We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Crystell Harris | Real Estate Mogul and Serial Entrepreneur

People see all of the results of the real estate industry and believe that it is easy, but it is hard work especially in today’s very competitive real estate markets. I’ve been in this industry for years, and have expanded from being an associate broker to a Broker, as well as a true real estate investor in both the commercial and residential industry. I have invested in the brand that I have built which has paid off for not only myself, but those that I serve. Read more>>

Ahriana Edwards | Founder & CEO of Vaila Shoes

Vaila is a modern dress shoe retailer for women with extended shoe sizes (9-14). For decades, women who wore a shoe size higher than 9 have been completely neglected within the fashion industry. Although the industry has made strides in plus-size apparel, retailers are still hesitating to provide equal shoe options in plus sizes. Here’s why: Read more>>

Loc Lam | UX/UI Designer

I think there’s a cliche that all artists, including designers, are introverted people that like to work alone. While there are many introverts in the design world, not very many of them are working alone. Design is a highly collaborative field where it always take a team of people to create something amazing. Being able to work with others is very important in our line of work. Even if you’re not part of a huge team, you will be working for a client to create something together. Designers are the most social of all the artists in my opinion. Read more>>

Pamela Sauls, CCE, CD, CMT | Childbirth Educator and Doula

The choice to educate, prepare and train for childbirth should not be a decision that is solely based on a preconceived notion to have an epidural or not. Women must understand there is a good portion of labor that has to be done before they are even a candidate for epidural. If their choice of pain management doesn’t work, they must have a backup plan with skills to get through their contractions by working together to avoid using words like “traumatizing” to describe their birth experience. Read more>>

William Johnson | President & CEO

One of the things as it relates to youth development with at risk youth that I think a lot of people are unaware of is the school to prison pipeline, going through the juvenile system. I think a lot of people are unaware of the amount of recidivism in our Country which is 8 of 10 across the youth people that end up going to jail. That means eight youth members will continue to come back and end up in prison, homeless, or even death. Read more>>

Erika Harris Forrest | Business Tech Specialist & Homeschool Teacher

So I.T. is funny because it’s the one area that ousiders don’t know they need until they need it. Most people have some kind of idea of what it takes to start a business and have a business presence online, or how to buy computers and plug them up, but have problems when it comes everything that comes after that. Our service can pick up from there although it would much easier if you where to reach out before you get started. Information Technology is a consumers game, most big named companies only see dollar signs when they are approached by new and small businesses. Read more>>

Matthew Kizito | Photographer & content creator

Outsiders, in this case, clients, are unaware of the commitment and time it takes for a photographer to produce good images. A good photograph is more than just clicking a button on the camera. It starts with the perception of what the final image should look like, not rushing the photographer while on set is very important. There’s lighting to get right, and camera settings that keep changing from scene to scene. Then there’s is post-production which involves editing these images. Read more>>

Sasha Owens | Actress, Author, & Content Creator

One thing that outsiders, who aspire a career in entertainment, are probably unaware of is that they are always being watched. When I was on set of my recent Cantu commercial, the VP of Global Marketing made it known she had been watching and studying me prior to be sure I was perfect for the role. She even pointed out my style and asked me if she was correct. She was. I was amused and proud. Read more>>

Lindsey Treadaway | Realtor & Founder

There are a lot of reality tv shows that influence the public opinion on real estate. I admit, those are some of go to comfort shows to watch when I need to unplug, but they don’t accurately represent the industry. There is so much more planning, from P&L sheets to project management to to market research to value delivery and beyond, that goes into entering the real estate industry. It is never just as simple as finding a good deal or deciding to sell your house. The strategy for every deal should be far more granular than most people realize. Read more>>

Britney Powell | Self Taught Chef

I think many are unaware of the how much time and artistry is put into developing food content. It’s extremely detailed and requires a science along with a lot of love. Many would think, SCIENCE? Yes, science has a lot to do with how recipes are formulated. It takes many trials and errors to develop the prefect sauce or dish of any kind. Food is also EXTREMELY expensive right now, especially when you’re using grade -A products. Read more>>