A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Nicole Kilby | The People Broker – Opening doors for the underrepresented in Tech Consulting

One of the things that inspires me the most is travel. Travel enhances me in ways that no book or instruction can. It reveals another dimension of my self and cultivates an unique perspective on life, technology, and appreciation. Travel, in my opinion, can improve the world. Traveling and visiting new countries exposes you to other cultures. Meeting and connecting with new individuals allows you to see and hear other people’s perspectives. Read more>>

Kennedy Wilde | Artist and composer

Authenticity – above all else. I am usually bothered by the question, “Who were your influences behind this song / album?” I can never give a satisfactory answer, because I never go into my writing process with reference tracks or artists. My band and I come up with all of it on the spot, day of recording, and just go with whatever feels right. They inspire me, as musicians and as friends. Literature inspires me, my friends inspire me. I inspire me. Even if there is nothing new under the sun, I will keep trying to find it and write it, to give it away in the hopes that it inspires someone else. Read more>>

Chip and Sarah Beth Wheeler | Servant Leaders\Entrepreneurs\Owners of Fern Creek Farm

The main thing that we find ourselves inspired by is pursuing and sharing the love and grace that we have found in our relationship with God. We find ourselves motivated in different ways by this relationship but it is certainly at the forefront of what we do each day. Read more>>

Simms Serenade | Motivational Performer

I am inspired by those who came before me who were not able to artistically express themselves with such freedoms that I currently have today. I also aim inspired by the fact that I believe we all have a specific calling and duty that we must contribute to the world, If this were not the case I would be blessed to posses some of the gifts that I posses. Read more>>

KXNG | Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Songwriter

I look for inspiration everywhere. However there are 2 main things that inspire me to create my art. 1. Throughout my life I could always turn to music during difficult times. It always gave me a safe space to rest and recover and the next song would inspire me to pick myself up and get back in the ring. So that is definitely what I want to achieve with my art. Give people safety, warmth, and motivation to overcome whatever obstacles they’re facing in their lives. Read more>>


I am inspired by the grace of God. I am inspired by my parents, my children and my husband. They are always challenging me by doing new things in life. I love serving and get inspire by my community everyday. Read more>>

Kelsi Summerlin | Master Cosmetologist & Wig Maker

My mother! I know it may sound a little cliche, but she has been my inspiration my entire life. My mother has been battling cancer for 15+ years now. I have seen her accomplish so much being a single mother, as well as fighting her own battles as well! She has been doing hair since before I was born, and I always told everyone that I would never be a hairstylist. Now, I actually am a hairstylist full time and I own a hair salon with my mother. Like I mentioned earlier she is my inspiration and the motivation to continue striving and accomplish all my goals! Read more>>