There is a wealth of academic research that examines the impact perspectives on risk have on people’s lives and career. While the academic inquires are interesting and provide some value, in our view hearing directly from people about how their views on risk taking have affected their own lives is very enlightening. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Sara Pettinella | Photographer and filmmaker, founder of Little Comb Productions

I was born and raised in Italy where I was quite a shy and introverted child. However, I loved to read, go to the theater, watch movies, and listen to stories. I was lucky to be exposed to these kinds of activities at home. For this, I’m grateful to my mom, a well-loved high school teacher. All of those places, adventures, and amazing life experiences instilled curiosity in me. They gave me the will to take risks in life in order to grow as a person and to pursue my sense of purpose, to find my place in the world through my own adventures, regardless of my shyness or insecurities. Read more>>

Nikki Montesanti | Health & Wellness/Fitness & Nutrition Coach/Heated Indoor Cycling Instructor

I think about risks the way that everyone thinks about it. It’s freaking scary! It makes you wonder and question if you should proceed, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back and felt gratitude in what I thought about. Even if it wasn’t how I had envisioned at first, I learned and grew, so as scary as it is to take risks, they are so necessary. To be honest, now that I think about it, I have never really regretted a risk, but rather have thought more about time I was too fearful to take the risk. Read more>>

Mary Lynn Caudell | Owner + Co Founder of Arrowed Beginnings

I’ve always viewed risks as a challenge to myself. If I feel like it might be difficult, I cannot help but to try and prove that anything is possible. I love brainstorming ideas and dreaming up the vision. When I see it, I go for it. Most of the time I am taking a leap of faith and I relate that to taking a risk. I am not always 100% sure how I am going to fully operate the idea or if all the moving pieces are going to fit in, but I jump anyways. For the most part in my career, I have been successful with those risks. Read more>>

Carissa Kranz | CEO & Founding Attorney

The biggest risk is not taking any risk at all. Those that achieve greatness are those that take risks on themselves in life. You have the responsibility to bet on yourself. If you live within your comfort zone, your world shrinks. If you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, your life expands. When your life expands you create room to invite more of the creative energy into your world, which inspires your next “risk” or creation. One thing really does lead to another. Read more>>

Javan Cornelius | Writer & Director

Moments before I announced a fundraising campaign in 2018 to make my first movie, my stomach folded tightly as I tried to dissolve my-former college roommates advice to begin! I spent 13 years servicing Entrepreneurs with branded video content while my movie dreams sat motionless. Risk knocked at my door very hard. Many aspiring Filmmakers have dreamed and aspired to produce-full length movies, but many have never made anything. Making movies requires capital. Read more>>

Kire Torres | Freelance Illustrator

Risk-Taking was a pivotal and needed step to the start of my career. To start my career I had to leave my mother country and move out to a foreign country, in order to study what I was passionate about. It was a neccessary and exciting risk to take. Read more>>

Belkys Perez and Valeria Sanchez

We strongly believe La Dolce Madness has been all about taking that leap of faith and a lot of risks. It all started as a desire of being our own bosses and taking control of our destiny through something we are passionate about; which is sweets. We are self-taught, have no previous experience on how to run a business and we pretty much have figured things out along the way; as we go. When we decided to develop our business, which began in Puerto Rico, here in Atl we didn’t know anybody. Read more>>

Tracy Tolliver | Actor, Writer, Producer & Filmmaker

Risk equals growth, and nothing grows in a comfort zone. Most people don’t like taking risks because it’s uncomfortable, and it’s scary, but in order to be successful, you have to be ok with being uncomfortable. It’s the only way that you are going to get to the next level. Taking risks has played a major role in my life and career. I am curious by nature, my name means “Warrior” so a life without risk is not living to me. Everything from joining the military and going overseas, to leaving my corporate marketing job for the Internet has been one big risk. Read more>>

Shannon Vick | Actress & Voice Talent

Risk is such a tricky word. Especially within the world of acting. For myself in life, I like to look at the word more as “a leap of faith” because it sounds less terrifying. Either way, taking a risk (or a leap of faith) is doing something that could benefit you and/or others, which will ultimately result in either positive or negative consequences. And what holds us back from taking risks in life is fear – something I’m extremely familiar with. The fear of failure and humiliation, in particular. It’s a huge reason why I didn’t pursue acting for years. Read more>>

Maria Hill | Blogger and Influencer

I think of taking risks like a challenge. You have to decide if the reward is worth the challenge for you. In my 20’s I wanted to move across the country from a small town in Massachusetts to Los Angeles, CA. I took a chance that I might not get work, or enjoy living in such a big city. It all worked out and I’m glad I took the risk because I enjoyed many years in LA doing swimsuit and fitness print modeling, music videos, and TV commercials. I wouldn’t trade in my experiences for anything. When I moved to Atlanta it was also a risk, but I knew I was on the right path from the beginning. Read more>>

Brandi Maddox | Hairstylist

I’ve learned to take calculated risks, because risks require knowledge, and I think it’s unfair to one’s self to take risks that haven’t been given any thought. Risks determine how good or bad your next move is going to be, so I’ve learned to not make impulsive decisions. One of my biggest life lessons has been knowing how to use discernment- and with that I have learned it isn’t knowing right from wrong, it’s knowing the difference between what’s right and what’s almost right. This has helped me take risks I know will positively benefit my life and others. Read more>>

Alexis Litsch | Visual Artist & Founder of Peace Alien

Risks are crucial to anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur. Taking risks play a huge role in my success as an entrepreneur. To me, risks are thrilling. They’re vulnerable, they’re anxiety inducing, they’re lessons, and they’re rewarding. I take a risk every time I put a new product for Peace Alien into production. I have to analyze the market and make a decision of whether or not a product idea will sell. It feels vulnerable to put your creation or art out into the world and it not receive the feedback that you had hoped for. But on the flip side, this product could be all of the rave and the new best thing. Read more>>