Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Jasmine Sargent | Massage Therapist

I would think of nyself as a risk taker. I take more calcuted risks now a days but i moved to Atlanta with only 200 dollars and a dream. I knew staying in my small hometown was not going to fulfill my dreams. Read more>>

Justin (The Millennial) | Content Creator and Creative Director Of Millennial Talk LLC

My entire career has been risky, I risked, uprooting my entire life and moving to Georgia with absolutely no close family to be an actor. So yeah, Risk. I take risk because I hate just feeling like i’m settling. So many people are just comfortable working 40 hours- a week, and for the people that are ok with that and that’s perfect, but for me I just feel like there so much more than that. Yes, do that, work 40-hours a week but also spend 10-hours a week on your own businesses, something you’re passionate about, so that one day, you can quit that 9-5 and do what truly makes you happy. I hear people complain about their jobs and where they aren’t in life, but aren’t doing anything to change that, it baffles me, stop being lazy, take the risk! What’s the worst that can happen?! You succeed? Yikes! Read more>>

Ashley Gingras | Photographer + Serial Entrepreneur + Your Best Friend

In terms of risk, I think every time you contemplate starting a business its a risk. You are crippled with the worry that the table is already full and there won’t be a seat for you. Not to mention the financial risk associated. However, I am a big risk taker. This is often to the point of recklessness, but its creative recklessness. I think life is way too short to watch other people dream big and not have the audacity to chase your dreams too. If I did not take risks I would not have the friendships with other creatives, I would not have met the clients that became best friends, I would not have captured the first kiss on someones wedding day, the giggles parents sneak in with their children when they’re all snuggled for a family portrait. Risks more often then not lead to beautiful outcomes. Read more>>

Rhonda Bey | Mother, Hustler & Serial Entrepreneur

I’ve always been someone who wasn’t afraid to take risk whether it was a good or bad risk and I think my mother can vouch for me on that one lol I been a little risky since a child. So when it comes to taking risk in business even when the fear of the “what ifs” is there I still do it because it’s even more of a risk to not take the risk because if you don’t you’ll never know the outcome and that’s in business and life in general. I think currently and also when I first started my business my biggest risk is always investing so much money and not knowing if you’ll see the return on investment. Read more>>

Aviel el-Shair | Freelance, Portrait, and Fine Art Photographer and owner of AeP Classics LLC

I’m taken back to all of the obscure locations I’ve shot at, in areas some people would be scared to step Foot in. Or, getting on a plane to go to Haiti knowing I don’t know anyone but the person that hired me to go. Another memory that always makes me laugh is back In 2014, after a weekend of protests, there was a gathering of community members to historical activists on Auburn Ave at Ebenezer baptist church. I finessed my way into the conference room that had Atlanta’s senators and Governors discussing the state of black America. That was definitely a risk I had to take. Read more>>

Sawse | Recording artist

I’m all about risks. Walking out of the house every day is a risk. You can’t be afraid to risk it all sometimes, having everything on the line is a different type of pressure. One that i thrive under. Read more>>

Brayhia Marshall | Actress and Writer

I feel risks are a necessity for growth in life. If you don’t take risks, you may never know your true potential and the magic you are capable of. I have taken multiple risks in my life. From moving from my hometown to another state not knowing anyone to quitting my corporate job, all for the sake of pursuing my passion of acting. Making those moves has brought me so much peace and happiness. I have met and worked with such great people that have truly impacted me as an actor. I wouldn’t have done any of that without taking risks. I’d rather take a risk then sit and contemplate what could of been. Read more>>

Derek Moore | Hip Hop Journalist

In both business and in life I’ve learned that every decision is a risk to some degree. For me, it’s all about taking the right risks that align with my morals and values. I took a major risk by changing my brand from talking about mainstream hip hop, to focusing on independent artists. Now I feel like I’m truly giving value to my supporters and they give that value right back. It was all worth the risk. Read more>>

Cameryn Alysse | Content Creator & Plus Size Model/Influencer

To be completely honest, my entire career is a risk. At any day, things can stop going. My platforms could stop growing, I could lose supporters, I could lose campaigns. Chasing any dream is going to come with its risks but that’s when it comes down to how bad do you want it? Without risk, there is no reward. Had I not taken the risks necessary to get me to where I am today, I would be stuck where I was. And that is not where I want to be. I know exactly where I want to be in life, so I am open to risks. They’ve lead me to a flourishing social media career. Read more>>

Lori Bryant | Owner

Being that I am an adrenaline junkie , I feel like taking risks gives me that pleasure to just jump out there and learn new things . Due to the fact that I am not fearful of new challenges and dont like the feeling of being stagnant , taking risks has brought me to where I am both personally and professionally. If I never risked learning more about this industry and just taking the time to do the field work on my own , I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today . Although I am mindful of what risks I take, it does push me outside of my comfort zone to achieve a goal. Read more>>

Cee Tha Gxdd | Music Artist

When it comes to taking risks you just gotta do it. You shouldn’t be sitting around all day wondering “what if”. With me being an independent artist I do a lot of investing. I don’t be knowing when it’s going to pay off or when Ima see all this bread flip but I’ll never know if I don’t take the risk. At the same time though, I do be thinking about all the money I could be putting towards things going on in my life outside of music. It’s a lot that get sacrificed when you pushing towards one goal but I know as long as you got faith in your craft and you putting in the work it’s gone pay off for sure. It ain’t no need to stress about it. Just do it. Take the risk. Read more>>

DaQuan Brown | Screenwriter professional story teller

Risk is very important I mean you got a jump. You gotta close your eyes and jump. You got to take that risk and run in a different direction that everybody else isn’t running if you have to. If you see the vision if you see what it takes if you see something that someone else doesn’t see why not take it why not jump why not reach for the stars so you can land on the roof why not reach for the universe so you can land of a star. You see what I’m saying the higher risk the better the outcome whether or not is the outcome that you want it at least is better than we start Read more>>

Briana Cusimano DiCenso | Founder of September Threads

If I’m being honest, taking risks wasn’t something that came naturally to me. It took a while for me to realize that while I felt comfortable where I was personally and professionally, everything was always just good and never GREAT. Keeping myself in the same routine, the same mindset with the same energy was only holding me back from growing and blooming the full potential I actually had. Read more>>

Mikeq Jackson | Owner of Peachy Express and author of The Trucking Manual

Success without risk is an anomaly. Our risk tolerances will vary based upon experience and circumstance. There is no cookie cutter blueprint to follow. But the direction should always be forward. The partner of risk is confidence. You have to believe you will bounce back bigger and stronger if things go sideways. You have to believe it will eventually be okay. Worst case scenario, you’ll learned a lesson for yourself and you can teach that lesson to others. Read more>>

Tiffany Shaw-Ballard | Master Cosmetologist

Risk taking is apart of being a licensed cosmetologist.. You can’t make clients come to you. But you have to just promote yourself on a daily basis with hopes that they will. And if you can get a few clients to come to you then they are able to tell somebody else about you. Read more>>