We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Amy Pishner | Entrepreneur and Dog Trainer

If you look on social media, there are so many entrepreneurial influencers out there promoting working hard, grinding and being 100 percent all-in for your business. While I agree that it’s important to work hard and be dedicated to what you’re doing, especially considering the failure rate for new businesses, I disagree with the lifestyle these influencers are promoting. Life is all about balance; everything in moderation. I took their advice my first four years in business and worked obsessively – eighty hour weeks were my norm – and while it did pay off, and my businesses grew, it also took my physically and mentally to a dark place. My body was exhausted, my mind was always racing, and I had very little work-life balance. Read more>>

West | Musician / Songwriter

Artists should operate a certain way because that’s ‘how it works now’. I find in a digital age it’s easier than ever for comparison syndrome to run / ruin your life. I think we can really quickly run the risk of being too similar and worse yet fearful to experiment. It’s common to look to others for inspiration on how to release music or how to craft your style for example but it’s important to remember any inspiration you may garnish was actually sparked by someone who originally broke the rules. You should try breaking the rules too and not be afraid to draw outside the lines when it comes to what works best for your creative journey. Read more>>

Shannon Barnes | Psychotherapist, Artist, Author

A solid business plan increases the chances for success. Actually, in my opinion a business plan is nothing more than putting your thoughts and dreams on a piece of paper in an organized manner. Of course, the business plan forces you to think about important factors that arise when beginning any business, but the business plan does not determine your success. Your heart and commitment to being successful is the ultimate determination. When difficulties and barriers arise, you must be committed to working through them and using the experience as a chance for growth. Read more>>