We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us.  Check some of those out below.

Mishi Lee: Animator & Storyteller

Classmates and colleagues could probably tell you they often hear me say, “Team work makes the dream work.” I truly believe in that quote, and it’s held true in my years at SCAD, where collaboration is key. Team work isn’t just about “working well with others,” either. It’s about being able to bring something to the table and contribute to a project in a way that uplifts everyone when possible. When there’s synergy and understanding between members a group, you can accomplish all your goals. Read more>>

Myra Herring: Coach, Speaker, Trainer

it’s specifically the part that reads, “Your playing small does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” I love this quote because it reminds me that we should all shine. We should all live life to the fullest in our fullest potential without hiding or dimming our light. It does not serve the world by playing small because when you play big and show up fully, it gives other people permission to do the same. I truly believe that by walking in our purpose, we impact someone’s else’s purpose, as we are all connected. Read more>>

Jamie Baldanza: Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker

I remember reading this and thinking, “YES,” that is who I want to be, that is who I am. In the age of social media, social injustices, and environmental crises it’s really hard to not get wrapped up in the negativity and get depressed. This quote speaks to me deeply for several reasons… One, a number one priority in life is practicing kindness and compassion to all species. Two, in the world of storytelling, I recognize the need for honesty and transparency. In the wild horse advocacy world, there is a lot of false information flying around, so I really only try to report what I see and know. And of course, through all of this, I have to remind myself to be silly and laugh and stay true to my core. It’s ok to have a good time and smile, never forget that!. Read more>>

Tendria Weeks: Master Cosmotologist / Nail Technician

I always like to say “PASSION NEVER FAILS” . There is no way you can fail if you have a passion for whatever it is that you love to do. Your passion will cause you to want to go above and beyond to make sure that what ever has you name on it will be the best creation ever! All of the early dark mornings getting up for work, having clients during my lunch breaks ,long hours of sitting in traffic ,late nights in school, and still have clients to service after, shows that my passion to be a Nail Technician has not failed. Read more>>

Cheron Crouch: Licensed Professional Counselor

My favorite quote is “All behavior is a form of communication.” I like this quote because it forces me to be more curious and aware about how and what my behavior communicates about how I am thinking and feeling. If you think about it, the way we behave is an expression of our thoughts, feelings and needs. Our behavior is often more accurate than our words. I desire to be in alignment with my thoughts and feelings to ensure that my behavior and responses accurately depict my beliefs, values, and personality and how I am feeling. When my actions are not in tune with my thoughts (values, belief system) then there is a disconnect that I have to address. Read more>>

Ciarra Hodges: Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate

Yes. “Things are always working out for me.” This continues to remind me that no matter what I am facing, no matter what is standing in my way, it is there for my good. We all get discouraged and sometimes defeat gets the best of us, but I am always reminded that things are working out – even when it doesn’t seem like it. No – especially when it doesn’t seem like it. Read more>>

Gira Soul: Musical Artist

My favorite quote from scholar and activist Toni Cade Bambara: “the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” This quote is what I believe and what I strive for. Among other things it guides my artistry, reminding me of what is most important: crafting a world of peace and harmony. In my music I talk about my hopes for the future. I talk about love, black joy, mother nature, racism and ignorance, capitalism, weed, etc. I present my ideas, what I see, what I learn. I keep the revolution (the rise of humanity and the fall of everything else) at the center so I don’t get distracted by what would sell, or what the people want to hear. That’s why I love this quote so much. It a simple direct charge. And honestly I think it’s wrong to take ($$$) from the people without giving in some kind of way. That artist-to-audience exchange is odd these days, so I’m extra careful to be intentional in my giving. Read more>>

Alexander Morris: Personal Trainer/Sports Performance Specialist/Music A&R & Entertainment Manager

My favorite quote is “The Grind Don’t Stop”. This has become my mantra or words that I live by. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I believe this is the mindset you must have to become successful. To me, this means that every day is a new opportunity to take a step forward and become better in anything that I do, including personal development as well. We are all given the same 24 hours a day so I try to make the most of them. Whether it’s learning a new skill to help me with my business, going to the gym, or reading self-help books all of these things can contribute to being a better me. Read more>>

Keitravis Squire: Photographer & Filmmaker

Best the best version of yourself. I keep that affirmation close to me. It’s a constant reminder to be all that you can be. There will always be challenges to overcome, but as long as you do your best you will prevail. Read more>>

Tierik Nelson: Rapper/Artist

This is one of my favorite quotes because I’m a living example of this. All men aren’t gifted into this world with the same riches and opportunity as others. Some really have to continuously go through barriers and obstacles to even have a even chance as the others and to be honest I’m all for it, my whole life has been a struggle and I wouldn’t be here without the struggle. With that being said things take time and in order to be great sometimes you have to be patient. Read more>>