Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Alexis Star | Owner of THE LOC EXPERIENCE

Although my business is in the hair industry, ironically I never had an interest in cosmetology. However, I’ve always been a creative person, a trait I have from my parents. Faux locs became a big hair trend and I wanted to try them out. I’d always been picky about my hairstyles because I like a particular esthetic, a natural look, no matter the style. Because of this, I’d often style my own hair myself. So like all the times before, I decided to do my research and install my own custom faux locs. Read more>>


The dream of opening a makeup academy began with the need to support my Latin community in 2017. Since at that time there were no options for academies, so with the help of my husband I decided to open *faceArt make up Academy* It was a dream come true not only for me but for many and her love of makeup, to enhance beauty. Since then I am extremely proud to have trained more than 400 students in makeup techniques. I am so proud of each of my students who are still in the beauty industry today Read more>>

Karli O’Sullivan | Candle Maker & Entrepreneur

I graduated college December of 2019 with a degree in hospitality…..and then, a pandemic hit. I lost not one, not two, but all three jobs offers I had lined up. I was at home battling with depression, anxiety, and all the other things that happen when you’re locked in your house, and I was burning through candles like crazy and thought “Hmm, I could make these.” I was looking for my next move and praying to my grandmother, who has been my angel and my guidance for the past 10 years, Read more>>

Brandi Mallory | Transformation Enthusiast

My Business, The Brandi Mallory Experience, LLC, (The BME) was created from my love of transformation in its many forms! I enjoy transforming faces, minds and bodies through makeup, motivational speaking and fitness! I had been involved in the beauty industry as a child model/actress and beauty Queen, so there was no surprise when I grew up and decided to do makeup as the start of my career! In 2013 I then started my weightloss journey on the ABC show Extreme Weightloss, where I lost 151 pounds in a year and gained a whole knew perspective on life! I decided then that there had to be some way to merge my experiences in health and beauty just as they do in stores and magazines, thus The BME was founded in 2018! Read more>>

Sierra Devin | Professional Wedding and Elopement Photography

I was raised in a house where both parents were amazing entrepreneurs! The business talk seriously, never ended! Our dinner time conversations were typically surrounding something about the two of them finding new clients, helping each other brainstorm, and continuous talk on how to better their individual businesses. This quickly became all my mind thought about. As I went through high school each teacher, classmate, and family friend asked me what I was going to pursue post graduation. This lead to me saying, “I want to own my own business, I’m just not sure what it will be yet.” Read more>>

Kimberly Taylor | Sports and Entertainment PR & Management

After taking an interest in the sports and entertainment industry and witnessing talented entertainers say or do things that could have the public second guess their likeness, I thought to create an outlet that allows the riskier client to express their truth in a positive light. I wanted to be the one to tell their story the way they intended it to be told. I thought to myself, how can I create an opportunity for entertainers to be themselves in the light of the media– no filters, just kind truth. Read more>>

Janisa Camille | Full Spectrum Doula, Herbalist, and Healer

Doula of the Divine was created off the strength of me becoming what I needed for myself during my pregnancy and postpartum journey. I became a doula and ultimately made it a brand because I felt if I was going to be answering something I considered to be a calling it was going to be something that not just fed my soul but gave back to my community of BIPOC. Read more>>

Latrice Knuckolls | Life Coach

Embrace Your Identity Life Coaching was something that came to me from my own experiences as a single mother. My struggle with my own Identity started when I became a mother at 21. Prior to that, I thought I had it all figured out. I was in school to be a nurse. I was starting a modeling career and then that all changed. I had my son and then things got super real. It was no longer about me and that transition to motherhood was extremely difficult. I struggled with the idea that I was a stereotype, single mother, baby daddy in prison, no support, really. I had bad credit and owned nothing. How did I get here? Is this really going to be my life? For me, that answer was simply no. I wanted too much out of life, and my kid deserved even more. Read more>>

Dennis Lumpkin | Executive Chef

Everyone eats, and we all like to eat at events, games or social gatherings. The problem I saw is there was not enough love put into the food many caterers were providing. It was often bland, cold, old because it was prepared hours before the event. My past life experience in food service as a short order cook to a Sou Chef then a Sautee’ Chef and my love for cooking for people powered me to take my craft to the public. I was charged to come up with ways to safely bring restaurants to the people. Read more>>

Maryjane Awai | Agripreneur & Founder

Growing up as a child in an average family, I could vividly remember anytime my neighbours hear my dad arguing and me crying so loud ,they’d just conclude ”it’s time to make family meals (Smiles). I grew up in a family where my dad would make sure family meals are prepared in large quantities and with one or two persons going through all the processes. Then, I realised I was not going to subscribe to stressful meal preparation and I would always look for ways to get ready to cook products each time. Read more>>

Karlos Cobham | Singer / Writer / Actor / Creative Director / Producer / Filmmaker / Speaker / Entrepreneur

I spent time reflecting on the needs in the world while I was pursuing my BFA and came to the realisation that the youth needed more positive content. From the world of music, television, entertainment on a whole seemed to be presenting more negatives than positives for the youth and as a young person I thought this was concerning and had a role to play to be a a changing agent in this regard. Read more>>