If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Lexi Sidders | Singer/Songwriter

Isn’t this the question that we all wish we had an answer for? In the past 5 years, I have had many reasons as to why I should give up. In 2016 my dreams were crushed (at the time this is what I thought) when I didn’t make it on American Idol. Even though they told me I was just too young, I kept telling myself there had to be another reason. This hurt my self-esteem tremendously. In 2017 I was diagnosed with an eating disorder that affected how I viewed myself physically and internally. When one goes through a disorder like this, your thoughts and hormones are all out of wack. Read more>>

Kierra Monique | Model & Artist

Never give up. EVER. Perspective is key when pursuing any and everything you desire while going through both the peaks and valleys of the journey. For every no, there will be a yes. That’s something everyone has heard BUT it’s very true. No’s are definitely blessings in disguise, because they still help guide you to the final destination, which is your purpose. Read more>>

Shakendria Bodiford | Mom, Wife and Business Owner

Each day I look into my children eyes I know to keep going. My daughters look up to me so much and they let me know daily that they are proud of me and how they want to run their own businesses. So even when I want to give up I always keep going for them. Read more>>

Rodrick Dorsey | Artist

In my opinion, I believe the deciding factor in knowing whether to keep going or give up is: Do you still have the same passion, love, and desire for your craft…even if you don’t get paid for it, don’t get my wrong, checks are always nice, but before the money and politics got involved you just loved the art and the process of creating for the feeling of purpose it gave you. So if the passion, love, and desire for what you do is no longer there then it maybe time find out what’s in your next chapter of work or creativity. Read more>>