Through our work we have had the good fortune of seeing firsthand how success comes in every shape, size, color, faith, and orientation. More importantly we’ve learned that success is often the result of people embracing their unique backgrounds and so we’ve asked the community to tell us about their background and how it has impacted where they are today.

Ozone Mayweather | Music Artist, Dj, Real Estate Agent & Entrepreneur

I’m from a one red light city called Buena Vista, GA two hours south of Atlanta, GA. I was raised in a small Community called Coot’s Quarter which was a Street owned and named after my Grandfather the Late Coot Ford Jr. Growing up there taught me so much about life. I want to first start off by saying it helped me become the man I am today. Growing up there taught me how to get it out the mud even when the odds are against you. We didn’t have much but we made what we had work. I saw my Grandmother and Mother struggle day in and day out as a kid and It made me want better for myself and my family. I was the first in my family to Graduate from College with a Bachelor’s degree. I knew in order to break generational curses I had to take advantage of any opportunity I was given if It ever presented itself. My Grandmother always told me in order to get anything you want in life you’re going to have to work for it. She did an awesome job leading by example, She worked a 9 to 5 for 42 years before she retired. Read more>>

Artavious E. Morgan | Fashion & Style Guru

I am a Griffin, GA native, born and raised. My family dynamic provided me strength, passion, and tenacity. My great grandmother the late Mrs. Mittie White-Morgan was a strong southern conservative woman. Which underlies who I am today, not only did she instill life long core values, morals and standards, she also made me realize who I was not only as a person but as a southern gentleman. I was fully aware any room I walked in, I owned it and to always be dressed to the nines. As I never needed or wanted for absolutely anything, I was also taught the value of a dollar, treating others as I wanted to be treated, and to always maintain a classic. Read more>>

Jorge Granados | General Manager & Politico

My name is Jorge Granados and I was born and raised here in Georgia. I came from a family of seven children, me being the second oldest. We were all raised by a single mother who worked hard to give us everything that we needed while growing up. As we got older, I began to realize that my mother was struggling a lot with trying to keep up with paying the utility bills and rent on time, but she did not give up. My mother is the reason why I work so hard and put a lot of effort in all the work that I do. I had started working a young age in construction, but as soon I had gotten older, I started applying to actual jobs in my area. Out of the many places I had applied to, only one had given me a call back, which was Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. Like the Drake song, “Started from the Bottom,” I became the General Manager for two locations. I have worked at Bruster’s for over 12 and half years now. But I did not stop there. Read more>>

Jerrold Mobley | Photographic Artist

I was born and raised in a small community on the southwest side of Atlanta called Adamsville, making me somewhat of unicorn amongst all those that have descended upon my city in recent years. But my family roots are also tied to farming and a little town called Deep Step, a couple of hours outside the city. This combination of influences and values created a very unique upbringing that has had significant impacts on the man I’m becoming. Growing up in the urban epicenter of American civil rights, raised by a family accustomed to a rural existence solely dependent on the work of their hands, merged two beautifully idealistic cultures into one. The result was a modern household (and neighborhood) of like-minded people who valued connection over everything. Connection to spirituality, connection to the spaces they occupied and, most importantly, connection to each other. But hidden at the center of all of this character and culture was the idea of creation, and it’s been a defining force in my life. Read more>>

Ksenia Phillips | Graphic and Environmental Designer

I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia and was inspired by the stunning architecture and art. Upon moving to United States, I continued studying art and that led me to study painting at the University of West Georgia. After two years of studying painting, I wanted to challenge myself and transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta to major in Graphic Design. During my internship year, I was hired to work at the interior design firm, HBA Hirsch Bedner Associates. I was fortunate to learn and hone my skill as an environmental graphic designer while working with Korinna Hirsch who was a fabulous mentor. Being skillful in painting, graphic and wayfinding design helped to develop my unique style and shape my work while marrying these industries to come up with a one of kind solution. Read more>>

Andrea Murillo | Artist & Textile Designer

I am from a small village called Teupasenti, El Paraiso in the southern region of Honduras. Only living there for 2 years, my memories are nonexistent. The only reminders I do have I wear as scars on my skin and as stories in my mind. However, being tied to this small Latin American country has made all the difference in my American life. As a child, my single mother struggled to adequately provide for my 2 brothers and me. Nonetheless, she always made sure to shelter us and feed us. My childhood as a poor immigrant allowed me to have profound gratitude for my current livelihood. What may have seemed like an impossible obstacle has become tangible realities. It impacted all areas of my life and I am immensely appreciative of the struggle for the humbleness it’s produced within me. Read more>>

Quality Lenz | Photographer

I am a photographer / videographer born and raised in Glynn County on an Island called, St. Simons. I come from a single parent household raised by my mother. We always were moving from house to house in the town next to us called Brunswick, but we ended up with my grandma on St. Simons. My childhood was rough around the edges watching my mom go through what she did, but God was able to pull us out the cave and into the light. That is why I stay humble and positive. My creativity started when my grandma and mother bought me a sketchbook. I never looked back since then. I started to explore the vast variety of art forms and landed myself into photography. Once I picked up a camera I was in love and had a passion that could never be taken away. There wasn’t many artist known in the area and at times people though I wasn’t going to do much with art, so I had to show them anything is possible. Fast forwarding to the present I’m an Art Major in college graduating next year at GSU in Atlanta. Read more>>

Marsha Rowe | Artisan

I’m from a small town in Florida, and I’m the oldest of 5 siblings, raised by 2 loving parents. Being the oldest came with a lot of responsibility, so this alone prepared me for who I am today, but not only that, my parents always made sure that we knew we could be anything we put our minds to. Read more>>

Grant Goodwin | Photographer & Makeup Artist

I grew up in a very small town where not a lot of people are able to freely express and be themselves. I definitely feel like I fell into that category growing up as a gay man and feeling as though I could not be my true, authentic self. As much as I didn’t realize it, being gay and having to hold a secret like that holds such a big impact on who I am today. It made me grow up faster than one typically does. It makes it difficult to make a life around people who are not accepting, who talk about their homophobic opinions freely, and being in a religious family did not help much in that aspect. I grew up with a creative grandmother who always allowed me to paint and draw which at some point in my life turned into photography and makeup, so I guess I can say that I always have had a creative background. I found such a large influence coming from social media, television and movies, and music that reflects in my art. Now living in the age of social media, I find myself finding popular makeup trends, recreating them on models, and holding shoots that reflect that style. Read more>>