We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Dr. Ronnie Bolar | Chiropractic Doctor and Massage Therapist

One thing that most outsiders are unaware of is that chiropractic care has many more benefits beyond pain relief and auto accidents. We treat the entire body of our patients and they have had relief from multiple ailments and dysfuntional issues that were not able to be addressed by the medical model. Read more>>

Morgan Swank | Writer and Producer

The entertainment industry is sort of like working in politics. I think it seems glamourous to the outside and even those inside, but like anyone starting anything from the ground up in any industry…it’s incredibly hard. Any time it looks glamourous, it’s probably because someone wants you to believe it looks that way for them. Our wins aren’t a hollywood star on the walk of fame linear line where we work hard and someone discovers us and gives us a chance. It’s a really bureaucratic system full of rejection and needing to know anyone remotely important just to beg for your foot in the door most of the time. That sounds pessimistic, but it’s the truth and also why we started our company, Moonscar Productions. It should be an equal playing ground where everyone at least gives you a chance to pitch yourself. No need “unsolicited works need not apply” and having to send us your agent. We want equal opportunities for everyone. Read more>>

Raylen Thomas | Graphic Artist

I think outsiders are fully unaware that artists don’t always have good days or moments. As an artist, we are human beings just like everyone else. Although, it seems we’re magical creatures, mental health doesn’t discriminate to artists. In fact, we deal with stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, hurt, and every other emotion other people face. Most artists cannot perform properly without being in a clear mind and positive state of being. Artists jobs requires a lot of mental tasks and try to imagine trying to complete a project and mentally your focus is not on your project. However, we have to overcome all those challenges and create. If anyone knows any artists, my advice is, please respect their creative environment and their mental health. Artists tend to distance them when they are trying to get into a creative space, respectfully allow them room to get there. Read more>>

Tyrus Solomon | Fine Artist & Designer

There’s no tangible method or measure of value. It all depends on how you treat what you do and what you create. Where you choose to place it, who you chose to celebrate and accommodate. It’s like a free market. It’s fun. Read more>>

Lazaria Redd | Model, Singer, Clothing reseller & part time Lash Artist

I feel like with the modeling industry most people don’t think it takes anything but being attractive and standing in front of a camera. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes though. We have to come up with concepts for these photo shoots, picking wardrobe and props. We spend hours practicing facial expressions and posing. Modeling is about creating a story with one photo for the eyes of the world to see and connect with. Read more>>