We love rebels and people who challenge the status quo, conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives and so we asked some really bright folks to tell us about one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Darasha Singleton | Multimedia Journalist

A piece of conventional advice I would disagree with is the concept of transparency. Being transparent is great, but your own level of transparency is even better. Not being a certain level of transparent does not make you a ‘ liar’. As a leader, role model, business owner, etc you should be able to decide what you want to share with the rest of society. For example, You do not have to feel bad for not broadcasting your losses, if all you want to show is the wins and how you acquired those wins. Transparency is not all or nothing. You decide whats good for everyone to know. Read more>>

Amber Beck | Health & Wellness Coach

The notion that you have to work super hard and around the clock is crazy to me. You don’t have to work ALL the time. Not saying I don’t work hard. I think the most important factor behind my success is my work ethic. There are plenty of people that do what I do, but I’d like to believe that no one can out work me. I’m very passionate and I want the best for the people I work with. I’ve figured out how to give my best without burning out quickly. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I have to work on myself so that I can be my best. When I am whole, I can pour more into my clients. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Work smart. Be organized. Be sufficient. Read more>>

Ellie Raine | Award-Winning Fantasy Author

Any aboslute statement claiming there is one ‘correct’ way to create art. It’s something you’d think is a no-brainer since art is a way to express oneself, but where there is any group of people, there is also an elitist culture within that group. Those who claim it’s not ‘true’ art unless a certain criteria is made. Maybe they think it’s not true art if it’s hyper-realistic. Maybe they think it’s not true art if it’s so abstract you can’t tell what it is. But the honest truth is, it’s all about preference of styles. This is also the case for writing. There are many genres and writing styles that don’t speak to me as well as others, but that doesn’t mean those books aren’t well written. It’s a preference. Read more>>

Corletha Norman | Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Entrepreneur

I disagree with self-care being the answer for everything. Self-care is important and should be a focus in everyone’s life. Self-care is not the answer to every issue. Sometimes there are some greater things going on behind the scenes. Sometimes healing, forgiveness, or even accountability is the greater cure. Read more>>

Spinxx & Verona Jones | Co-Founders of Verbal Slick

We disagree with the idea of “taking a leap of faith”. Why take a leap of faith, when you can build a bridge? Read more>>

Gladys Agwai | International Author, Speaker, Coach and Teacher

When someone gets dumped, whether from a job, school, financial loan, client, spouse, partner breakups, etc., it doesn’t mean they have to get dumped on. People can’t control getting dumped. But they can control NOT getting dumped on! Read more>>

Ciara Toliver | Owner of La Femme D’Afrique

“You need to quit your 9-5 to focus on your GOAL!” My 9-5 funded my goal and created the foot up I needed to get started w/o putting myself in debt. Read more>>

Kelsey Lee | Educational Leader & Fashion Enthusiast

The advisory or notion that if you overwork yourself, you will be successful or the whole “sleep when you die” idea that has permeated throughout our society. I disagree with this approach because I have first-hand experience with it and would not suggest taking this path to achieving your goals. The sentiment of overworking yourself undoubtedly places you in a negative energy field because you are operating from a space of lack. When you are exhausted, stressed and fear driven, you will almost never get to the place that you are intending to go! Moreover, you are unable to create while in this state of mind which is imperative for business owners who are constantly looking for ways to be innovative. Read more>>

Chef Qui Lockett | Chef Owner and Culinary Host/Blogger

I’ve always been told to make sure that your plan was 100% perfect and a plan had to be foolproof before you started a business. Well through my experience I disagree, I mean sure do your homework and prepare for success however, nothing is ever going to be at 100%. I was taught in school the experiences is experience!!!, Meaning that you will learn through the process there is no fail safe way, everyday in the beginning is a school session where you learn things you didn’t know before or maybe get affirmations on the things you did. The only guaranteed way to be successful in business is to actually start the business!!!!! Read more>>