We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Tanysha Parker | Photographer/Videographer

When I completed high school and made several attempts to complete college, I was yet still struggling to meet success. Spending most of my life trying to conform to the normalities of the world; you know get a degree, work for a company, get married, have kids and then live happily ever after. Over a period of time I began to feel lost, misplaced and overall hopeless to ever having a happily ever after. Read more>>

Pia Fergus | Film Photographer/Creative Director

I decided to pursue an artistic/creative career (photography/creative direction) because I love having a point of view that I can share with others.As someone who grew up feeling misunderstood a lot of times, I realized I would only feel fulfilled in my career choice if I were able to express myself, my ideas and relate to people. My main goal behind photography is to introduce my true self to the world, make LOTS of worldwide friends, and to become someone that people admire (household name). Read more>>

Bayadir Mohamed-Osman | Author/Poet & Community Organizer

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by poetry and hip/hop because of the storytelling and wordplay. In my undergraduate experience, I found my voice through poetry. I had a story to tell about being a Sudanese American refugee living in the United States. The arts are a tool and vessel to educate people on causes and bridge the community. My poetry helps me educate people about racism, sexism, Islamophobia, and the oppression in Sudan. Read more>>

Jeremy J. King | Singer & Songwriter & Producer

I pursued a career in music and media because making music and entertaining others is literally at the core of my being. I have been singing since I was 4. Over the years it has evolved and I have added even more components to it. Through my music and other mediums I want to document my progression of life. I want to explore my creativity and make music that will touch the minds and souls of others. I felt called to sing. It is something that chooses you. It was my option to listen to that calling and it has remained at the heart of my pursuit. Read more>>

YE JIN | Musician/Chinese lute Pipa Player & Educator

I started learning the Pipa (a Chinese string musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard plucked historically with a plectrum, but now mainly with the fingers) when I was five, and I did not stop learning until I completed my undergraduate study and wanted to decide on a career. I had practiced the Pipa for fifteen years by then, and it seemed natural for me to work as a music teacher and musician after graduation. Read more>>

Shaunie Marie | Graphic Designer & Creative Director

I decided to pursue a creative career because ever since I was a kid, about 10 or 11, I had alway just been super drawn into anything media or design wise. It always captured my attention and of course naturally just became a passion of mine, I had no choice but to pursue it, it almost seemed irrational not to. Read more>>


I wouldn’t say I pursued this because I was an actual school counselor @ www.mcscs.org , But I was always an actual artist. I’ve had some works exhibited @ Places like The Garden Pier & Tropicana in Atlantic City NJ! I also went to art schools too! I Was surrounded by music & musicians (C , rock n roll Hall of Famers Uncles Charley & James Booker) my Aunt , Mom could play piano! So I guess it was or is an itch I gotta scratch so to speak! I caught the acting bug just by chance that involved Samuel l Jackson , M.Night Shyamalan & my school! This led me to doing film work! Read more>>

Anthony R. Griffin, Jr. | Actor

Acting has been a great expression of my outlook on different things life. My pursuit towards an artistic career as a Tv/Film actor began on the set of the film “This is the Year” which was directed by David Henrie. Acting has always been a dream of mine because it has always been amazing to me how you can help tell a story through your own perspective on that character’s life. I believe acting is the only career where you can really learn legit life experiences through your work in whatever character you’re currently portraying. Read more>>

Mauro Balcazar | Artist & Graphic Designer

I knew at an early age that I wanted to pursue an artistic career. As a shy child, I often found it difficult to articalute my ideas and express these epic stories I imagined in my mind. And It wasn’t until I found art, doodles at first, that I finally felt I could communicate in ways I couldn’t beforehand. This newfound medium empowered me to finally tell my stories. Which eventually, lead me to a lifelong passion of art and design as a career, which I cherish to this day. Read more>>

Summer Rice | Visual Artist & Owner of Esziart LLC

I have always been passionate about art. I’ve been in love with it since I was a kid! My creativity was never ending and always evolving. As I got older, I wanted to share my gift as a gift to everyone else. After seeing my potential and everything that I was capable of doing after giving it a try, I knew it was the start of something bigger. I also knew that I belonged in a creative space. I chose a creative career because I knew that doing what I love and truly enjoy would be rewarding because my heart was and still is in it. Read more>>

Kalika Evans | Content Creator, Influencer, Cosplayer, and Positive Force

I decided to pursue a creative career because it felt like nothing else fit me. Anytime I worked in any career or service, I was just so unhappy. I knew I had bills to pay and things to get done, but my mother always taught me that there’s no point in working a job that makes you unhappy your whole life. So I decided that I would rather work very hard on something I love and enjoy, than work hard on something that makes me miserable. Read more>>

Brianna Pirtle | Photographer & Cinematographer

I actually started photography because I was inspired by the work that I grew up with that my grandfather created. I have always been a fan of art as a whole and what people are capable of making, but photography made me feel at home. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. Read more>>

Arian Garvin | Social Media Marketer & Manager

For a long time, I didn’t know what career I wanted to pursue. For an even longer time, I felt that I wasn’t creative. However, I was determined to go into a career I love and can be myself in. Marketing allows me to be creative through my ideas, campaigns, and visuals. This creative career has influenced me to see the world differently by looking at everything outside of the normal camera lens. Read more>>

Malcotelli | Music producer/ artist

Simple answer. I am an artist at heart. A composer, arranger, producer, a writer, a vocalist and musician. My story is complex and took a bunch of twists and turns to get here but who’s isn’t? That’s life. Now it’s just about stepping into my purpose. Read more>>

Albert D Johnson | Independent label owner & artist/lyricist

I grew up as a loner with a very bad stutter so it was easy for me to feel “misunderstood”. Even when I wasn’t stuttering I found it hard to express myself. That was until I met “HipHop” and realized immediately that “people were listening to what I was saying” and that I had a voice in this world. Once I picked up a microphone, the stuttering didn’t exist almost like it gave me back power over my life. I’m grateful I found HipHop! Read more>>

Jirani Lowe | Copper smith jeweler

One day I was searching instagram and I inquired about some necklaces handmade on instagram however I thought the price was a little too expensive. Being that I’m good with my hands, I decided to make my own, over time I improved and now ironically I charge similar pricing 😂 Read more>>