Getting to do what you love? Providing for your loved ones? What does success mean to you? Below you’ll find perspectives from some of the city’s best and brightest.

Naieem Stokes | Mechanical Engineer & Artist

To me, success is defined as having the freedom to do what you enjoy at your own will. Being successful allows you to not have to trade your time for money. Your money is working for you while you enjoy quality time with the people you enjoy and love. Once you reach that stage in life, I feel you have become successful at the highest level. Read more>>

Kesha Bland | Jeweler

Success to me is satisfying the customer’s needs and building that relationship. To have so many returning customers and new referrals bring me joy because that affirms that I’m not only putting our quality jeweler, but providing exceptional customer service. Read more>>

Kamaya Walker | Student Film Director

Success is very personal and individual. You can ask yourself “How does my current life compare to where I was last year?” or “Are the steps I am taking for the betterment of my well-being or career?”. Success should NEVER be measured by someone else. Something I have to constantly remind myself is that comparison is the thief of joy. My success is noot going to look like anyone else’s success, because we are not on the same journey. I have friends getting different positions and accomplishments that may look better or shinier than mine. In all actuality, though, we are not the same. Read more>>