay my skills and abilities because of not knowing my real worth or how DOPE I am. People would always be like “You got skills girl” or “OMG, you were made for this.” Even with hearing that, I still didn’t really take in account the type of levels I was really on and could get to. Everything I have done, move wise, has been both artistic and creative. As soon as I stopped downplaying my skills and talent……life basically BOOMED! It took me getting out of my own way to grow my photography business, VayaDee PRoductions, LLC and leveling up to making my way through the media network where I just recently accepted the role of an On Air Personality for 96.5 The Box. Needless to say, with all these skills, talents, and ideas I have, it was time to stop letting them go to waste. When God calls you to do something, He will show you in more ways than one. So instead of making excuses for why “I can’t do it,” I started listening to God to see why I CAN.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I’m an entrepreneur and radio personality from Jacksonville, Arkansas. My list of what I do can get pretty long so I’ll keep it “simple” haha. My small business, VayaDee PRoductions, LLC, specializes in photography, graphic design, public/media relations amongst many other services. Starting this business in my sophomore year of college back in 2017, I never thought I would go legit for business. I was doing college radio at the time and covering events around campus on my own to be able to brand myself. I thought, I need camera to capture all of these pictures I’m taking. When the years rolled by, people in other cities, such as, Little Rock, Conway, Memphis & Oklahoma City, started reaching out for personal sessions. By the time I graduated from Arkansas Tech University in 2018 with my bachelors degree in Journalism and Public Relations, I had a full blown business running. My business became official in 2020. My mom was like “Why are you playing, just go legit” That January I got my Articles of Organization for an LLC. Branding this business in college really helped my brand as a radio personality. I did college radio from 2016 until I graduated in 2018. I did most of my pubbing on Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat. People knew me that I didn’t even know so I thought that was so dope. I even had a girl come up to me in my first year and was like “Oh my gosh, you’re VayaDee, can we take a picture. I just LOVE you.” So I’m like “GIRL YEAH! LOL.” It’s moments like that which make me realize people really do see you, whether or purpose or by accident. It’s always important to stay on the grind and keep working your craft. I had no choice but to stay up and go hard after that. Because I kept that determination and that drive, I just landed a job as an On Air Personality with 96.5 The Box. The coolest thing about getting about this entire opportunity is that I didn’t even have to apply. I got a call and he was like “What’s your schedule on Saturdays’? Are you still doing radio anywhere? Send our PD a resume and an air check.” Immediately after that call, I tweaked my air check, made sure my resume was up to date and BOOM……started training in the following weeks. I feel like everyone has that uniqueness that will set them apart from the next person and I feel like mine starts with my attitude. Things that should probably bother me really don’t. I know how to not let negativity from anyone not even myself, get me off my game. I know how to not let a bad moment ruin a good day. I’m always smiling, laughing having a good time and I refuse to let anyone see me sweat. I really think this attitude is what aided in me getting this far professionally at just 24. People want to work with people who are energetic, who can get along with anyone and knows how to get the job done. The road definitely wasn’t easy though. The hardest part about running a business is literally finding that balance, especially once I started adding 10 plus services to my list of services. It did get easier once I graduated because I was able to dedicate my time fully to my business. Also, having amazing friends and family who were always down to help or listen was a real blessing. My journey as an entrepreneur wasn’t nearly as hard as my road of radio broadcast. Aside from college radio, I landed my first REAL radio job with Power 92 Jams in the summer going into my last semester of college. I was on air for maybe a month and after that, the runarounds started. I know when a station is giving a runaround because it has happened before (peep game). I did learn what I needed from there to get to the next station but the pressure they put on you was rooouughh! Don’t get me wrong, there were a few DJs there rooting for me, down to help (keeping in mind, college radio ONLY taught us how to turn a mic on and off) but the atmosphere just wasn’t it and I felt that from jump. So, in the next year I spent all of 2019 looking for jobs, applying for jobs and as soon as I almost accepted a job in the media but outside of radio, I get a call from Rejoice Little Rock in 2020, offering an On Air Talent position for the full time morning show. Eventually, that started going downhill runaround reasons. I learned from my previous experience to know when to walk away. Because I trusted myself and trusted God, he put me in a new position that I didn’t even have to look nor apply for, with 96.5 The Box. The difference with my new on air talent role versus all of the other experiences, going in they want you to win. They have been motivating, encouraging and beyond helpful and THAT…..that is the winning team I want to be apart of. So I say that to say, when people show you how they feel the first time, believe them. Those off vibes you’re getting, that feeling in your gut? TRUST IT and move accordingly. Surround yourself with people who know how to level themselves up while still pushing you to be great. Too many times, people don’t want to help you because they feel threatened by what you can do that they can’t do……….those aren’t the people you need to be around. My brand and my story is still being written and I’m thankful for that because I could have given up a long time ago. But because I didn’t, the brand, my skills and knowledge, continues to grow. Aside from adding more services and diving deeper in radio. I curate a weekly playlist on Apple Music called DOPE Dynamics the Playlist as well as freelancing as a licensed Zumba instructor. It’s only up from here!

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Because I know myself and I know my best friend, we HAVE to pull up to Tyler Perry Studios. That’s an experience I definitely have to have! You never know, we could run into him. If that ever happens, I already know we’re singing and acting ON SITE LOL…….Tyler is a fav though.

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Honestly, shoutout to everyone who has supported and is supporting me. Whether it’s buying into my small business or tuning into one of my shows, I am grateful for you! You didn’t have to but still chose too.

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