We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Christine Racheal | Writer & Film Director

Honestly, I never want to reach the end of my career. My goal is to continue to work in a field from which I would have no need to retire. As a creative, I may have moments when I am more inspired to write or direct new stories than others, but I don’t believe I would run dry unless I choose to no longer be inspired by the beautiful people in this world or driven by my passion to help others heal from its ugliness. I think the passing of the amazing Cicely Tyson is a great example of how I would like to spend my final days on this earth—sharing with others until my time is up. Read more>>

Diamond Hunt | Entrepreneur & Social Media Marketer

The end goal for me is to build my own creative marketing agency. I am really an outside the box person, that’s probably why it was hard for me to really work for others. It was the big push I needed to become an entrepreneur. I want to build this marketing agency that focuses more on the creative side of marketing. To me, social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook have really changed the way consumers think and shop so it is important to me that we as business owners meet the consumers where they are! I wouldn’t just focus on typical marketing techniques, but actually go into the field with my clients, source locations, models, props for shoots and even creative direct! I want it to be a one stop shop for business owners. Read more>>

Marcus Mintz | DP/Director & Personal Trainer

For me is hard to use the term “end goal” but if I had to pin one down, it would be to be a successful DP/Director in music videos, film, and TV. That, and have a solid crew/team that I’ve built up along the journey that I can hire and rely on. And in that world, my career would be the type where I’m on the move from one place to the next, living a more nomadic life. Staying in a place for a shoot for a month or two and then moving to the next place for another shoot, or just because I can. Have the ability to take on certain projects, and attempt things within those projects without too much concern. The end goal for me, is freedom. Read more>>