It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Moise Nicolas | Filmmaker and Photographer

My end goal changes everyday. One day I want to direct Black Panther 4, assuming it gets that far, and the next I want to be the content creator for brands like Nike, Adidas, or any of the high fashion brands. So to answer your question, I want to run a production company that can provide next level content for top brands or be apart of the next blockbuster hit movie. Read more>>

Elizabeth Young | Blogger + Youtuber

My end goal is to do blogging, instagram and youtube full time. I love this career. I love connecting with my audience and sharing things I love. It’s the most rewarding career to connect with others!. Read more>>

Numeeta Hossain, Nashawn White, Marium Aktar, Kasey Jefferson | 4NK | Cover Dance Team

By the end of our career, we don’t want 4NK to just be a team. We want to be a family, filled with similar passions and interests. There aren’t many successful kpop cover groups in Georgia and we want to build up that reputation. Once we’ve reached that level of growth, we want to own a studio to help the upcoming youth discover their own love for kpop and find that same motivation we had as sophomores. Read more>>

Chasity Wright

To be a multibillionaire, global impacting philanthropist, and respected subject matter expert in tech and business with a legacy that encompasses these attributes for infinite generations. Read more>>

Nae”Keisha Jones | Illustrator & Writer

I’m just getting started. (inserts laughs). But really, I hope to keep pursuing new and fresh opportunities that result in projects that will matter long after I have left this world. Of course I would like to look back in years to come and remember having my work featured on the set of a movie or TV series like Blackish or Lincoln Heights , commissioned for public and private murals , work curated in several museums, and have a series of books illustrated and written by me. Just look out! I would love to own a community studio space that brings together the community in a powerful way in service and creativity while making art more accessible outside of the museums. At the end of the day I hope my career brings about hope and inspires the next person in their own creative journey. Read more>>

Ebony Shene’ Scott | Registered Nurse, CEO of Scott School of Careers

The sum total of what building an educational network across communities with lower economic statuses is what we are aiming for. Our goal is to build and expand upon what we started but within multiple states, laying out a blue print to success for all of our locations to follow. We want to become a household name for healthcare education especially when it comes to increasing the number of Black and Brown nurses in America. I hope to fill a major portion in the gap that currently exist within the profession of nursing as it applies to African American healthcare workers. Read more>>

Judit Mozsolics | Self-Love & Health Coach, Moon Mother

I am working on creating a safe haven where women can feel like they belong to an amazing community designed just for them. This would be a space where women can heal on every level, in mind, body, and spirit. I envision a retreat or wellness center where women would have the ability to enjoy healthy foods, drinks, snacks, and even coffee, all while being able to practice healthy ways to move their bodies, meet with self-love and life coaches, psychotherapists, energy healers, chiropractors, and more. There will also be a space for events and women’s circles to be held. Read more>>

Korey Harris | Assistant Coach For The Beijing Royal Fighters CBA Organization & Owner of Student of The Game Training Co., LLC

Honestly, this is a trick question to in my opinion. To me, there is no “end goal” because that phrase implies that there will eventually be a stopping point. It is as if when you say that you have reached a certain level that there is no more work to be done. Instead, I want what I am able to accomplish as a basketball coach to catapult me into more impactful and lasting areas of social change, community outreach, and business. I’ve got the NBA sidelines in my sights. I want to learn what it takes to lead a group of individuals from different backgrounds towards a common goal. As a young, minority coach in today’s social climate, I know that I’m in a special place and time. I have the chance to represent more than just myself in every practice, game, or office that I step into. I am an representation of all of the great minority coaches that have come before me and an ambassador for the next generation that will come after. My coaching career will serve as a platform for activism and paving the way for others that look like me to gain equal opportunity. Read  more>>

Brittany Davis | Vintage Reseller

The end goal for Vintage Bones is to be a brick and mortar vintage market. Not just a physical location for my second hand treasures but for other resellers, small businesses, creatives, and creators. A place to come on Saturday with your friends to grab a coffee and play dress up while supporting local dreamers. A place with intentionality, community, and full of support. A place I would like to shop and feel inspired. I would also like to operate on a buy, sell, trade model promoting the recycling of clothing and sustainable shopping. Read more>>

Nasim | Multi-Talented Artist

My end goal is to live a fearless, creative life and become a household name. These goals go hand-in-hand. I can name very specific milestones, but I would like to keep those dreams close to the vest. Read more>>

Shelina Smith | Stage Actress

Even though Theatre is a hobby right now, the end goal would definitely be to make it a full time career. I just found out that my husband and I have to relocate to NYC for his new job. So I will DEFINITELY be taking advantage of having the opportunity to audition in front of Broadway casting teams!! The dream would be to be cast in a Broadway show, as one of the lead roles. I can’t wait to get to NYC so I can pound the pavement, one audition after the next!. Read more>>

Jaelyn Barnes | Visionary & Author

In the end, I plan to have created something that isn’t tangible. It’s so near in my future I can feel it radiating within me. Labor has never been something I was fond of and I guarantee those feelings won’t change. However, when it’s pertaining to something I have care for like OneStar, I exert every last inch of will into my body. I plan to retire from the fashion industry young and dedicate my time to focusing on changing the communities around me. The respect, money, and power have their upsides but I won’t feel fulfilled until I start making visible changes in the world around me. Read more>>

Jabari Arthur | Owner of BeenOfficial Juices

The end goal is to expand our business and bring BeenOfficial Juices to the masses so we can continue to promote good health to our community. Possibly a chain of juice bars in the future where we can not only provide beneficial juices but also a platform or workspace for creatives. Read more>>

Angel Michelle | Educational Consultant & Event Planner

My degree is in early childhood education and I mentored and taught for many years. Through teaching I developed the idea to host the Angel’s Play 2Learn Workshop however, I ultimately love planning and executing events. I obtained an event planner certification several years ago and my end goal is to own and operate an event center for my children’s play 2 learn workshops, monthly/ private events, and pop up shops. Sadly, due to Coronavirus my business took a major hit but I am confident that everything will be back up and running soon, and better than before!. Read more>>