We had the good fortune of connecting with Sean Randolph and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sean, how do you think about risk?
Well if you think about it we all take risks every single day with more than we realize. We take them with our lives by getting inside a car,our finances with our choice of things we purchase,kids with sending them to shcool/Daycare,outside,ect. Most of us are just used to those kinda risks. But! I know what you mean and If anybody believes in taking extreme risks its me! I believe sometimes taking risk can help us find Reason and further our reach towards whatever we want. You Remember last time we had an interview i spoke on some risks i took towards doing music. I’ll just say i have no regrets and its all been worth the risks. But with that comes more and more risks you’ll have to take. But its the Faith for me. I feel like risks is a word with possible room for failure or Regret. When you have full clarity to make that jump you should believe its gonna work out even if its not how you thought it might or dont fully know how. Most of Richmond,Va and Atlanta know the huge risk i took at the beginning of 2021 with choosing to move here with nothing. I had like half of the people that I stayed in contact with advise me not too or to wait and plan more. So i wouldn’t have took that risk outta if i feared being uncomfortable so me having confidence and full knowledge of the reward, i was able to live with that decision and now like they say “Sometimes its worth the risk”. You guys took a risk on me the first time yall had me featured being that i had little to nothing out but i think its safe to say it was worth it now. Lol. I’ll never take a risk not taking a risk. I normally make the right decision.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
So i hope you all know I officially became a solo artist in Feb 2020 and debuted with the song “blacc man”. And now here we are a year later and been blessed to release 3 more songs and use those to gain a vast amount of support that has helped me achieve 2 film projects and feature along with meet several other top notch high level artists. With all that under my belt and the huge amount of love VoyageATL showed me previously found enough support to move here to atlanta. its more so he sound of my voice people are so heavily intrigued by and what im talking about. They know its coming from a real place, causing them to become more and more supportive towards this journey. It wasnt easy at all, when i first got to the city part of my family cutt me off and i only had $7 with nowhere to go. I was homeless for about 2 in half weeks Living out of hotels and motels and finally able to find a house by the 3rd week. I Owe it all to God and my supporters. They helped carry me along with my determination and drive. The music is mostly me just being me. The thunder you hear in my songs reminds of divine power/sound and thats what i have now. God took my voice and gave me his by taken over and enhancing my sound giving it more power and energy. Growing up I always heard how I offended others or make them others happy just off of how i said something. So that was one of many things to help me realize and see my gift and access it. Now things are moving faster and faster for me. The Song i have Dropping this May 1st 2021 called “Should’ve heard me” is an perfect example of what im talking about. That song was a challenge making and recording it itself. I remember me and “Zo the scholar” both going back and forth about the content of it and him finally telling me to just record how i felt. So with me being in Charlotte at the time dealing the heavy thought of no longer having contact with a friend i grew to like and admire i knew who recently hosted on a popular Radio Station back in Richmond (my hometown) I used to listen too, suddenly cut communication with me right when i felt like id be able to show her my achievements. i was able to tap into my thoughts and feelings and create the song. Real life experience plays a huge part in my music and always has. I find that rare among artists now.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Gotta say buckhead, sandy springs, and Roswell. Definitely my favorite areas of Atl. I’m still learning the area though so I don’t really know.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
Of Course! I couldn’t have made it this far without my Faithful Support Team. TJ “Gem” Anderson was the first to put me in the studio at age 21, just to work on basic Rapping fundamentals and formula. . Id have to say one of my Best Friends Romaine Jones most of my listeners know as “Row” Gotta be the real mvp. That man was the first one to get me to truely see i had the potential and what it takes to be successful in music and make me understand how talented i really was which lead to a huge reason i wanted to start treating music seriously. Which later lead to me working with Yolanda Clark i like to call “Yolo” A influential Figure in my life who added to my confidence and was able to help me Develop a higher level allowing Well known & loved local Loved Asian producer & Engineer “Jappo” to help bring all my Creativity to life. Being Behind the production of my first 4 Singles most streamed song titled “Blacc Man”, “Going Natural”, “Showtime”, and “lil different”. Having a few songs of my own this time i was able to promote them Constantly which would soon lead me to my long time friend argen Lawson Aka “IANI” seen featured on my song “lil different”. IANI was definitely a vital part in my Success giving me that Local Support i needed also was able to help Co-Produce “lil different” turning later turning it into a Complete Mixed Mastered Record he later Released on his own platform on his streaming platform titled “4am in San Francisco” you can find the song on any music streaming Platform. Him and Oso Ent. Along with also provided valuable resources, such as advice, and information along the way. Since he has been a vital critical Partner to say the least. The Last artist i seen him help Motivate was Richmonds Own and #1 Artist LA Socket. So having him in my corner was definitely a huge honor and Opportunity. Pleasure!. With all this behind me, i was able to gain some opportunities along with other opportunities i was able to discover on my own. I wanna thank >Sam Prime< he definitely gave me the shot and opportunity to showcase my acting talent on his short film (“The Shadow War: Retribution”) which lead to me being hungry to find another opportunity leading me to shortly after Working with Tatyana Ali – from the popular show “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Even though we never got to fully know another personally, working with her was definitely an huge opportunity and pleasure. I was excited and hope to see her again one day. During that time of us working. I was able to Meet “Zo The Scholar”! Who’s on IG as @zo_thescholar. Together we were able to Create Thee spring/summer song, Releasing MAY 1st! “Should’ve heard me”. GARUNTEED heart/soul filled song with Nobody able to Deny utterly loving it. Zo the scholar also has set me up to working with true high Elite professional level Industry Professionals. Last theirs the One Professional who i Can proudly give half of not more Credit too is Joy Bounds, From {Know Joy Entertainment }. Without her Tough love and blunt honesty and Insight and Desire to see me at my best I would’ve had Miserable “Journey” instead of Successful one .I love her and you all who supported me. SPECIAL THANKS and SHOUTOUT TOO… The Beautiful “Areyanna Romain” for always being there to help me with my Hair Looking good. She made it all look good. Follow her IG: @areyrosehairco Also thanx Jada @jaye_mulan

I wanna thank my savior Jesus Christ

Also my baby girl: Sky Randolph

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