If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Allana Caslin: Author, Entrepreneur, & Wellness Educator

The evolution of “Skin Be Well” is similar to the evolution of my life. I never really thought about giving up. It was always about making the best of what I came up with, realizing that it could be better, and deciding to make adjustments so that it is better aligned with the vision of what I wanted it to be. Read more>>

Quianna Michel: Cosmetologist & Aspiring cosmetic nurse

I find that the best way to gauge whether to keep going or to give up is to base it on PASSION! Meaning, the existence of passion for what you are doing, or the lack thereof. I personally believe that if you have a talent or skill that you truly enjoy, you must use it so that you do not lose it. As a licensed beautician, I am passionate about client care. Read more>>

Daja Johnson: Creative Portrait Photographer, Music Artist, Event Curator, Spoken Word Poet,

Great Question! I remember growing up watching martial arts films and of course Bruce lee being one of my favorites, he once said “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities”. I believe he was right, you know, I believe failure is an opportunity to grow. Read more>>

Tré’Jhaun Dueberry: Writer, Performance Artist, Creative Director, and Energy Transformer

What does your body tell you? You know? I wake up some days and don’t want to face the day. I don’t. My mind. But the mind is filled with so much clutter: negativity (from your own creation or picked up from others), traumatic memories, low expectations, prejudices, fears… Read more>>

Jessica Williams: Systems and Operations Strategist

For me, giving up is not an option. I mean, I don’t even let the thought of giving up enter into my mind. There is always a way. There is always another perspective not viewed or a path not traveled. But to stop, NEVER! You have to think about the people who are connected to your calling, your divine PURPOSE. Read more>>

Dorien Toku: Business Owner

Knowing when to keep going or to give up is a question that comes up every time I hit a road block. Fear and doubt begin to cloud my judgement and it’s in that moment when I have to think back to why I started my business in the first place. I think of my purpose and ask myself if I have fulfilled it. And if the answer is, no, I surround myself with encouraging people and thoughts to keep me going. Having a strong support system adds to my motivation to strive for success. Read more>>

Dasiona Backus: #1 Life coach|Mental Health Advocate|Youth Advocate

How do I know when to give up or keep going ? I don’t Ha ! I think when I think of giving up now or to even continue going on It’s About the circumstances of the situation.  Read more>>


I believe that it’s important to know when you’re burning out in order to preserve yourself. I learned the hard way even when someone warned me that burn out is real and will happen no matter how much passion you have. When I had my first Sous chef role working for Reem Assil and Daniel Patterson, I was over the moon! I loved the restaurant and felt like I was meant to be there. Read more>>

Shavaris Haugabrook: Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Actor

When people you don’t know tell you how inspired they are by your art,craft, music, dreams. Read more>>

YB Papa J: “The Free Hugs Guy”

No matter if it’s a win or loss. You always have to keep going. Quitting is NEVER A OPTION.. Read more>>