A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Nellisha Gregory-Okunola | Private Chef

My work life balance has changed drastically over the years, especially now that I am a Mom. I used to be so young and naïve. I think many Millennials were naïve and ill-prepared upon graduating from college and entering the workforce because many of our parents and older siblings grew up with the ideology that you graduate from school, work for one, maybe two, employers for the rest of your life, and then you retire. That mentality was passed down to us. We were basically groomed to be workhorses; Read more>>

Jose Guillen-Lambert | Entrepreneur, Award-winning Event Planner & Travel Designer

When I first started my business, I absorbed a enormous amount of time in it. I realized by putting so much time into it I was neglecting my family. I quickly realized I needed my family! Without my family I don’t have a business. My family is my support and I need them every step of the way. I now make them a priority and have developed boundaries to turn the business off when I need to make time for them. I have learned you have to make time for yourself and family. This takes discipline like any other habit you have in life. Read more>>

AJ Walker | Chef & Staff Development Consultant

Work life balance is such struggle as an upcoming entrepreneur. I currently work in restaurant management as a General Manager with a growing company. In addition to that, I am also on their training and development team. Aside from working full time, I am constantly trying to squeeze in time to workout, spend time with friends and family and most importantly grow my business. Maintaining a healthy work like balance is important to me because your mind, body and spirit need to be refreshed in order to see clearly. Read more>>