We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Brenda Thompson | Interior Designer

Our profession is so much harder than most people assume. People have said to me “Your job must be so fun, you get to shop for cool things with other people’s money.” While there are fun parts to this job, selecting furniture, fabrics and materials represent the smallest portion of what we do on a daily basis. It’s project management at its best combined with a fast-paced environment. There are so many critical details to a well designed spaced and many moving parts with an ever-changing list of priorities. In addition to being expert problem solvers, we also have to be experts in so many different areas – furniture construction, fabric contents, and different uses, renovation particulars, floor planning, billing and invoicing, and also be constantly improving our technical with new and better software and programs. Read more>>

Tiffany Denise Hobbs | Actress & Educator

One of the things about being a professional actress that isn’t often common knowledge or talked about is that there exists a lot about the journey that is not glamorous. I have been extremely fortunate in my journey as an artist, having had stellar training, mentorship and work opportunities galore. I have a great “highlight reel”. Even still, there have been many trying “behind the scenes” moments that many aren’t privy to and, while hard, they have been just as formative in my process as an actor and as person in this world. There have been times when I have been overwhelmed with auditions (like the time I got a call in the middle of work and had one hour to prepare); there have been times where I was extremely exhausted doing eight shows a week and having only one day off each week with no vacations for an entire year. Read more>>

Angelica Murphy | Owner

One thing about my industry that outsiders probably aren’t aware of is that janitors work very hard to provide a healthier environment for all. We do so by taking on tedious jobs that require long hours and hard work on a daily basis. We put our best work forward everyday understanding that we are doing this for the health and safety of others. Despite risks and often being looked down upon, we as janitors work to serve others and do our best to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and illnesses. We do all that we can to provide a clean environment. Read more>>

LaShon Smith | Founder

Getting into the streaming network industry takes a strong team that is fully vested. We are at a juncture where the industry has opened a flood gate for African Americans to get it not necessarily “right”, because that is a matter of perspective, but get our stories told better because it is our perspective without having to be approved by another culture. This is a large investment not just monetarily as important as that is, but mentally to carry the mantel of changing the trajectory of history as these platforms like CEPTV NETWORKS grow. Read more>>

Kara-Jo Crisp | Pastry Chef & Bakery Owner

When it comes to custom order bakers, I don’t think that most people really understand the hours of work that can go into a single cake. When you go to the store and their baked goods prices are super affordable, it’s because they are cutting so many corners that you are unaware of. The cakes and get mass produced in a factory with countless preservatives and fake ingredients. They are then frozen and shipped to the store to (at most) assemble on site. When you shop with a local small business bakery, and specifically a custom order bakery, you are getting quality beyond what could ever be matched form a box store or even a smaller franchise. I never use imitation or lab produced ingredients. I import specifically selected vanilla beans grown in specific regions of the world to use to make my own extract with. Read more>>