We are super fortunate to be in touch with folks from across a broad range of industries and one the best things about that is that we are constantly learning things from them. Industry insiders often have all sorts of insights that aren’t available to the public at large and so we asked insiders from a variety of industries to tell us something that outsiders are probably unaware of.

Letrece Griffin | Communications Professional & Marketing/Branding Expert

When people think of Public Relations and Marketing, it’s usually assumed to be all red carpets and flashing lights. However, that is not what happens behind the scenes. To do your job well in this industry, it requires strategic planning, consistency, and a commitment to excellence. Read more>>

Hunter Flanagan | Musician and Actor

The thing people are most unaware of is just how close and supportive all the musicians are with each other. I’m one of the young musicians on the georgia music scene which has earned me the nickname young gun with all the older musicians. A man who’s been around the scene many years and is a phenomenal musician Gregg Erwin actually got me a guitar strap with that name etched on it. Read more>>

Monique Andrews | CEO of YoursTruly Concierge

When it comes to my business, YoursTruly Concierge, most people don’t even know what a concierge service is. They may have heard of one that sits at the front of an apartment complex but not to the extent of what I offer. With that being said, it is usually a hurdle that I have to overcome to let others know what I can do for them or ways that they can utilize my services. This is one of the reasons I came up with my catchphrase which is ‘Peace of Mind Delivered.’ Read more>>

Tiara Bebbs | Virtual Holistic Nutrition Coach

I’ve come to find that most outsiders don’t realize the value in hiring a nutrition coach OR even have the knowledge that we exist. Honestly, I don’t fault them because since before my own personal health journey began I didn’t have a need to know about my, now, current title and how a nutrition coach could help me to at least prevent what I later had to experience. Read more>>

Chad Elliott | Co-Founder & CEO of 2EIO Sounds

Many are probably unaware of just how much work it really takes. To run your own business sounds amazing in theory and when you talk about it with others, however there’re so much behind the scenes work that will no one will ever fully understand. Running a label, of course it’s about the music, but to make sure everyone is all on the same page we have to have contracts in place. We’re a artist-first label, so we make sure our artists understand everything that we’re doing for them. Read more>>

Jozzi Rainey | Wardrobe Stylist/Image Creator & Revitalizer

Most people are unaware that fashion styling is a real job and can also be very high paying and rewarding for a highly skilled stylist. Another big misconception is that stylist always have all types of clothing on hand or in our own personal closet. Although, its every stylists dream to have all the luxurious clothing and shoes of all sizes its just not our reality for a lot of us. Before a project even begins we have to start the process of “Pre-Production” which is when we contact various designers, showrooms, boutiques, department stores for clothing “Pulls” which is a term we use for the process of traveling to different stores to get clothing. Read more>>

Breyona Dunlap | CEO of Sista, Sista’s Bounce Houses & Party Rentals, LLC

One thing about the bounce house and party rental industry that outsiders should know is that the field is oversaturated. We have a lot of competitors doing bounce houses illegally for insanely low prices. We also have to compete with big companies with warehouses full of bounce houses that charge a flat rate for the whole weekend. It is nearly impossible for small mobile businesses like myself to make a decent profit. Read more>>

Judith White | Romance Travel Advisor

Prior to 911, most travelers depended on Travel Agents. With the introduction of online booking engines, many travelers book trips online and rely on images and reviews. While these are great tools, the wealth on insider knowledge that a Travel Agent offers cannot be understimated. We’ve slept in the same beds, dined at the restaurants and enjoyed the services of many of the resorts we recommend. So, we are well aware of the options that will fit a client’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Read more>>