Even if you are from the same neighborhood as someone else, you might still be coming from different places. Where you are from is a complicated question and it elicits complicated, but interesting and thought-provoking responses. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dianna (Queen Nola Adams | Visionary & Chef

Being born in New Orleans and growing up in Mississippi I was always fascinated with foods, flavors, and authenticity of homemade meals. I watched my mother cook a lot. My best place in any home was in the kitchen. My passions for cooking and helping others gave me the niche I needed. I started cooking at 9 yrs old and been doing so ever since in which a catering business & a #Cooking4Causes Initiative was birthed. Knowing my purpose helped me find peace. I am truly happy because of it. Doing what I love and loving what I do has become a lifestyle for me. Read more>>

Max Blodgett | Photographer/videographer

I was born in Seattle, but after birth I was raised in Atlanta to be more specific…The westside of Atlanta grew up right in Hollywood Shawnee Apartments. My past life came with a handful of life lessons. Honestly made me the person I am today, I’ve had my ups and my downs seriously but Once I learned there is more to life than making another man and or woman’s dreams come true, Why not make your own dreams and passions come true. Read more>>

Kyle Turner | Upcoming Artist from Winston Salem NC

I was raised by a single mother on the Southside of Winston Salem NC (Where I’m from) . I’ve seen the struggles of growing up without a father and made a promise to myself if I had a son that I would be in his life and I was blessed with a son who I love with all my heart! Despite being a single mother I never seen my mama quit or give up, always making a way for me and my siblings. I was in trouble a bunch growing up often running the streets at a young age. I’ve lost friends (RIP) at a early age as well which made me appreciate life and love it to the fullest no matter the situation I’d try to make the best out of it. I always had a hustle ambition. If I set my focus on achieving something I don’t stop until I do. So my background really taught me that it’s not where you from it’s where you going. Read more>>

Deak J. Smalls | Actor/comedian

I am from Charleston, South Carolina by the way of Mount Pleasant. Growing up as a adolescent taught me how to respect myself and come with an open heart. To have patience, understanding towards myself and for others. That place helped me burgeon in character development, helped me to have integrity, strength and to heal from my cuts and bruises. I’ve always described myself as being the guy next door due to my upbringing because to know to have just the simple kind of life to me is way more appreciative. And I’m grateful. Read more>>

Micole Foster | Masters Social worker & Chief Officer of Operations

I’m from Atlanta. Georgia. My upbringing has shifted me into the woman that I’am today. Due to my Mother ensuring that my siblings and I went to work with her at the nursing homes, I’ve developed a heart of compassion and a servant mentality for all people. As. Masters Level Social Worker I seek to always do what’s right and what’s in the best entrance of all clients that I encounter. Ensuring that respect is given to those that came before me and after me. Read more>>

Shakail Allgood | InTROduCING Kailziee Kailz , A Mother first multitalented artist and public figure , entertainer of all.

I grew up between the Eastside, and the Westside Of Greenville SC . The BIGGEST Rascal you’ll ever meet , My background was full of misguided love which all grew into Hate, Crazy my love was never with condition.. never with benefit due to the trials and tribulations of realize REAL.. I am the IMPACT and that cub always was. I’m not Lion .. I’m here to give it WHATEVER IT TAKES ! I’m not stopping until my soul expires. Stay dangerous .. Asé Read more>>

Hassan Fuller | Retired Military & Recreation Assistant

I’m originally from the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 17, I joined the U.S. Army and retired after 20 years of service in 2018. Received my Bachelors degree from St. John’s University in Queens, NY. Moved to Georgia in 2018 and used my time volunteering at the Hapeville Recreation center. In 2021 I have started graduate school at Georgia State University and now work part time at the Hapeville recreation center. With all that being said, I grew up poor and got to see how kids in poverty have lack of resources and worst of all lack of resources that other children have in their communities. The reason I volunteer is to give back to the community and let kids know that not only do someone care about them, but there is someone who can introduce them to recreational and educational resources that their parents may not know about. Read more>>

Kha’zi Spady | Music artist / producer

I am from Trenton NJ a small town not very known for anything good. Many people have talents that go unnoticed because of the small recognition we get. My upbringing impacted who I am today because I went thru trauma early on losing many friends to the streets at a early age. Many of the friends I’ve lost where the main ones who inspired me to start doing what I do. Read more>>

Sargent Taliaferro 93Ferro Bersiah Martin | Emperor Chief Mogul Philanthropist CEO

Hello World it’s Taliaferro (93Ferro) Bersiah Martin founder of 93HitmakersProductions Inc. Where our motto is we all are HitMakers no matter who you are , no matter what you do. If your an doctor, lawyer, athlete and or artist. I am From Augusta,Ga Home of Music Icons a way paved by the great the legend the icon the late James Brown. He set the bar High being from the city the Home of The Masters of the land. Where I have been doing music since 14 once my father was killed. Read more>>

Ross Theisen | Creative Director & Filmmaker

So, I’m personally from a very small town in Ohio and had a very casual upbringing. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t the worst. I’d say, not wonderful but somewhere in the middle. Truthfully when it comes to “entrepreneurship” I don’t really have a direct answer on where I got that itch. I was artsy as a kid and always had a wild imagination, so I was constantly creating my own stories through drawings, making my own comics, writing a lot, etc. The positive in it was that my family supported my artistic endeavors and luckily saw some skill or talent, so I think that helped build that creative foundation I build a lot on today. Outside of the creative side of things, I had a split family growing up, meaning, my parents weren’t together, and I had 2 sides to my family dynamic. Read more>>

Monet Houston | CEO of Embrace Beauty Bar

I am from the Bay Area. Growing up my mother would always make sure my sister and I had the latest hair styles. Growing up watching my mother braid inspired me to braid. Braiding was something I was good at doing on myself. It was more of a challenge doing it on others. At the age of 14 my big cousin would pay me once a month $80-$100.00 to twist her hair. Every since then it became one of my hustles, and over time I got better and better! Read more>>