We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

DeeLeww Lewis | Creative Visionary

One piece of conventional advice that I disagree with is you must grind 24/7 to become successful. We live in a society where grinding and hard work is worshipped. I think rest needs to be worshipped just as much as grinding. Rest is super important. It allows the body to recharge which is necessary to function at its high capability. I also think aligning with what you want to attract is the true key to attaining what to attract versus grinding for it. It is all about law of attraction and energy at the end of the day. You can work as hard as you can, but if you are not energetically aligned with what you want to attract, you will never attract it. Instead you will continue to chase it.. away. Read more>>

Freddie Ashley | Artistic Director, Actor’s Express

Early in my career, I was told by several well-intentioned mentors not to have multiple areas of focus in my career path. I had trained as an actor, but was working as a dramaturg. People from each sphere were telling me to give up the other. But my work as a dramaturg made me a better actor and my work as an actor made me a better dramaturg, and both things combined to make me a good director. I think it’s generally best to avoid unsolicited advice, particularly when it involves telling you what you shouldn’t be doing. Read more>>

Carlton, Sean Taylor, Brinkley | Co-hosts, BLK GAY + OKAY | A Podcast

Carlton Taylor: “Suck it up.” Sean and I believe in our nature as emotional and spiritual beings. Black men are often expected to suppress themselves in an effort to advance societally, leaving us vulnerable to internal distress incomparable to those of our white counterparts. This suppression could lead to issues with temperament, violence, crime, poverty, substance abuse and suicide. Phrases like “suck it up,” “man up,” and “because I said so,” especially when said as a response to a cry for help or statement of emotion, reinforce the problematic tendency to actively disregard and disengage with someone’s feelings – feelings that are valid and deserve to be acknowledged, especially by those who claim to love you. The Boys of BLK GAY + OKAY : A Podcast (#BGOPOD) stand firmly in the complete opposite. “Let it out.” The premise of our podcast is to offer a safe and transparent space for ourselves, our guests, and our listeners alike. We recognize the value of speaking candidly through your emotions and welcome it with open arms. Simply saying “suck it up” is not enough. Read more>>