How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Monique Shine | Wig Stylist

I feel that if you want to be successful, especially when going into business for yourself risk taking is inevitable. You have to spend money to make money, if you’re not willing to take a leap of faith for yourself entrepreneurship may not be the life for you. Read more>>

Airel Frazier | Model, Hairstylist & Event Planner

I believe risk are what makes and breaks us. You never know if you choose/choose not to do something how it will affect you in the long run, but the only probably is you may regret never taking the risk. Read more>>

Miles Triplett | The People’s Director

For me I feel you can not grow without taking risks. Since I began this filmmaking journey, the amount of risks I have taken in my personal life and career have helped me grow tremendously. From dropping out of college to bouncing around couch to couch to save money for my films. Read more>>

Desire’ Frenchie” Clark | Licensed Nail Tech”

I took a risk going into business for myself, I had no experience. I got fired from an insurance job and it ended up being the biggest blessing I needed. I was miserable there. Read more>>

Michael Martin Jr | Professional Fashion Photographer

Risk taking has been a large part of my career; it comes with being an entrepreneur. Playing it safe never got anybody anywhere. That being said, I firmly believe in taking calculated risks, not just any risks. Read more>>

Jessica Surovchak | Photographer

I would never describe myself as a risk-taker, but I’ve learned over the past few years that risk is a necessary part of life. It is essential for growth, it generates new possibilities and opportunities, and even if you fall flat on your face, you still stand to gain valuable insight and experience. Read more>>

Tieasha Shepherd | Licensed esthetician & skin therapist

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Whenever I invest something new into my business, Im not sure of the outcome, I just know I can never lose. Even when it doesn’t go as planned, there’s a lesson to be learned that I can apply moving forward. You will never know what you’re truly capable of if you don’t take that risk. Read more>>

Gabriel Tungol | Creator & Cook of Barangay ATL

As a young person, I envisioned (and subsequently constructed) a highly structured, conventional professional path; I attended advanced scholastic summer camps in junior high and high school, and feverishly pursued a degree in neuroscience as an undergraduate in preparation for a career in public health & medicine. Read more>>

Jasmine King | REALTOR®

“If it is to be, it will be me” is one of my favorite quotes by Gary Keller. This is how I gauge and assess risk. Every aspect of our being requires risk. Read more>>

Anthony Hansen, PhD | Licensed Psychologist, Parent, & Partner

Being a practicing psychologist has influenced my understanding of risk, and upon reflection, my own experiences are better explained within a psychological perspective. Read more>>

Marta Niewinska | Artist | Entrepreneur

Taking risks can be scary and unpredictable – but those who become great display willingness, not readiness for a brighter future. Risk-taking continues to fuel my life and career daily. Read more>>

Scottie Golden | Music Artist and CEO Of GoldenVibes LLC

I love taking risk without the risk there is no reward. I been taking risk since the first time I started I rather go with my heart and strive for greatness than sit back 20 years and be upset for not following my dreams there was risk I was successful with and than there was risk that I failed but I still took the chance to try to make something happen with my career .and life …. Read more>>

Solomon Davis | Freelance photographer

I think anybody that really wants anything knows that you have to take risk and not to be afraid to bet on yourself. Read more>>

Malik Ali | Acting Coach/DIrector/Script Interptreter

No risk, no reward. I think risk is akin to growth. Without risk I would have never seen the potential of what my business could be. I believe that we can create the life that we aspire to live. Read more>>

Marquis Hill | Motivational Speaker, Author, & Clothing Brand Owner

I learned that in order for me to make my dreams a reality risk taking was mandatory! Most of my biggest opportunities have came from me taking risks. Read more>>

Joirdan Jackson | Small Business Owner & Computer Scientist

The term “Risk” has a profound negative connotation. Risk is defined as a situation involving exposure to harm or loss. To understand rewards, is to accept risk. Read more>>

Denai Tenkara | Underground Musician

I Think That Risk Is Necessary For Any Type Of Success. Taking Risk Has Played A Huge Role In My Life. When It Comes To Music I’ve Had To Take Risk By Saving Money And Putting It Toward The Dream So To Speak. Read more>>

Fahamu Pecou | Artist, Scholar, Curator, Founding Director of the African Diaspora Art Museum of Atlanta (ADAMA)

I once heard a saying that says; ‘Your dreams are on the other side of your fears”. This resonated with me. Any victory or triumph over a challenging situation has been a direct result of confronting my fears and taking risks others have been too intimidated to attempt. Read more>>

Stephen Shenboyejo | Filmmaker/Music Video Director

Taking a step out of your comfort zone, is what risk is all about, that step can tell different good stories to your life, because taking a step means progress. Living a life without risk is like not living life at all. Life is all about taking risk. Read more>>

Malcom Jubilee | American Rapper

Taking Risk being determined to achieve your goals & having the ability to fight, stand strong thru all the emotions. Read more>>

Jordan Spector | Artist

Taking risks has continually become a reoccurring theme in business. In my opinion risk is necessary for progress. Risk is essential to growth. Risk leads to opportunities. Read more>>

Corinne Victoria | YouTuber/Influencer

Taking risk is a huge step, and a lot of people don’t take them simply because of fear. I’ve learned if you allow fear to handicap you, the chances of you living out your purpose is limited. Read more>>

Shae Johnson | Esthetician & Content Creator

I always tell anyone I’m mentoring that “You have to bet on yourself always” The only reason my career propelled to new heights was because I took a risk and quit my 9-5 to focus on Esthetics full time. I’ve now been self employed for three years and it’s the ultimate blessing. Read more>>

Bryanna Smith | Licensed Esthetician & Spa Owner

My entire career choice is a risk! Lol starting a business is literally several steps of risk taking and if you are afraid to chance everything on the thought of the possibility of what your life could be if everything works in your favor then entrepreneurship is not for you! Read more>>

Ice | Artist, Rapper, Model

As a creative, risk taking is a major part of my career, an I believe heavily to follow a passion of becoming a music artist you have to be taking major risks constantly. I think risk taking has made a great impact on my career Read more>>

Fatimah Patrice | Recording Artist / Songwriter

Honestly, risk are taken daily in all of our lives. When you take bigger risk than what is presented to you daily, that is showing a sign of Faith in what you believe in and how far you are willing to go to achieve it. Read more>>

Korrie Renee | Certified Birth Doula & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

How do I think about risk? Risk must be taken along this journey of life. You are not living life if you haven’t taken any risk. There are risk that you take everyday whether you realize it or not. Life is not error or danger free – never has and never will be. Read more>>

Queen Quality | HipHop/Spoken Word Artist

It’s funny because I’m not much of a risk taker unless it’s to do with my career/passion for music. I’m big on structure and planning things out vs doing things on the fly however, with my music, I wouldn’t have been able to remain true to my craft and my mission without taking the risk of being my authentic self creatively. Read more>>

Eli Jas | Singer / Songwriter / Podcaster / Owner of Flourish by Eli Jas

The beginning of my music career at 19 was the beginning of me taking risks for myself and what I love. At the time, I was releasing covers of songs on my YouTube account and I was able to do something I loved and be consistent with it. Read more>>

Alex Ferror | Muralist, Illustrator, & Visual artist

It’s undeniable that behind the stories of highly successful people, the risk-taking factor is a common point. Important to mention that, by successful people I mean the self-made ones or even those who gave up the safety of “traditional” occupation to drastically pivot their lives/careers towards something they loved and believed would serve a better purpose. Read more>>

Kevin Bryant | International Recording Artist and Star Coach to the stars

Risk taking is one of the most scariest things in the world to me when it comes to your life and career. In my career the role of risk taking is always a factor because nothing is guaranteed. Read more>>

Kimberly Turner | Artist, Jewelry Designer, Creative Director & Educator

I’m a huge believer in taking risks, whether big or small. I think sometimes people believe that risks can only be big leaps but even small steps can be risks. I’ve taken huge leaps and small steps, both which I consider risks, in my life and career. If nothing else, I’ve grown and learned lessons from each. Read more>>

martavis johnson | Danielle Model \Food blogger

stepping outside of your comfort zone. I quit my full-time job of six years this year to pressure my dreams Read more>>

Jibreel Garnett | Artist & Fragrance Expert

It is the ultimate key to elevation. You discover yourself through risk, because you cannot fathom what you are capable of without it. Success and risk are infinitely parallel. Read more>>

Jai Santiago | Voiceover Talent & Actor

I’ve tried to think about risk in the vein of long-term. Meaning – really asking myself the question of just how is taking this risk now going to benefit me x-years down the line. Read more>>

Kate Duffy | Residential & New Build Interior Designer

So many of my business opportunities and successes have come about from taking risks. Risks are uncomfortable, because oftentimes it’s the unknown end result that can hold us back. Read more>>

Eno Umoh | Entrepreneur/Hair guru

Taking risks is essential to being a successful business owner. A risk has two possibilities either a good outcome or a bad outcome. There’s a 50/50 chance it’ll work out so why not try. Read more>>

Shawn Hill | Illustrator & Content Creator

I think everyone should take risk once in their life. Whether professional or personal. Sit back and think to the best/ greatest moments in your life. It was you taking a risk. Read more>>

Amanda Harrinauth | Poet and Life Coach

No risks, no reward! When trying to obtain a goal, we need to take risks! It will not always be easy, but the fear of not trying something new means, we will never move forward in life! Taking a gamble with our career means, we believe in doing the work we love! Read more>>