We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Patria Green | Business & Lifestyle Coach; Podcaster

The most important decision that I have contributed to my success is to be faithful. To have faith in God first and foremost and yourself. Speak light into yourself. Everyday may not be a 100% but trust that it’s worth it. Everything! Your successes and your trails. Have Faith that you made the best decision and that is to step out on Faith on YOU! Read more>>

Nicole Cosby-Carter | Designer & Creative Director

When I decided to narrow my Niche and focus on a particular target audience is when I began to see my business grow. I had the ability to just focus on a particular audience and began creating and designing for that audience only and by word of mouth I started getting more bookings. Read more>>

Tracii Haze | Songwriter, Rapper, Poet

Hmmm…. The single most important decision I’ve made is one I make daily. Everyday I decide to be an artist.. Even if I’m not exactly creating in this specific moment. Knowing that I’m an artist; I gather energy and information to be processed and and turned into something beautiful later. It’s this decision daily that’s gives me the space and perspective that I need to continue to make music. Read more>>

Abeyon Gardner | Social Media Manager & Content Creator

The most critical decision I made that contributed to my success is investing in mentors. At first, Arian Garvin taught me more about building a foundation for my business. Tyler Denae gave me the blueprint to run an agency and book premium clients, and lastly, Sophia taught me strategy and how to position myself as a leader in my field. These lovely ladies have been inspirational in my life and contributed to my growth, and I love them for that. Read more>>